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HandyNotes: Shadowlands  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v57
by: Zarillion [More]

A HandyNotes plugin for the Shadowlands expansion. It will add the locations and rewards for rare mobs, battle pets, treasures and other miscellaneous points of interest to the map.

See HandyNotes: Shadowlands on CurseForge for more info.

# v57

* Added a change to prevent WorldMapPinMixin taint.

# v56

* Fixed an error where EJ_GetTierInfo was called too early in the load process.
* Updated TOC for 10.1.0

# v55

* Added improvements from the Dragonflight plugin.
* Updated TOC for 10.0.7

# v54

* Added recipe tracking support!
* Fixed the ID of the Lost Soul pet.
* Updated some tooltips to match style in DF plugin.
* Use a new method for getting NPC names from tooltips (thanks Voopie!)

# v53

* Added Shadowlands Safari nodes.

# v52

* Added improvements from the Dragonflight plugin.
* Updated TOC for 10.0.5

# v51

* Added a new "Add group to TomTom" menu option.
* Added LibUIDropDownMenu to try and combat UI taint reports.
* Fixed a bug preventing the settings from opening with a maximized world map.
* Removed Dragonflight pre-patch rewards.

# v50

* Fix tooltip rendering for Storm pre-patch events.

# v49

* Added Dragonflight pre-patch reward info.
* TomTom waypoints created by this plugin will now include the plugin name.
* Updated TOC for 10.0.2

# v48

* Added covenant assault rewards in the Maw.
* Added critter locations for the To All the Squirrels I've Loved and Lost achievement.
* Added crypt locations for the Crypt Kicker achievement.
* Added disguise locations for the Crypt Couture achievement.
* Added missing soulshapes for patch 9.0 zones.
* Added the Stored Wisdom Device toy.
* Added Torghast rewards for all wings.
* Added wildlife locations for the Wild Hunting achievement.
* Added wildseed spirit rewards in the Queen's Conservatory.
* Compatibility updates for Dragonflight.
* Updated TOC for 10.0.0

# v47

* Added coreless automa locations for the Apocopocolypse Now! achievment (thanks wyldclaw!)
* Added Mawsworn Blackguard locations for the Who Sent You? achievement (thanks wyldclaw!)
* Added multiple Pocopoc component rewards obtained from treasures.
* Added the Olea Manu vendor NPC in Zereth Mortis (thanks wyldclaw!)
* Fixed the `C_TransmogCollection.GetAppearanceSources()` error in the new patch.
* Multiple updates to notes and translations.
* Updated TOC for 9.2.5

# v46

* Added rewards from hidden chambers unlocked after chapter 6 of the campaign:
* Requisites Originator in the Repertory Alcove.
* Sand piles for the "Sand, Sand Everywhere!" achievement in the Dormant Alcove.
* Schematic: Omnipotential Core and Rondure Cache in the Rondure Alcove.
* Schematic: Unsuccessful Prototype Fleetpod in the Camber Alcove.
* Torn Ethereal Drape in the Fulgor Alcove.
* Moved Mawsworn Supply Caches to their own group and added missing spawn locations (good luck on the mount!).
* Added Shrouded Supply Cache locations.
* Added Soulshape forms found in Zereth Mortis.
* New translations and updated drops for existing nodes.
* Updated the Echoed Jiro node colors to match their buff colors.
* Added the Curious Crystalsniffer, Ineffable Skitterer and Mawdapted Raptora schematics.
* Removed the Pale Regal Cervid schematic (not an actual item on live).
* Added some initial Korean (koKR) translations (thanks soaa!)

# v45

* Added a POI indicating the cave entrance for Otaris.
* Added more missing schematics: Serenade, Stabilized Geomental, Violent Poultrid
* Added notes for the rares that are not active every day.
* Improved the consistency of item name lookups in tooltips.
* Updated weapon drops for the Dune Dominance rare elites.

# v44

* Added rare proto-material locations for the Traversing the Spheres achievement.
* Added rep gain information to the Dune Dominance tooltip.
* Added rune locations for activated the Protector of the First Ones.
* Added some missing rare rewards.
* Added spawn locations and note for the Dominated Irregular NPC.
* Added the full path for the Misaligned Enforcer NPC.
* Added the Provis Cache as a lootable treasure with instructions.
* Concordances will now disappear from the map as you unlock their lore entries.
* Fixed an incorrect reward item for the Bushel of Progenitor Produce treasure.
* Protoform Schematics for mounts and pets now use different icons.
* The addon will now refresh immediately after dropping combat.

# v43

* Added a missing reward for Iska, Outrider of Ruin.
* Improved general performance of node completion/enabled logic.

# v42

* Fixed performance issues while opening/closing the world map and in combat.
* Updated the Akkaris quest ID (changed by Blizzard to no longer share a quest ID with Shifting Stargorger).

