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File: Clean Icons - Thin08-02-13
http://i.imgur.com/TQgQ4p8.jpg Tra...
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http://i.imgur.com/TQgQ4p8.jpg Tracking_WildPet.blp
File: Numeration Damage Meter04-26-13
Re: Re: Damage drastic difference
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Yes. I compared the exact same fight. It doesn't include trash. Next time I run LFR, I will record the combatlog.
File: Numeration Damage Meter04-25-13
Damage drastic difference
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I defeated Lei Shen in LFR and then I looked at Damage Done in Numeration and Skada. AoE damage is drastically different. Damage Done http://i.imgur.com/GtKILxc.jpg Sham's Damage(Numeration): 77.1M Sham's Damage(Skada): 92.34M Skill Detail http://i.imgur.com/IjpzB0g.jpg Lava Burst(Numeration): 15.5+5.2=20.7M Lava Burst(Sk...
File: freebAbsorbTracker12-19-12
Glyphed Guard ID is 123402 http://...
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Glyphed Guard ID is 123402 http://www.wowhead.com/spell=123402 Thanks for great addon:)
File: Clean Icons - Thin11-21-12
Hi. I found an mistake. PetJournal...
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Hi. I found an mistake. PetJournalPortrait.blp is wrong. Raptor and monkey icon is correct. http://www.wowpedia.org/File:Petjournalportrait.png?c=1
File: oGlow09-01-12
Both issues should be fixed with 2....
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Both issues should be fixed with 2.2.2.Thanks for updating!
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends09-01-12
A fix for grouped icons. line 80...
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A fix for grouped icons. line 804 change from inGroup = GetNumGroupMembers()>0 and UnitInRaid or GetNumSubgroupMembers()>0 and UnitInParty or nil to inGroup = IsInRaid() and UnitInRaid or UnitInParty I found issue btw Green tiles appear in config. http://i.imgur.com/ev2M4.jpg
File: oGlow09-01-12
Open oGlow\pipes\char.lua and remov...
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Open oGlow\pipes\char.lua and remove this text as-is from below (it appears in line 11): "Ranged", Explanation: since they removed ranged slot, this errors when it tried to skin it. The quality border of tabard has disappeared:( Anyone have any good idea to fix this?
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends08-31-12
a quick fix for inviting battle.net...
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a quick fix for inviting battle.net friends. below this: toast.presenceID = presenceID toast.unit = toonName toast.realID = presenceName add this line: toast.unitrealm = realm and change from elseif IsAltKeyDown() then if self.presenceID and not self.sameRealm then return end InviteUnit( self.unit ) to elseif IsA...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends08-30-12
a quick fix for battle.net whisper...
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a quick fix for battle.net whisper issue. worked fine for me. line 328 - 329 change from local name = self.presenceID and self.realID or self.unit SetItemRef( "player:"..name, ("|Hplayer:%1$s|h|h"):format(name), "LeftButton" ) to if self.presenceID then local name = self.realID..":"..self.presenceID SetItemRef( "BNplay...
File: Yay Mounts10-02-11
Abyssal Seahorse
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Abyssal Seahorse is usable in Damplight Chamber, but Yay Mounts(v.1.2.1) chooses ground/flying mounts regardless of Force Flying Mount or not. http://www.wowpedia.org/Damplight_Chamber
File: Yay Mounts02-04-11
produces the following error, when...
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produces the following error, when only one pet is chosen. 1x YayMounts-1.1.91\YayMounts.lua:1111: Usage: CallCompanion(type, index) YayMounts-1.1.91\YayMounts.lua:1111: in function `CallPet' YayMounts-1.1.91\YayMounts.lua:1071: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-6:147: in function <...ore\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHand...
File: GupPet12-11-10
Tol Barad
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AutoMount doesn't work in Tol Barad while the battle isn't going on.
File: GupPet11-23-10
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"AutoMount" choose Flying Mounts regardless of Flight Master's License in Eastern Kingdom or Kalimdor.
File: ProfessionTabs11-11-10
tab on the trade window
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Tab on the trade window is out of alignment. http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/1351/tabdf.jpg
File: FubBar - SkillsPlusFuLt07-07-10
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FuBar_SkillsPlusFuLt-3.3.0 \SkillsPlusFuLt.lua:8: Cannot find a library instance of Crayon-2.0. FuBar-3.0.90030\libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:490: in function `AceLibrary' FuBar_SkillsPlusFuLt-3.3.0 \SkillsPlusFuLt.lua:8: in main chunk --- For some reason, SkillsPlusFuLt does not cause error if it is loaded with FishingAce.
File: Cellular07-06-10
sticky issue. My friend whispere...
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sticky issue. My friend whispered me when I chatted with guildchat(/g), I clicked Cellular and replied him. I hitted enter for next reply, however guildchat opened. This didn't happen before 3.3.5. Sorry for my bad english.
File: Altoholic12-27-09
Originally posted by Thaoky Fixed...
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Originally posted by Thaoky Fixed in r63: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/altoholic/files/ Thanks for reporting, I had completely overlooked it. Thanks :)
File: Altoholic12-27-09
: Altoholic-v3.3.001b\Altoholic.lua...
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: Altoholic-v3.3.001b\Altoholic.lua:50: attempt to index field 'Tooltip' (a nil value) LinkWrangler-1.8\LinkWrangler.lua:418: in function LinkWrangler-1.8\LinkWrangler.lua:2138: in function
File: Altoholic11-26-09
Re: tooltip
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Originally posted by alexaad Hi there, I haven't seen anyone else with similar issue, although it could be dealt with already. I can't see in the tooltip the items that I have in the mailboxes of my toons. If I point on something it's shows only the bags and bank slots. Although if I search in altoholic it shows the mails as well....
File: LoseControl10-13-09
Re: Re: count disappeared
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When "HIGH" is chosen, could you change it to display cooldown?
File: LoseControl10-12-09
count disappeared
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I chose "HIGH" frame strata. Then, cooldown count disappeared. It is displayed properly except for "HIGH" Sorry for my bad English..
File: Altoholic09-28-09
Guildmate's recipes were not search...
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Guildmate's recipes were not searched since patch. Of course, I checked "include guild members professions". Anyone know anything about this problem? Sorry for my bad English..
File: Altoholic10-31-08
Links of enchanting skill were chan...
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Links of enchanting skill were changed. e.g. pre-3.0 3.0 Sorry, I'm not good at English.