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File: Bladeless UI White (WIP)06-08-20
That was it man thanks. UI looks pe...
Posted By: Alcaeuss
That was it man thanks. UI looks perfect now.
File: Bladeless UI White (WIP)06-03-20
Dual Raid Frames
Posted By: Alcaeuss
HI. I'm getting two sets of raid frames atm. One bottom left of the screen which is the elvui frames and a second, smaller set of frames above it. I can't find which addon is creating them. Love the UI man, best one i've had in a while. Thanks.
File: AfenarUI07-04-18
Vehicle Bar
Posted By: Alcaeuss
Hey fantastic job on the ui. I fixed my previous problem but now i have got another one in finding my vehicle bar when entering quest vehicles like drakes etc. Thanks again.
File: Altz UI for BFA11-19-16
Message: Interface\AddOns\AltzUI\mo...
Posted By: Alcaeuss
Message: Interface\AddOns\AltzUI\mods\panels\panels.lua:756: attempt to call local 'min' (a number value) Time: 11/20/16 07:30:48 Count: 10 Stack: Interface\AddOns\AltzUI\mods\panels\panels.lua:756: in function Locals: self = AltzUI_ExperienceBar { 0 = border =...
File: DecUI11-16-14
Posted By: Alcaeuss
Hi. First thing, great job on the ui, it's just got that different feel from elv that i love. My problem is that after doing the initial install and clicking finish, the UI reloads and the previous choices are wiped and the install starts over. Also logging off and on causes the install to queue up again. Thanks in advance.