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Classic (1.15.1)
WOTLK Patch (3.4.3)
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Buffalo Classic / WotLK - Buffing addon

Version: 0.5.9
by: Mimma [More]

Buffalo - Raid buff addon
- for Classic Era/SoM and Wrath of the Liuch King.

Buffalo adds a new button for your UI, which will lit up with an icon when someone in your group or raid needs a new buff from you.
The assigned groups can be configured, so you can set up which groups you will monitor and what buffs you will do.

You can move the button by pressing Shift while dragging the icon to a desired position.

Buffs can be assigned per group - here for example this mage will buff all groups with Intellect, and also keep Find Herbs up on himself.

Buffs can be enabled/disabled for a class. Intellect buff is here disabled for
rogue and warriors classes (default)

Slash Commands
Buffalo does not need much setup, so there are only a few commands available:

* /buffalo config -*opens the Group/Buff configuration screen. This can also be done by right-clicking the buff button.
* /buffalo hide - hides the Buff button
* /buffalo show - shows the Buff button again (yay!)
* /buffalo version - shows the current version of Buffalo.

Should you find a bug, feel free to report it below, together with relevant information, such as:
* What class did you play
* What buff failed
* What realm type (Classic Era, WoTLK ...)
* Did you get any errors?

Introducing Raid Buffing
Version 0.5 of Buffalo enters the realms of the Paladins with an option to centralize buffing assignments. Therefore Buffalo is now running in one of three modes:

  • Mode 0: Personal buffing (aka Solo mode)
  • Mode 1: Open Raid Assignments
  • Mode 2: Closed Raid Assignments

Raid mode 0: Personal buffing mode.
This is the default mode when you are playing Solo or in a 5-man party., and is the same mode used in previous versions of Buffalo as standard.
In personal mode you and you alone decide which groups to buff by simply left-click to enable a buff and right-click ro disable a buff.

When you are in a raid, a promoted character (of same class as you) can switch the addon into Raid Mode. There are two raid modes available: Open Raid Assignments and Closed Raid Assignments.

Raid mode 1: Raid with Open assignments
In Open Raid Assignments mode the screen changes so you for each group and buff combination can put in a name - the name of the person who is responsible for buffing.

You can still change the buff assignments while in Open Raid mode, and even assign other mages. Changes you make are shared with other mages in the raid (with the addon) and vice versa.

Raid mode 2: Raid with Closed assignments
This works same way as Open assignments, except that only promoted persons of the same class can change the assignments.

The exception here is the Self buffs: you can still enable / disable your selfie buffs, regardless of raid mode.

Class configuration
The class configuration screen works independent of raid mode: here you can modify which buffs apply to which classes:

Generel configuration
The generel configuration option is also independent of raid mode. here you can set:
  • The number of people in a group (online, in range and eligible for the buff) before Buffalo will a group buff instead of Single buffing.
  • Number of seconds before a warning is written in the local chat (0-120 seconds).
  • Scan frequency: faster scans = snappier addon, slower scans = less CPU resources used.
  • Display missing buffs in Local Chat (Yes/No)
  • Display buffed targers in Local Chat (Yes/No)

You can tick the last two options OFF if the addon messages is too spammy for you.

Not yet implemented:
* Paladin buffs are not yet implemented. I hope to make addon 100% compatible with PallyPower, thus exchanging buffs.

Hey, that addon reminds me of SmartBuff
It sure does!*I have been using SmartBuff for many years, and loved it. But now it seems there isn't a working SmartBuff addon out there.

This addon is not a SmartBuff clone!

Buffalo works differently, and have a stronger focus on party/raid buffing, where*SmartBuff worked for everyone - including your Warrior for that Find Herbs buff.*Buffalo does not support buffing in combat. This is a limitation implemented by Blizzard, which didn't exist back in the SmartBuff days.

Version 0.5.9
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.15.2

Version 0.5.8
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.15.1

Version 0.5.7
* Added Priest Shadowform to list of Buffs.

Version 0.5.6
* Bumped Wrath client version to 3.4.3
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.15.0

Version 0.5.5
* Added Frost Armor (Mage) to buff list
* Removed two debug messages.

