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Updated: 07-12-20 08:16 PM
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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
Updated:07-12-20 08:16 PM

Mouseover Raid Icons

Version: v1.0.80300
by: smcn [More]

Adds a set of keybindings to assign a raid icon to whatever you're mousing over. No setup necessary, binds are set in the default keybinding interface.

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Haha! I wish, and you deliver! My tank is just about 70, and I've finally started running some challenging instances, and I discovered that I wished I could mark a moon for sheep without letting up agro on skull. This is perfect!

Well, nearly perfect. I'm sure not everyone will want what I'm about to request, but could you put in an option to mark the target instead of the mousover-target if and only if there is a target, and it does not have a raid target icon assigned to it already?

This would allow me to rebind my current icon assignment keys to the ones for this mod, and still be able to mark as normal, by selecting the target, and hitting the shortcut. This is easier, when you're marking before the pull (for me).

Thanks, so much!
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