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TBC Patch (2.5.2)
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NewMotD  New this week!

Version: 1.0.0
by: Dridzt [More]

Increases visibility of the Guild Message of the Day dragging it kicking and screaming out of all the loading chat spam.

It offers options for

  • A configurable delay show
  • Auto-hides after a configurable timeout
  • Can wait for combat to end before showing up
  • Can be set to only show if GuildMOTD has changed since last seen or always
  • Will not block mouse interaction with he world and can be as transparent as you want it
  • Can show it on demand from the minimap/LDB button, if you have permissions to edit the GuildMOTD you can also do that directly from there

You can always dismiss it quickly before the timeout ends by simply swiping the mouse across the guild banner at the top

- let transparency be set to 0, make it only affect the artwork while keeping the text visible.
- fix some clipping at the guild logo, small cosmetic changes to labels and fonts.

- add rudimentary command-line options (show,set,options)
- add project ids for wowi / curseforge
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