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Version: v4.2.0
by: Arkive [More]


This will be the last official update to the UI for the forseeable future.

Includes automated in-game setup.

7/20/11 - In case you missed the bold text above, this will be the last update to the UI for the forseeable future. I quit playing the game about 7 months ago or so and have decided now is as good a time as any to hang the hat up.

I will keep the forums running and will check them regularly, helping answer questions when possible:




I was a long time user of MazzleUI, another compilation hosted on WowInterface. When 2.2 hit and bugs plagued it (for a while), I decided to craft my own compilation for myself and my wife (and friends). I've started from scratch with my preferred list of addons and tailored it to my liking, but you'll still find most of the layout to be HEAVILY Mazzle inspired. I loved it every second I used it, so if you're reading this Mazzle, thanks If you're not a fan of that UI, or prefer minimalist UI's, this probably isn't for you

The setup is very easy. You'll find instructions in the root of the zip file. I've created my own in-game installer to handle the profile-specific and the enabling/disabling of class-specific addons with more features to be added soon.

The UI includes a very basic button layout, but there's tons of space in the button panels to do whatever you like. Also, the compilation doesn't rely on Dominos, so if you prefer Bartender or another bar mod, knock yourself out Also, you'll find that most of the keys around the left side of the keyboard have had their function mapped to the Ctrl key (such as Ctrl-C to open the character window). This will allow you to make better use of those keys for combat situations instead of wasting them on non-critical functions like sitting.


I understand that not everyone wants the whole kitchen sink. If you gave it a try and found that it was a bit much for you, but saw a few things you liked, I hope you'll download those authors' mods and continue using them. To help you identify the mods that make up the compilation, I'll include a fairly complete list (minus libs) with basic decriptions:

Auction, Mail, and Inventory:

AckisRecipeList - When this mod is run with a tradeskill window open, it will list all of the recipes for that tradeskill you don't have and how to get them.
Auctionator - Makes creating appropriately priced auctions tons easier.
Auditor - Keeps track of gold on all your toons, sells greys, and auto-repairs.
Archy - Provides a lot of support for the Archeology profession.
Combuctor - All-in-one bag replacement for your bags and bank.
Postal - Allows for quick mailing of items to last recipient (alt-click item in inventory) and bulk open/mail.
EquipCompare - Compare moused-over or linked items to your own.
Examiner - Provides more information when you inspect someone (i.e. total armor, spell dmg, etc).
Ludwig - Allows you to search for gear by name.
Outfitter - Allows you to configure and swap out predefined gear sets (i.e. tank, dps, resistance, etc) and can equip/unequip items on events.
Advanced TradeSkill Window - Replaces the existing tradeskill window with a much more intuitive and filterable one.
StealYourCarbon - Autostocks your reagents (or anything) from vendors/bank.

Combat, Casting, and Buffs:

Autobar - Configurable button bar that allows quick use of all items you're carrying in specified categories (i.e. food/water, mana/health pots, food buffs, etc)
BindPad - Allows you to map spells and macros directly to keystrokes without wasting actionbar space.
Clique - Allows you to bind spells/abilities/macros to button presses (supports modifier keys like Shift, Alt)
DoTimer - Bars with timers for player buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, Dot's, active effects (such as Winter's Chill), and HoT's.
DrDamage - Shows information on abilities/spells in the tooltip based on talents/gear (estimated dmg, crit chance, etc).
EventAlert - Adds an icon and timer for procs that can/should be used (ie. Sudden Doom, Nightfall, etc).
GrimReaper - Detailed combat info on what happened to someone.
IceHUD - Heads-up-display that shows player health and mana/rage, as well as target health and mana/rage in side-by-side vertical bars with percentages.
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - Will display damage/heals/effects that you receive and perform around the HUD.
Castbars - Player and enemy castbar (also displays latency on player castbar for use with stopcasting macros).
ZOMGbuffs - Easy assignment and performing of buffs for you/party/raid. Will also buy reagents based on you what specify.

