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Shadowlands patch (9.0.5)
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Valaran's UI

Version: 1.2
by: Valaran [More]

Valaran's UI is a minimalistic, colorful addon package intended for use by DPS classes, with several mage-specific upgrades.

If you have any issues/questions/comments please feel free to leave them in my Discord at: https://discord.com/invite/6At7PR5

AstralKeys - Utilities for tracking M+ keys - by Astral
Auctionator - Utility for Auction House Scanning/ Selling - by Borjamacare, plusmouse
BeQuiet - Blocks NPC chatter popups - by Xorag
BigWigs/LittleWigs - Raid/Dungeons Boss Mods - by Funkydude, Nebula, Elvador, Justwait
Decursive - easy dispels - by John Wellesz
Details - Damage Meter
Dominos - Action bars replacement - by Tuller
Exorsus Raid Tools - by ykiigor
GTFO - bad stuff warnings - by Zensunim
HandyNotes - Improved tracking of world events - by Xinhuan
LoggerHeadLite - always turns on combatlogging when entering an instance - by Neb
Minimap Button Frame - Cosmetic for minimap - by Bachlott
OmniCC - Cooldown counter on actionbars - by Tuller
Overachiever - multiple utilities for achievement-hunters - by Tuhjin
Prat - Chat window upgrade - by Sylvanaar
Quartz - Castbar replacement - by Nevcairiel, Nymbia
SellJunk - auto-sells all grey items in your inventory - by CrazyBenny
Shadowed Unit Frames - Unitframes/Raidframes replacement - by Shadowed
Simulationcraft - Enables export of character data to simulationcraft/Raidbots - by Theck, navv_ and Seriallos
TellMeWhen - Cooldown tracking - by Cybeloras
Tidyplates Threatplates - Healthbars replacement - by Suicidal Katt, Blacksalsify
TomCat's Tours - Achievement tools - by TomCat
TomTom - Quest GPS Arrow - by Cladhaire, Ludovicus
VenturePlan - Shadowlands Mission Table overhaul - by foxlit
WeakAuras - literally anything you want it to do - by The WeakAuras Team
World Quest Tracker - improved tools for tracking/joining group-based World Quests

1.0 Initial Upload
1.1 Scrubbed account information, added steps to rename account/server
1.2 Added full addons list in description
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