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File: Auctioneer04-04-18
Re: Very nice BUT!!!
Posted By: timreh
Why does this addon come with hidden addons as well...? Enchantrix??if i want that I would look for it...Sldebar????a very unwelcome eye sore on my screen...and this informant...OMFG is it ever a memory HOG!!!!!!All wanted was the auctioneer addon and it came with unwelcome and irritating surprises that run in the background and are...
File: SilverDragon12-22-13
Minimap character is hiding.
Posted By: timreh
I love the addon for finding mobs, but... My character icon, in the center of the minimap, is covered with a dragon image, and makes it impossible to see if I'm facing north or south. Is there an option to hide this, or some other way to disable it? I'm not talking about the minimap button, on the side of the frame that I find...
File: Quest Completist v0.9301-22-11
I love this addon too, advised seve...
Posted By: timreh
I love this addon too, advised several people about it, KUDOS!! But I'm curious if you plan to work with WoWmatrix? I'd like to keep this addon up to date, and contribute $'s and data but if I have to track down updates for this one addon,... well it is kind of a turn off honestly.