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Shadowlands patch (9.2.7)
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Version: 1.3
by: Maldai [More]



The origin of this mod is a bit strange... but here it is. I live in a dorm with a whole lot of other people and quite a few of us play WoW together. Somehow it got into the mind of some of our other suite mates that while we were afk to go to the bathroom, eat, get a drink, etc. but still logged in they could find an inordinate amount of joy to either drown our characters or make them fall off of their flying mounts.

So... after dying a few times too many (repair bills are expensive!) I decided to learn a bit of lua and used the WoW UI Designer to make this mod that locks the screen when you go afk or first login! (so that if you got timed out from afk and were at the character screen you would still be protected)

At first, I only gave this to my roommates who had their characters say hi to the ground more than once but I told a few guildies about it and apparently some of them had a similar problem, so I decided to release this for anyone else who's had the problem of roommates!

Anyways, here's what it does
-Locks your screen upon login, go afk through either /afk or remaining idle for 5 minutes, or using the slash commands listed blelow
-While the lock is active you cannot move, or do any in-game action till the correct password is input
-The frame will disappear if you type in the correct password and then hit enter
-The password can be changed in game
-The default password is "asdf" without the quotes, I would suggest changing it after you log in for the first time
-You can lock your screen by typing either:
-To change the password simply use one of the three previous commands followed by the old password, a space, and then the new password
For example: /psc asdf newpasswordhere (the new password must be one word)
A line in the default chat frame should show that your new password was accepted or not.

If you ever forget the password you can delete the PassScreen.lua file in the WoW\WTF\Account\<account name>\SavedVariables\PassScreen.lua and it will revert to the default password

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use your WoW account password or any other password you might use for anything else for this, at the moment, the password is stored in clearfont! I highly suggest that you use something really simple that you can type in fast!

Update v1.3
-My nephew who was in kindergarten when I originally made this is now starting college in a dorm room with others and asked for an update to this (I'm old now)
-Fixed sound files to work again
-Clean up case issue causing a lua error when the wrong password was used

Update v1.2
-Was poked by an old friend to make this work again
-Updated to use self instead of this and new afk detection so it should be working again

New in 1.1
-Changed how the password entry field is handled and how it's cleared on an incorrect password entry
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Unread 07-16-10, 03:19 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Does it come with a stick to teach some manners?
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Unread 07-15-10, 12:29 AM  
A Cliff Giant

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i live in a dorm and a few of my friends play but i dont use a password for my computer and i have come back to find myself dead cause they thought i had to much gold and could afford to repair so this addon is a great addition if you have ppl who like to play pranks.
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Unread 07-21-08, 10:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Not to make fun or your addon but its totally unnecessary i know for all windows users XP and up all they have to do is hit the Windows key + L to lock your desktop behind a password (if you have it enabled on your user account). all programs are still running. I don't know if this is the same for mac but Im sure they have something like this as well.
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