Class Specific:


Fizzwidget's Feed-o-matic - Allows you to choose criteria for food choice and bind a key to quickly feed your pet.

Informational and Misc:

ACP - Adds an option to the in-game menu for loading/unloading addons specific to that character (supports load-on-demad mods) and also adds a reloadui button.
Align - Provides a grid to help align UI elements.
AMP - Answering machine that notifies you of any missed tells or AH updates while you were AFK.
BindingsReminder - Will display a picture of the keyboard when you enter keybinding mode to show all keys that active keybinds (includes display of modifer key binds on mousevoer).
BonusScanner - Broker addon with lots of info about your character (stats, gems, etc).
BugGrabber & BugSack - Grabs any UI errors and tosses them into a sack for review later.
Fontain - Allows global changes to font sizes and typefaces (default is Calibri v1).
FishermansFriend - Makes the life of a fisherman a little easier (double-click casting, autoloot, etc).
Fizzle - Adds colored border for rarity as well as durability information to gear on character tab.
FluidFrames - Allows dynamic resizing and positioning of any frame (currently only used for Combuctor).
Mendeleev - Displays extensive info about the moused over item in the tooltip (i.e. what it's a component in, such as recipes/patterns).
Message Redirect - Redirects error messages (i.e. "Out of Range") to a chat window or combat log (or disable them altogether).
OverAchiever - Achievement windows enchancements as well as comparison of your progress in tooltips of achievements linked by others in chat.
Prat - Offers extensive configration of chat frames.
RatingBuster - Shows what stats on equipment equate to in the tooltips (i.e. how much % hit/crit comes from the stat, how much dodge the agility equals, etc) as well as a summary of the net gains/losses of the item compared to what you have equipped.
SLDataText - Condensed onscreen info containing server time, FPS, latency, and mod memory usage.
GoGoMount - Automatically mount using the best mount (configurable, and keybound to Shift-~ by default).
Talented - A replacement to the default in-game talent window.
TipTac - Improved tooltips.
XPBarNone - Highly customizable XP/rep bar.

PvP mods:

Capping - Timer bars for BG objectives, BG/arena queues, etc.
Gladius - Small unit frames for enemy units in arenas (allows binding of functions or spells such as interupt, set as focus, etc).


A top bar (much like Titan) with an extensive collection of drop-in modules. Also included is Fubar2Broker to support the addons that we need that still rely on FuBar.

It displays the following info at a glance:
- Money, durability, number of guildies/friends online, a micro menu (i.e. buttons for character sheet, LFG, Help, etc), number of accepted quests, Free/Total bag slots, and quick talent/gear switching.

It also displays the following detailed info if the icon or above info is moused over:
- Your status with all factions, colored by reputation level
- Experience information (i.e. XP/hour, estimated time to level, etc).
- Amount of money spent/earned that session/day/week as well as money available on other characters within the account.
- Guildies/Friends that are online, their level, notes, and location (guild-only).
- Skills list and level, including weapons, tradeskills, etc.
- Recommended zones/instances for leveling as well as other location information.

Unit Frames and Actionbars:

ButtonFacade - Supports skinning of both Dominos and Autobar (currently using the Caith texture).
Dominos - Actionbar mod with a generic predefined layout and basic keybinds/paging (the mod supports advanced paging based on stance/form, keybinding, and virtually any button layout).
KGPanels - Used to create the backdrops for the chat/button frames.
OmniCC - Shows the cooldown of a spell/ability on the button.

Pitbull unit frames with the following features:
-Player, Player Target, Target of Target (ToT), Pet, Pet Target, Focus, and Focus Target unit frames with castbar, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure.
- Party frames that also show pet, the target player and pet, castbar for each, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure (also colors the unit frame red if it has agro).

Grid2 unit frames with the following features:
- Raid, Arena and BG layouts with display of health, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and debuffs with a priority given to PvE raid debuffs.