# v41

* Added a missing quest ID for the Domination Cache treasure.
* Added a note and POIs for the syntactic vault treasure.
* Added all missing Cypher of the First Ones (puzzle cache) quest IDs.
* Added information and positions for the Mistaken Ovoid treasure.
* Continued translation updates from our tireless translators.
* Fixed the note for the Crushed Crate treasure to indicate the correct position of the hammer.
* Moved Orixal to his new location on live and gave him a note.
* Updated reward drops for all rares in Zereth Mortis.

# v40

* Added rares, treasures, and other collectibles for the Zereth Mortis zone.
* Added ability to render full item/spell tooltips within a nodes regular tooltip.
* Updated [Krowi_WorldMapButtons]( to fix a UI taint issue.
* Removed Korthia portal location that never appeared on live.
* Update TOC for 9.2.0

# v39

* Added completion tracking for the Fashion Abomination achievement.
* Added new riftstone locations in the Maw.
* Fixed quest IDs and updated the note for Korthia relic caches.
* Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an error with rotate minimap enabled.
* Fixed Sly, Infused Netherwyrm and Lil' Abom to no longer appear once collected.
* Updated the Mastercraft Gravewing to use the proper mount ID.
* Update TOC for 9.1.5.

# v38

* Added a couple missing Anima Vessel locations.
* Added a node to track tormentor rewards in the Maw.
* Added a note for Tahonta (sorry Necrolords who were killing it without Neena out!).
* Added a number of missing transmog drops in Korthia.
* Added broken mirror locations for Venthyr players.
* Korthian shrines now appear on alts that can collect them.
* Improved the tracking of transmog rewards. Appearances known from other items are now recognized.
* Transmogs for other classes are now hidden by default. The "Show unobtainable transmog" option has been added to restore the previous functionality.

# v37

* Added 5th Ve'rayn POI in the southern vault area.
* Added exact path to run when spawning Malbog.
* Added new dredbat locations in Revendreth.
* Added new transmog drop to Dustbrawl.
* Added quest ids for the Night Fae assault anima vessels.
* Fixed Yorik quest id, which changed in some recent update.
* Removed Shaded Judgment Stone drop from Deadsoul Hatcher.

# v36

* Added anima vessel locations for the Necrolord and Kyrian assaults.
* Added Helgarde Supply Cache locations inside the Desmotaeron area.
* Added Legend of the Animaswell reward to covenant-specific rares in Korthia.
* Added numerous missing (new) rewards to 9.0 rares in the Maw.
* Added POIs for all four possible Ve'rayn spawn locations.
* Added possible spawn locations for Zovaal's Vault in the rift.
* Added Sly Fox node and instructions for the Kyrian assault.
* Cleaned up Mawsworn Cache locations for the Necrolord Assault.
* Cleaned up the [Hand of Nilganihmaht]( nodes.
* Cleaned up the Lil'Abom treasure nodes; now displayed as one node with POIs.
* Collapsed the "Maw Lore" group into the "Treasures" group in the Maw.
* Removed Korthite Crystal and Relic Fragment drops from all nodes. The crystals drop from basically all treasures and any node that grants research items now says (+Research) in the top-right corner of the tooltip.
* Removed note about raid groups for Darkmaul and Razorwing due to Blizzard hotfix.
* Removed the "Hand of Nilganihmaht" category, these are now displayed in the "Miscellaneous" group like other mounts.

# v35

* Added new Riftbound Cache locations.
* Added Stolen Anima Vessel locations for the rift, Night Fae and Venthyr assaults.
* Added/updated notes for multiple rares.
* Added some missing transmog rewards.
* Updated Rift Hidden Caches to only display during the Night Fae assault in the rift.

# v34

* Added better indicators and notes for rift rares.
* Added tracking for the Darkmaul and Dusklight Razorwing mounts.
* Added new transmog drops discovered from wowhead.

# v33

* Fixed missing covenant icons on tooltips (broken in v32).

# v32

* Added locations for Rift Hidden Caches in the Maw (rift phase).
* Added locations for Rift Portals in Korthia.
* Added locations for Riftbound Caches in Korthia (rift phase).
* Added missing locations of Invasive Mawshrooms and Mawsworn Caches.
* Added progress tracking for Maelie the Wanderer.
* Numerous updates to notes and translations.
* Rares displaced by the Night Fae assault are now hidden during the assault.
* Rares, caches and relics in the Rift phase now only appear while in the rift.
* Relic locations in Korthia now appear immediately after turning in [What Must Be Found](
* The four relics that require keys purchased at tier 2 reputation now display the correct key requirements.
* Updated Stygia Nexus locations.
* While in the rift (Korthia & Maw), outside nodes are now removed from the map.

# v31

* Added rares, treasures and mount locations for the new Korthia zone!
* Added a new chaotic rift location atop the Altar of Domination.
* Added info for collecting the [Hand of Nilganihmaht]( mount.
* Added new rares and treasures associated with covenant maw assaults.
* Improved Stygia Nexus locations and added notes.
* Reduced memory usage of map nodes created by the plugin.
* The Larion Pouncer pet is now marked as Kyrian-only.
* The world map button now cooperates with other addons via the [Krowi_WorldMapButtons]( library.
* Update TOC for 9.1.0.

