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File: DemonDaemon09-19-19
Posted By: Jakke
Hi, How do you move this window from the add on using Elvui? Best regards
File: ElvUI_SpellBinder10-12-18
Great add on
Posted By: Jakke
Hi , Can you pls also upload this add on to tukui/elvui website? So we tukui client users also can get updates for it cause some of us dont use minion :/. Anyway great add on i replaced clique with this one :D keep up the good work !!!
File: Skullflower's UI Continued Again02-11-18
Hey Klix , just an idea here but...
Posted By: Jakke
Hey Klix , just an idea here but can you implemend ozcooldownz add on to see cd ? and also something like this but its from weakaura instead of those ugly line on top of screen haha :p but implemended in the ui the circle would be nice https://wago.io/r1Mel1ZCb but not using weakaura ? Also another thing does the add on works w...
File: Skullflower's UI Continued Again12-21-17
awsome now !
Posted By: Jakke
Hi mate , I did what you said with the loot/trade windows and moved the tooltip little bit up and its so goooooood :D just one thing i cant get skada to show current fight healing but on the other side its fucking ok :D thx for it !!!!
File: Skullflower's UI Continued Again12-20-17
couple questions
Posted By: Jakke
hi, First of all to contineu it its one of the best ui out there of all time ! but couple questions 1. healer look feels awsome but when you have skada on it in dungeon its on top of loot/trade windows is there maybe a way to put the loot/trade window in the same window as the rest on the left side? 2.tool tip is also in s...
File: Hetsig UI12-15-17
Great ui
Posted By: Jakke
Hi Hetsig, Maybe a stupid question But can we update the add ons with twitch/curse client or do we need to wait for you to update the package thx in advance