Inflight - Flight time to locations displayed in castbar.
Chinchilla - Square, scalable, movable minimap.
Mapster - A map replacement that shows the full content of zones (including unexplored areas). Also allows scaling and alpha settings. Integrates perfectly with the following mods:
- Tomtom - Using "/way zone x,y" you can create a waypoint on your map in any zone (adds an arrow with distance remaining on your screen directing you towards the coordinate). Also allows Ctrl-Rclick to addwaypoints directly to the map.
- HandyNotes - Create customized notes on the world map.
- Gathermate2 - Will overlay the map with known node information (mostly-complete database included) on various gathering professions (by default will only show locations for gathering professions you have).
- Routes - Allows you to define a route based on herb/ore/etc information for a zone that overlays on the minimap for quick and easy gathering. Integrates with TomTom for easy navigation.


BigBrother - Fubar plugin that allows you to quickly query the consumable status of everyone in your party/raid.
DeadlyBossMods - Provides boss-related timers and notifications for 5-man instances.
Omen - Displays party/raid member's threat for your currently selected target (will also parse KTM data that it receives).
Recount - Damage meter mod that tracks more information then you can imagine (capable of creating graphs and side-by-side comparisons).

The following raid tools are installed:
- DeadlyBossMods - A boss mod that includes boss-related timers, notifications and a proximity window for certain events (i.e. Gruul's Shatter).
- oRa3 - A lightweight replacement to CTRaid (responds to all CT commands/requests).


tomQuest2 - Lightweight quest log replacement with quick view of watched quests/achievements and their objectives.
Lightheaded - Adds comments for each quest from Wowhead so they're viewable in-game (database downloaded and installed - does not query Wowhead each time).

v4.2.0 - 7/20/11

- This is the last official update for the UI until further notice!

- Manual edit to fix EventAlert.
- Manual edit to SLDataText.
- Added XLoot Group back in.
- Bumped TOC on all addons listed as out-of-date.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v4.1.0a - 6/5/11

- Replaced DoTimer with Raven.
- Fixed Grid2 to properly show during BG's.
- Added Broker_Factions back in and enabled.
- Disabled buffing pets in ZOMGBuffs.
- Added Gathermate2_Data back in for those that use updaters.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v4.1.0 - 5/22/11

- Reset/recreated Grid2 layout (may need some tweaking, please advise).
- Updated GatherMate2 Data.
- Deleted RecountFailbot.
- Some other minor fixes I'm too tired to remember at the moment.
- Updated all mods to day of release (Except DoTimer to retain right-click remove buff functionality).

v4.0.6 - 2/13/11

- Focus Target and Pet Target castbars added to unit frames.
- Gathermate2 Data import and database cleanup (folder left in to assist with auto-updating).
- Updated Gladius config for new version.
- Moved Pets to in the interior most slot on Autobar Extras bar.
- Attempt to clean-up the DoTimer config (remove/hide unnecessary anchors and notifications).
- Fixed error caused by LonnyMenu mouseover.
- Removed Gearscore for now.
- Bagnon libraries removed.
- Added BagSync.
- Added matching skin (Caith) for Tidy Plates.
- Added Archy.
- Deadly Boss Mods support of legacy raids/bosses added.
- Bumped TOC in all out-of-date addons.
- Updated all mods to day of release (Except DoTimer to retain right-click remove buff functionality).

v4.0.3 - 12/13/10

- Update to tomQuest2 adds support for autocomplete quests.
- Fixed issue with certain achievements being tracked by default.
- Gathermate2 Data import.
- Manual update of Handynotes libs to resolve Astrolabe spam on login.
- Updated all mods to day of release (Except InlineAura to suppress an error with most recent version).

v4.0.1c - 12/07/10

- Fixed a number of mods that had changed savedvariables causing issues during setup.
- Fixed Pitbull so Blizz raid frames are hidden.
- EventAlert errors resolved.
- Fixed issue with ability/DoT timers not showing up on the buttons.
- DoTimer update should address mystery bars and strange positioning.
- Shift keybinds for bar 2 fixed.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v4.0.1b - 10/30/10

