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TBC Patch (2.5.3)
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Log Tracker

Version: 1.1.5
by: Forsaken87 [More]

Notice about character data:

  • The CharacterData-Addons are updated daily and will be automatically updated
  • I may extend the available data in the future beyond the current zone progress / ratings, but to keep the addon size reasonable it is currently limited to that.


In addition to this Addon you will have to install the following dependencies:
  • LogTracker_BaseData Addon containing some base information (like mapping server-names to their respective regions)
At least one of the following Addons containing the actual player data for their respective region:
  • LogTracker_CharacterData_EU (Player data for Europe-Servers)
  • LogTracker_CharacterData_US (Player data for US-Servers)
  • LogTracker_CharacterData_CN (Player data for China-Servers)
  • LogTracker_CharacterData_KR (Player data for Korean-Servers)
  • LogTracker_CharacterData_TW (Player data for Taiwan-Servers)


Provides the current warcraftlogs rankings for players within the game.
Currently those are displayed for:
  • Player-Tooltips (mouseover)
  • Chat /who links (shift-click name)
  • Online alerts (guild/friends)
  • Manual player lookup (/lt <playername>)

The tooltip / description contains the up-to-date content (currently SWP/BT/Hyjal and ZA) with the number of killed/total bosses and the allstars rating for each spec.

From Version 1.0.9 onwards you can also toggle a detailed view (including the encounters) by pressing the shift-key for tooltips or using the "/lt <playername>" command in chat.

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