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File: Caith UI12-11-09
Fix (probably: Pitbull has no text
Posted By: sillysyra
Originally posted by Ethere As with another poster below, the text isn't showing on the pitbull unit frames. They're empty. Pitbull seems to turn off dogtags and turn on lua texts by default. Since Caith UI uses dogtags for the pitbull text this is probably your problem. Try this: /pitbull Click Modules > Click DogTag-3.0 t...
File: Fatality08-13-09
Quiet reports
Posted By: sillysyra
What would i enter in place of RAID to make this print to my chat box (like a notification) so no one else sees it?
File: oUF Phanx07-13-09
fixes for people askin silly questions
Posted By: sillysyra
you always have to use /focus if you arent using the default frames this is standard for any unit frame addon you have to comment out or fix the erroring druid mana code if you want to use the frames on a druid if you dont know what that means: a) Try Harder... there are examples of commented text within the layout and t...
File: oUF Phanx07-06-09
Posted By: sillysyra
Woot media file upload! I was gonna look for media on my own as to not be a pest... but I'm glad to see you added your media. Thank! :banana:
File: Runevolution05-23-09
errors upon death
Posted By: sillysyra
I died in icecrown and then released. I received exactly 1595 of these errors in the 10 or so seconds it took me to rez. Perhaps this is because it puts you on a flyer when dead in this zone? Interface\AddOns\Runevolution\Runevolution.lua:1273: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
File: oUF_Slim04-06-09
another quickfix for matching butto...
Posted By: sillysyra
another quickfix for matching buttons: I took the border file in ouf slim and overwrote the gloss or w/e the main graphic file is in buttonfacade rothar. Similar actions may work with rbuttonstyler. Originally posted by Toran Buttonfacade_Simplesquare comes very close to the border Dawn uses. If you darken the border in Butt...
File: oUF_Slim04-05-09
vehicle combo point support
Posted By: sillysyra
Tested it on malygos, a rogue, a cat druid, and Aces High. I think you should add it in under the target area. -- -- combo points -- self.CPoints = self:CreateFontString(nil, "OVERLAY") self.CPoints:SetPoint("RIGHT", self, "LEFT", -10, 0) self.CPoints:SetFont(font, 38, "OUTLINE") self.CPoints:SetTextColor(0,...
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen03-13-09
Hello. I am annoyed that raid fr...
Posted By: sillysyra
Hello. I am annoyed that raid frames wont load if i log in during combat (i.e. huge issue if one crashes during a boss). The issue seems to be explained here. Basically I want to know: Would you consider adding Class Colors compatibility as an option in your ouf configuration?
File: ButtonFacade_ThinSquare03-05-09
Thanks neal! :banana: I know y...
Posted By: sillysyra
Thanks neal! :banana: I know you are too busy w/ real life activities to update anymore so I'm sure everyone is as happy as I am for this skin.
File: Skada Damage Meter02-25-09
pet issue in occulus
Posted By: sillysyra
These pet issues occured for me in occulus, perhaps they would occur in other zones with a pet being desummoned/resummoned but I have not noticed. The issue I found is that every time the warlock got off of his occulus drake mount the pet was from there on counted as a new pet. In the ss Lazbis is the imp who was repeated in the...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-20-09
Is there a simple way to change the...
Posted By: sillysyra
Is there a simple way to change the yellow rbuff font to a different color? Same for the yellow glow for Pushed buttons using rActionButtonStyler. Yellow is not my favorite. ;) Oh and what are you using for raid frames nowadays? I saw a roth raid thing awhile back but don't see it now. Spudnik: Changing instances of "FRI...
File: Acheron01-19-09
woohoo thanks for sor and dk death...
Posted By: sillysyra
woohoo thanks for sor and dk death fixes
File: oUF_Neav01-14-09
Danke. Diese sind schön. Ich bin...