- Adjusted EventAlert, MSBT, and Enemy Castbar anchors to prevent overlap.
- Updated EventAlert will now prevent icon lockups.
- Fix for "Cooldowns" box that showed up when in raids/bgs.
- Modified Chinchilla to prevent dungeon queue box from being overlapped by other addons.
- Grid2 is back in for raid frames.
- Prat chat windows cleaned up a bit.
- Bumped the TOC for all mods that hadn't been updated but work fine.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v4.0.1a - 10/17/10

- Lot of changes to bring UI into compliance with patch 4.0.1.
- Grid2 dumped and switched back to Pitbull raid frames.
- Zmob removed and substituted with Pitbull's portrait.
- Several mods replace deprecated ones, but nothing of functional noteworthiness.
- Questhelper removed. Humoring alternatives, but no kitchen sinks like Carbonite please.
- Gladius, Grid2, DrDamage, and Overachiever removed until they are updated and error-free.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.3.5b - 7/10/10

- Fixed issue with certain boss frames not showing up (ie. Gunship, Blood Princes).
- Modified SLDT to pulse the clock when a Calendar invite was pending.
- Replaced Broker_Location with TravelAgent (same icon and location on DockingStation).
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.3.5a - 6/26/10

- IceHUD update resolves bar texture and rune tracker issues.
- tomQuest2 update resolves errors and inability to modify addon options.
- Chat/Prat fixes for Patch 3.3.5.
- Xloot removed due to incompatibility and Dominos roll frame enabled.
- Gathermate data import.
- Dockingstation savedvariable update due to mod update.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.3.3a - 3/24/10

- Relocated dungeon/raid difficulty indicator.
- Added TidyPlates and ThreatPlates (enabled by default).
- Replaced flaky GearScoreLite with full GearScore.
- Upgraded to new tomQuest2 and redid savedvariables (still issues with options until next update).
- Fixed issue with totems and recall button not showing up on the totem bars.
- Consolidated Achivement tracking into Quest tracker.
- Update to Auctionator resolves LUA error when talking to an auctioneer.
- Updated DoTimer savedvariables to account for offset anchoring with new version.
- Updated to new Grid2, now supports auto-config of class-specific notifications.
- Bumped all outdated TOC files so "Load out of date addons" won't trip anyone up.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.3.0c - 1/16/10

- Added Grid2 for raid/arena unit frames.
- Updated DBM to not show PvP timers.
- Fixed some placement issues with Battleground maps.
- Fixed issue with Shaman profiles erroring on load.
- Mapster issue with QH button resolved.
- Data updated for Mendeleev.
- Setup modified to stop clock from showing up over minimap occasionally.
- Updated DockStation savedvariables (TQ2 icon shows propery now).
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.3.0b - 12/13/09

- Fixed Castbars profile not loading.
- Gathermate data import.
- Rolled Mapster back to 1.3.1 to allow QH button to show up.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

* Known glitches (help solving these is appreciated)
- If you update Mapster to 1.3.2, the Questhelper map button is obstructed.
- Chinchilla will sometimes show a clock above the minimap.

v3.3.0a - 12/12/09

- Updated Pitbull savedvariables for new version.
- Hand fixed bug with SLDT zonetext errors.
- Hand fixed error for Vendorbait.
- Updated Prat savedvariables.
- Updated XPBarNone savedvariables to new version.
- Replace Quartz with Castbars.
- User-submitted fix for DoTimer "Call of..." totem bar errors.
- Updated all mods to day of release (TONS of bugfixes here).

v3.2.0c - 8/16/09

- Added SavedInstances (Broker plug-in for what instances your toons are saved to).
- Fixed issue with DockingStation not being enabled by default.
- Replaced Smartbuff with ZOMGBuffs (I left the SB config files in place).
- Gathermate updated data.
- Updated all mods to day of release (tons of bugfixes here).

