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Plunderstorm (10.2.6)
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Keystone Companion  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: v1.0.1
by: Jordy141 [More]

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Introducing Keystone Companion: Your Ultimate WoW Addon

Keystone Companion transforms your WoW Mythic+ experience, making every dungeon run easier to coordinate. This sleek addon is designed for adventurers who want to maximize their gameplay without the hassle of juggling external apps or missing out on crucial information. Hereís what makes Keystone Companion a must-have:

Key Features:

  • Keystone Tracker: Ever lost track of your keystone amidst your adventures? Our tracker keeps a vigilant eye on your keystone, detailing its level and the dungeon it unlocks. No more guessing or searching through bags!
  • Portal Quick-Access: Navigating to your keystone's dungeon becomes a breeze. With direct portal links, you're just a click away from starting your next challenge.
  • Consumables Overview: Dive into dungeons fully prepared. View a comprehensive list of flasks, potions, and consumables being used by you and your team. Ensure everyone is buffed up and ready for battle.
  • Character-Specific Insights: Keystone and inventory management is streamlined and personalized. Each character's details are neatly organized, allowing you to focus on strategy, not logistics.
  • Cross-Character Visibility (PLANNED, Optional): Want a birdís eye view of your entire account? Weíve got you covered. Toggle on to see which keystones, potions, and flasks are available across all your characters, making planning for your next dungeon run seamless.

Why Keystone Companion?

For gamers, by gamers - we understand the thrill of a perfectly executed dungeon run and the frustration of unnecessary setbacks. That's why Keystone Companion is engineered to enhance your gameplay, minimize distractions, and keep you in the zone. With all your essential information neatly displayed, youíre free to focus on strategy, teamwork, and conquering those high-level keystones.

Join Our Community:

Become part of a growing community of dungeon runners. Share tips, strategies, and laugh off those epic fails together. Our Discord server is the hub for all things Keystone Companion, where you can get direct support, request new features, and connect with fellow gamers.

Ready to level up your WoW experience? Keystone Companion is your trusted ally in the realm of Azeroth. Download now and unleash your full potential!

For updates, support, and more, connect with us on Discord: Letís conquer the dungeons of Azeroth together!

Keystone Companion
v1.0.1 (2024-04-16)
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