Version 0.5.4
* Bumped Wrath client version to 3.4.2
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.14.4

Version 0.5.3
* Bugfix: Repeating LUA errors when a parent group buff had not been learned yet.

Version 0.5.2
* Bugfix: Molten Armor (mage) buff caused Classic Era version to fail (argh!)

Version 0.5.1
* Added Molten Armor (mage) buff.
* Bugfix: Find Herbs / Minerals was not detected correct in WotLK.
* Removed TBC TOC file.

Version 0.5.0
* Fixed local text settings not being persisted.
* Added support for Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Note: Buffalo still works in "one, buff, one group" mode.

Version 0.5.0-beta2
* Added command to reset the Buff button position: "/buffalo resetbutton".
* Fixed icon for Gift of the Wild for Druids.

Version 0.5.0-beta1
* Added Raidmode 1 + 2
* Refactoring of UI to handle different buff modes.

Version 0.4.1
* Bugfix: Failed buffs (out of LOS e.g.) are no longer announced in chat.

Version 0.4.0
* Bugfix: TBC Find Herbs / Find Minerals now working.

Version 0.4.0-beta2
* Added new frame for general configuration options:
* Added configuration option: Prayer/Group buff threshold
* Added configuration option: Scan time interval
* Added configuration option: Option renew before buff expire
* Added configuration option: Show missing buffs
* Added configuration option: Show completed buffs
* Bugfix: "/buffalo version" gave a LUA error.

Version 0.4.0-beta1
* Added class configuration UI.
* Added Deathknight class, although not selectable in UI yet.
* Updated configuration UI.

Version 0.3.1
* Fixed selfie buffs in Solo and Party.
* Reordered buff display order in UI.

Version 0.3.0
* Updated class priority
* Fixed prayer priority

Version 0.3.0-beta2
* Bugfix: Prayer Buffs did not fire correct on foreign groups.
* Bugfix: Buff detection gave false positive when raid buffs was also selected for self.

Version 0.3.0-beta1
* Added: Option to announce next buff in queue (/buffalo announce).
* Bugfix: Init of Buffalo sometimes failed due to WoW still not done caching data, added a delay to fix that.
* Bugfix: Buffalo repeatedly attempted to buff selfie buffs on others.
* Bugfix: The buff scanner did not always pick up missing buffs as it should.
* Bugfix: Addon didnt handle buffs with a cooldown (currently only Ice Barrier).

Version 0.3.0-alpha2
* Added: Raid (non-group) buffs are now visislbe in selfie UI
* Added: Find Herbs, Find Minerals to selfie UI
* Added: Ice Barrier (frost Mage shield)
* Bugfix: TOC file for TBC was missing configuration file, made Buffalo fail.
* Bugfix: Unlearned spells still pops up for buffing.
* Bugfix: Taking spells on CD into account

Version 0.3.0-alpha1
* Added: "Selfie" buffs: "Inner Fire", "Mage Armor" etc.
* Added: "Selfie" buffs added to the configuration UI.
* Bugfix: LUA errors when people join raid possibly fixed.
* Bugfix: Range check was not always working.

Version 0.2.0-alpha2:
* Added: Mutual exclusive buffs are now handled.
* Bugfix: Fixed bug when converting to raid, causing LUA errors en massť!

Version 0.2.0-alpha1:
* Added: Configuration UI for Raid buffs.
* Added: /buffalo help, show, hide
* Added/fixed persisted settings.

Version 0.1.0-alpha2:
* Slash-handler added
* Supports Version
* Distance check is missing - fixed
* Independent of Spell ranks
* Independent of spell names (localizations)
* Independent of class names (localizations)

Version 0.1.0-alpha1:
* No UI whatsoever (beside the buff button).
* Addon can BUFF for Priest, Mage (untested), Druid and Warlock (untested).
* Assigned groups are hardcoded to 1,2,3 and 4.
* Assigned buffs are assigned to bitmask 0x003. For a priest that is Fortitude and Spirit.
* Addon only supports Raids for the moment.
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