v3.2.0.b - 8/6/09

- Tons of fixes and mod updates.

v3.2.0.a - 8/4/09

- Rough update for 3.2. Should be mostly error-free, but lots of weirdness going on likely (namely with timer bars). Much more solid update in the next day or two.

v3.1.2b - 6/04/09

- QuickRepair, tekJunkSeller, Broker_Money, and Sellfish removed.
- Auditor added (adds functionality of first 3 removed items).
- Auctionator updated to include Sellfish functionality.
- HitsMode removed (it's formatting is just too similar to Blizzard's to warrant the CPU time).
- Broker_Skills added.
- Added AutoText (Broker plugin for commonly typed things, like Vent info).
- Pitbull changed to show all curable debuffs on unit frames instead of those curable by you.
- Updated all mods to day of release (a lot of previous beta quality mods are now release).

v3.1.2a - 5/12/09

- Fixed bug that made DockingStation disabled by default.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.1.2 - 5/11/09

- Removed FuBar and converted to DockingStation (LDB).
- Many FuBar addons replaced with LDB equivalents.
- Many issues with TomQuest2 resolved (achievement tracking and several errors).
- Achievement Tracker now uses Shift-L to hide/show tracker by default now.
- Tested on PTR and is fully functional.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.1.0b - 5/3/09

- Added InlineAura (adds borders to buttons for active buffs/debuffs on target).
- Enabled TomQuest2 achievement tracker and positioned.
- Replaced Clearfont2 with Fontain due to copyright issues with ClearFont2.
- Fixed issue with font issues in TomQuest2's quest tracker.
- Added AddFriend (adds a Add/Remove Friend" to the right-click options in chat).
- Skillet replaced with AdvancedTradeSkillWindow.
- Added Talented Tabs (adds tabs for both your specs, making for easy switching).
- Gathermate node data updated.
- Minor tweaks based on changes to mods that have been udpated.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.1.0a - 4/19/09

- Replaced FlightMap with InFlight (caused bug with purchasing dual-spec).
- TomQuest2 now automatically adds quests to tracker on first login ("L" to bring up tracker).
- TomQuest2's questlog (with Lightheaded comments) now more resembles nQuestlog from before.
- Set Outfitter to disable Item Comparisons (was causing overlap).
- Removed qAhImproved (was goobering up the search interface for auctions).
- More DoTimer party buffs added.
- Fixed PvP frame from not showing up via FuBar micromenu.
- Adjust waypoint arrow, Eventalert and quest text to prevent overlap.
- Fix to Tenout to prevent random boss emotes to chat (ie. "%s fixes his eyes on you").
- Prat update resolves issue with channel changing text issues.
- Updated all TOC's of addons that did not receive 3.1.0 updates.
- Updated all mods to day of release (to include numerous bug fixes).

v3.1.0 - 4/15/09

- Added Tenout (routes DBM messages to MSBT).
- Replaced nQuestLog with TomQuest2.
- Removed Mobmap (temporarily due to errors).
- Removed DrDamage (temporarily due to errors).
- Added more Party buffs to DoTimer.
- Tons and tons of mod tweaks, but the general layout is still the same.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.8c - 1/26/09

- Replaced BigWigs with DBM (Bigwigs config remains in the UI for those who prefer it).
- Replaced Proximo with Gladius (again, Proximo config remains for those who prefer).
- Fixed LFG from not showing up in General tab (as well as raid/BG not showing up in Group tab).
- Added VendorBait (automatically highlights the most expensive quest reward).
- Added ImprovedMerchant (adds scrolling and search/filter support to vendors).
- UI elements adjusted so EventAlert, waypoint arror, etc do not overlap.
- Possible fix for missing Druid mana bar on player's unit frame.
- All reported out-of-place 3D models fixed (and a few more).
- Gathermate_Data update.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.8b - 1/22/09

