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Updated: 05-18-22 04:09 AM
TBC Patch (2.5.4)
Updated:05-18-22 04:09 AM
Created:05-18-22 04:09 AM

Nonintrusive Quest Text (TBC)

Version: 1.0.3
by: prof17 [More]

This AddOn lets you accept a quest before the quest text has finished scrolling, so that you are not prevented from speed-accepting quests even if you have the "Instant Quest Text" option turned off.

This is useful to those who want to keep the scrolling quest text animation but still want to be able to instantly accept a quest in case of shared quests or dungeon/raid quests, when the group is waiting.

When the quest text is scrolling, the "Accept" button is grayed out. With this AddOn, you can click that grayed-out button to instantly complete the scrolling and reveal all contents of the window. The "Accept" button will activate and you will be able to click it again to accept the quest. Therefore, if you want to instantly accept the quest, just double-click the Accept button.

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