Posted By: sillysyra
Danke. Diese sind schön. Ich bin glücklich, das Update zu sehen. =D
File: QuesterJester01-04-09
odd item showing up
Posted By: sillysyra
Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle is displaying on my list of quest items! :confused:
File: Runevolution01-04-09
Disease timers
Posted By: sillysyra
I would like to request that you consider including the display of Ebon Plague and Crypt Fever. It is useful to know if you have three diseases up or if one of the other dk's has it instead of you. (since a mob can't have ebon plague x2 on it) If this isn't something you are interested feel free to point me in a better direction...
File: tekJunkSeller01-04-09
If you don't want the sale to be au...
Posted By: sillysyra
If you don't want the sale to be automatic you could use the macro listed here. http://www.wowwiki.com/Useful_macros#Sell_all_grey_items
File: nMainbar11-15-08
Every time that I go into or leave...
Posted By: sillysyra
Every time that I go into or leave a vehicle while in combat the bar doesn't update leaving me to have no control until I leave combat and /rl. no error messages
File: Action Bar Saver10-20-08
Paladin mount error
Posted By: sillysyra
I'm getting the same issue about my paladin's mount. The mod Tekerr is grabbing the below when I type " /abs save retribution " however it saves fine when I drag "Summon Charger" off the bar. All of my vendor bought mounts work fine, just the mounts that were previously spells are erroring. Interface\AddOns\ActionBarSaver\Ac...
File: ActionButtonText10-16-08
Weapon Buff Information
Posted By: sillysyra
Nice to see you updating. abi and o-wheely are so flexible, usable, and unique I just love them :p I wanted to know if you are aware of any way to make a player's own castable weapon buff durations i.e. Windfury Weapon, Earthliving Weapon, etc. show up on a button? (even if the button has to be a macro that does nothing or someth...
File: LightHeaded10-06-08
Hrm I tried loading just Lightheade...
Posted By: sillysyra
Hrm I tried loading just Lightheaded and A-E from the login screen and that works. The problem was that I usually don't have Lightheaded enabled for that character and had just enabled Lightheaded + a-e in ampere an in-game addon loading mod. Seems like I just needed to force Lightheaded + the LOD Modules to all load (hit the LOD b...
File: LightHeaded10-05-08
Lightheaded comments not loading
Posted By: sillysyra
Even with just Lightheaded, Ace2, and Ace3 loaded I get no Lightheaded comments in my quest frame. The Lightheaded panel is there but blank except for the wowhead logo and the title saying LighHeaded v.245. It seems like nothing is calling for the LOD A, B, C, D, & E additions do not ever get loaded because they are off. If I manu...
File: TipTop10-05-08
misalignment due to hp bar
Posted By: sillysyra
Is there a line I can change to move the hp bar to the top of the tooltip? As is everything looks a bit crooked either one way or the other since the tooltip's x y coords effect the tooltip not the hp bar. 0,0 coords also puts the tooltip off screen with it anchored to bottom right so the hp bar dissapears Edit: I guess this coul...
File: ShockAndAwe (formerly DisqoDice)09-11-08
I don't see ShockAndAwe on the wowi...
Posted By: sillysyra
I don't see ShockAndAwe on the wowinterface or wowace SVN. Is there a link? Or maybe I misunderstood. Edit: If it makes you feel better the US lvl 80 premade server was gone today when I logged on. I share your opinion of not wanting to see all the 70+ leveling content yet.
File: teksLoot08-24-08
Originally posted by Buio It is h...
Posted By: sillysyra
Originally posted by Buio It is how it looks. Group loot. I guess I meant "can" as a possibility on the loot during a raid. Also worth noting is that you need to have detailed loot information turned on in the Blizzard Interface Options for the numbers telling you how each person rolled to appear.
File: Comix08-23-08
Comix menu
Posted By: sillysyra
I stopped using Comix because the in game menu was confusing. When I went to disable something from the in game menu I could barely tell what most of the options did. Eventually I unchecked all of them but it didn't seem to do all that much anyhow. Any chance you could make the menu have understandable options, or allow the user...