- Add updated ArmoryQuicklink back in.
- Update Pitbull settings for 1.6 aspect ratio (oops).
- Update to Talented and Talented_Data should resolve most related errors.
- Update some out-of-place 3D target models.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.8a - 1/21/09

- Removed PotentialProfit (overlapped values in Auctionator frame).
- Fixed bug introduced with updated ButtonFacade (caused Class setup to fail).
- AutoDismount removed (not needed).
- SmartMount added (default keybind is Shift-~).
- ZmobDB added (replaces Pitbull's 3D model in the target frame).
- EventAlert Added (adds an icon and timer near top of screen for procs).
- Procs supported in EventAlert disabled in MSBT (under "Triggers" options).
- GemHelper added in (helps choose which gems to use - /gh to open).
- Tooltips moved to right side of screen to prevent overlap with buffs/debuffs.
- Import of latest GatherMate_Data.
- Additional PartyBuff filters to DoTimer.
- ArmoryQuicklink removed until bugs fixed.
- Several addons received updates from their authors that address performance/fps issues.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.2e - 12/17/08

- XP bar now watches XP below lvl 80 and rep at lvl 80 (automatically).
- DrDamage added back in.
- Auctionator added in (it's like an Auctioneer lite...very lite)
- Fence removed (qAhImproved left in for per-item pricing).
- Added in OverAchiever (Achievements enhancement).
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.2d - 11/30/08

- New GatherMate_Data imported (more node information for Northrend).
- StealYourCarbon added (reagent restocker w/ bank support - FuBar icon on left).
- Mobmap and Questhelper updated with lots of quest info for Northrend.
- Autobar update includes more consumables and quest items from Northrend.
- Requested Party Buffs added to DoTimer.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.2c - 11/17/08

- Added Ludwig (in-game item search).
- ArkiveUI setup mod now checks if an addon is loaded before trying to load it's presets.
- Proximo frame properly aligned.
- Made runes vertical and outside HUD.
- Tooltip info disabled for nQuestLog (redundant with Questhelper).
- Removed Atlas and AtlasLoot (left configurations in though).
- ReagentFu removed (never really used this, ever).
- TekKompare replaced with EquipCompare (was causing issues for some folks).
- FlightMap added to enable Quartz timers for flight times.
- New GatherMate_Data imported (partial node information for Northrend).
- Removed FreeRefills as it's suspected of numerous offenses against Combuctor.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.2b - 11/12/08

- -
- Custom ArkiveUI setup mod created to replace Slashlib (limited features at the moment).
- -
- Any and all feedback on it's use (or problems) is appreciated.
- -
- Updated IceHUD savedvariables for runes.
- Updated Autobar savedvariables for Death Knight.
- Changed UI to use a single Dominos layout (with pet/class bars in their own area).
- Changed Mendeleev to not show redundant information.
- Replaced BuyDropper with the updated FreeRefills.
- Added oRa2 Target LDB plug-in and removed default oRa2 plug-in.
- Disabled ChannelColorMemory module in Prat (prevented saving of channel colors).
- Removed Fizzwidget Gemologist.
- Removed TopScoreFu (too flaky).
- Removed ToFu (redundant).
- Removed nShakeDown (too many unsupported addons used).
- Update all TOC's for the functioning addons that weren't done by their orignial authors.
- Lot of mucking around with FuBar and LDB icons as mods are jumping on the LDB bandwagon.
- Removed Loggerhead for the time being.
- Added additional "Party Buff" filters to DoTimer.
- Added DrDamage back in.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v3.0.2a - 10/29/08

- Questhelper update that resolves "ambitious" arrow issue (worth the update alone).
- Autobar update...pets now work.

v3.0.2 - 10/29/08

- Added RedRange to color buttons when out of range for casting.
- Added qAHImproved back into the compilation.
- Enabled Battlefield minimap by default.
- Disabled quering achivements and caching in Examiner (was causing huge delays in BG's).
- Remove DamnChatTabs since Prat now properly supports hiding tabs.
- Added RoutesFu for quick turning on/off and changing direction of routes.
- Added QuickRepair.
- Added request PartyBuff exclusions to DoTimer.
- Adjusted HUD text justification now that IceHUD supports that.
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v0.3.2 Beta - 10/22/08

- Added support for 1.25 and 1.33 aspect ratio resolutions.
- Removed Spellbinder (redundant with Bindpad installed).
- Updated LibHealComm which solves "stuck" estimated heal on unit frames when stopping casts.
- Removed GatherMate Data since it was only needed for the import.
- Removed Grimoire Keeper (redundant with latest patch).
- Latest Autobar update resolves the broken on-use setting.
- BuyDropper added (auto-purchases items at vendor).
- ArenaFu removed due to lack of update and possible taint in arena.
- Fixed bug where Outfitter minimap button wouldn't hide with latest version.
- BigBrother removed (not updated for 3.0.2 and an issue finally raised it's head).
- Disabled panel glow on agro (file with those settings is called kgpanels_agro.lua - simply rename it kgpanels.lua if you'd like to use it).
- Disabled Mendeleev from showing "Used in" tree by default.
- Added in HandyNotes (this more or less rounds out all of the important funcionalty from Cartographer).
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v0.3.1 Beta - 10/19/08

- Fixed the 15-20 bugs folks reported on the forums. As far as I know, I got all of them.
- All addons updated to day of release, fixing lots of other unreported issues.
- Questhelper added (tracker hidden by default)
- Priest/Druid bar layouts changed. Bar 3 removed in favor of seperate locations for pet/class bars.
- ArkiveUI addon updated (ie. All commands actually work properly now).
- Broker2FuBar added: Adds support for BigWigs/oRa2/Gathermate

v0.3.0 Beta - 10/17/08

- Huge changes, Dominos, SmartBuff, the list goes on. Will update changelog when it goes final.
- More huge changes.
- Yes, even more changes.

v2.5.6 - 7/17/08

- Updated all mods to day of release. If you alrady have v2.5.5, all you need to do is delete your old Interface folder and copy in the new one from this zip.

v2.5.5 - 6/22/08

- Memory component of SLDataText resolved with a mod update (solves stuttering issue as discussed in the technical forum).
- SellFish added (adds pricing information to tooltip).
- DMBS removed and Chincilla configured to handle minimap button placement (same locations).
- Target frame redone (DaPortrait added) to include vertical health/mana bars and a 3D portrait (see 2nd screenshot in suggestions thread for example).
- Replaced eePanels2 with kgpanels.
- Replaced SCT/SCTD with MSBT.
- Replaced Cartographer Routes with Routes.
- Replaced GarbageFu with TekJunkSeller (instantly sells greys instead of slowly one at a time).
- Replaced basic combat log with HitsMode.
- Replaced Bagnon with Combuctor
- Added FluidFrames to resize Combuctor (and available for other frames if desired).
- Added variable to script to not only set UIScale, but also enable it if necessary
- Changed Postal to not open non-AH mail when opening all.
- Added SLDT's "new mail" info next to time.
- Updated all mods to day of release.
- Added info to install file to help those upgrading transition *some* settings.

v2.5.0 - 5/16/08

- Replaced SimpleMiniMap with Chinchilla
- Adjusted some previously hidden frames (i.e. Cap timer).
- Fixed pet bar in HUD to correctly show health (and reflect happiness).
- Renamed Slashlib mod to ArkiveUI to reduce confusion in addons list.
- Added a ReloadUI to text size changes.
- Configured setup to also set UI scale to 0.64.
- Fixed glitch that sometimes prevented character from expanding quests.
- Updated all mods to day of release (no errors on startup).

v2.4.9 - 5/11/08

- Removed Shardace (redundant with what Autobar provides now).
- Fixed paging issues across all classes (theoretically).

v2.4.8 - 5/10/08

- Squashed paging bug on Bongos layout for 1.25 and 1.33 (oops).

v2.4.7 - 5/10/08

- Added in 1.33 support.
- Fixed positioning of Battlefield map on 1.25 aspect ratio.
- Switched placement of bars 1 and 2 on 1.25 to be consistent with other layouts.
- Changed clock to use local time instead of server time.

v2.4.6 - 5/9/08

- Added back 1.25 support.

v2.4.5 - 5/8/08

- Recount fix that would cause line 581 errors in Recount.lua.

v2.4.4 - 5/8/08

- Added BindingsReminder (shows a pic of a keyboard with your bindings - /br show).
- Elkano Buffbars replacing Buffalo.
- ZOMGBuffs replacing Smartbuff/PallyPower/ReagentRestocker.
- Smartdebuff removed.
- Upgraded to the new Autobar.
- Bongos3 replacing Bongos2 (this will require you to recreate your custom layout).
- Tiptac replacing Tinytip.
- New eePanel created in left side of left button panel for tank and tank targets.
- Omen moved to the right where tank list once was.
- SLDataText replacing SLTimex (same style and formatting).
- SCT/SCTD layout changed - Moved to the to the left and right of HUD (w/ rainbow effect).
- Outfitter replacing Itemrack.
- Added GrimReaper (detailed combat info on what happened to someone).
- Postal replacing BetterInbox (for now).
- Removed TrinketMenu and added a custom Autobar bar for trinkets.
- Removed cyCircled and added ButtonFacade (using Caith button style).

v2.4.3 - 4/21/08

- Fixed a few frame placement issues in 1.6 aspect ratio (Quartz, Hourglass, tank list).

v2.4.2 - 4/20/08

- Added support for 1280x1024 (or any other 1.25 aspect ratio resolution).
- Disabled autozoom on SimpleMiniMap.
- Reconfigured Feedomatic's notifications for pet happyness (text and sound at content).
- Mendeleev reconfigured to show drop locations.
- Small bar added to HUD for pet HP.
- Obtained a newer version of Bagnon, which appears to resolve some random errors.
- Replaced FishingAce with FishermansFriend.
- Reduced the size of target and ToT frames to match the smaller versions of the UI.
- Edited HuntersHelper to resolve a few quirks with the mod.
- Updated all mods to day or release.

v2.4.0 - 4/10/08

- Added "Target" to tooltip.
- Removed Threat bar from all unit frames.
- Fixed bug where Atlas minimap button wouldn't always hide.
- Replaced EQCompare with tekKompare.
- Target castbar on unitframe removed (redundant) and unitframe reduced in size.
- Bar textures on all UI elements converted from "Cilo" to "Aluminum" texture.
- Added Atlas back in (and Fubar plugin).
- Added cyCircled using the "Litestep XLT" template.
- Added Capping (pvp timers), BattlegroundFu and ArenaFu.
- Removed LocationFu.
- Added Potential Profit (shows bid/buyout totals for your auctions).
- Added Gem Quota (displays number of each colored gem equipped on character screen)
- Added Big Brother (keeps track of raid members that aren't flasked/food buff/etc)
- Updated nQuestLog savedvariables to support new changes (i.e window placement, etc).
- Added nShakedown (Fubar addon to show many UI elements, allowing for easy config).
- Added Cartographer Routes (allows you to define routes for gathering, farming, etc).
- Replaced Postal with Better Inbox (opens bulk mail faster and scrolls instead of pages).
- Added Fizzle (displays quality and durability information in character window).
- Added Proximo (Arena unit frames for enemies).
- SimplecombatLog removed.
- Removed a few superfluous tags from party unit frames.
- Incorporated Nether Ray fix into Itemrack.
- Converted from embedded libraries to externals (reduces size and load time).
- Updated all mods to day of release.

v1.0.0 - 11/21/07

- Nothing to report, it's the first release :P

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