# v30

* Added Larion Pouncer pet drop from Orstus and Sotiros.
* Added Sharpclaw pet drop from Sanngror.
* Added Stygian Nexus nodes to the Maw (thanks [ChrisKader](!)
* Added tooltip rendering fix for Vignette chests (thanks [Wevah](!)

# v29

* Added new Broker Traversal Enhancer reward to Ven'ari.
* Added some Crypt Couture rewards to Kash and Zargox.
* Fixed reward displays on vignette tooltips (chests and hunts).
* Moved the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities icon to the left slightly to avoid the daily icon.

# v28

* Added mask drops for Hunter Vivanna.
* Added missing cosmetic for Nirvaska.
* Added missing pet (Bound Lightspawn) to Amalgamation of Light.
* Added missing rewards for many vignette treasure icons.
* Added missing shield transmog for Orstus and Sotiros.
* Added missing wand drop for Burnblister.
* Added notes for Adrastia, Gormbore and Ravenomous.
* Added quest id and note for Reekmonger.
* Added quest id for Sundancer.
* Moved Shadehound mount to the Hunt vignette icon.

# v27

* Added an icon for the three shards in Spires to the Bastion map.
* Added an option to hide the world map button.
* Added locations for the temple hymns in Bastion.
* Added lootable maw lore locations in the Maw.
* Added missing Star Lake Amphitheater rewards.
* Added remaining grapple points and stygian cache locations.
* Added remaining Ve'nari upgrades to her tooltip.
* Added reward filters for mounts, pets, toys and transmogs.
* Added the 'Hide rares if all rewards known' option to the world map dropdown.
* Fixed the quest id for Krala in the Maw.
* Inquisitor locations are no longer hidden on achievement credit.
* Removed the Tollkeeper Varaboss quest reward that never truly completes.
* Updated the Sorrowbane instructions to use the Theater of Pain teleport scroll.

# v26

* Added beastwarrens path to the Animaflow Teleporter node.
* Added missing quest item drops for Shadeweaver and Exos.
* Added quest ids for Ambivalent and Cordial Ve'nari upgrades.
* Added reputation gains for maw rares and minibosses to the tooltips (thanks Kred88!)
* Added the Gorged Shadehound to the map (Hunt: Shadehounds required).
* Changed Blanchy and Loyal Gorger nodes to be hidden on alts after they are earned.
* Fixed a bug with some achievements rendering incorrectly.
* Fixed the displayed path for Yero (different from beta).

# v25

* Added a 'Zone-Specific settings' option to change display settings per-zone.
* Added a node for the Animaflow Teleporter.
* Added better covenant icons.
* Added grapple locations for the Maw.
* Added lots of (mostly 1H axe) transmogs from Maldraxxus rares.
* Added missing bow transmog from the Mystic Rainbowhorn.
* Added missing cosmetic cloak / quest reward from Oily Invertebrate.
* Added missing Macabre spawn location.
* Added missing pet reward for Swelling Tear rares.
* Added missing pet reward from Eternas the Tormentor.
* Added missing toy and note for Enforcer Aegeon.
* Added missing transmog rewards to Demi the Relic Hoarder.
* Added more spawn locations for Chapter 7 of Mercia's Legacy.
* Added quest id for the Bangle of Seniority upgrade.
* Added Stygian Cache locations for the Maw.
* Cleaned up Inquisitor, Ritualist and Fugitive Soul displays in Revendreth.
* Cleaned up the Mixed Pool of Monstrosities tooltip.
* Fixed bullet-point character display for zhCN fonts.
* Fixed spawn locations for Shadeweaver and Dolos.
* Removed a beta-only maw event that has not spawned on retail.
* Removed the beta summoning criteria for Harika.
* Split Ve'nari upgrades into Maw / Torghast sections.
* Lots of localization updates!

# v24

* Added POIs for the Great Horn of the Runestag (focus the Rainbowhorn by left-clicking).
* Added exact routes for the Mystic Rainbowhorn (like he's going to live that long on retail!)
* Fixed Zargox quest id and updated note with Bone Mass spawn trigger.
* Fixed the backwards Tauralus for Tahonta and Sabriel.
* Fixed the quest id for the Misplaced Supplies treasure.
* Display Ve'nari upgrades as individual items (quest ids for higher upgrades to be added later).
* Removed "Night Fae required" note for the Night Mare mount.
* Localization updates!

# v23

* Added lost book locations for the [Fractured Faerie Tales]( achievement.
* Added futigive soul locations for the [Absolution for All]( achievement.
* Added mount and note to the Theater of Pain tooltip.
* Added pet and toy rewards to the vignette tooltips for Covenant Calling chests (the big ones on the world map).
* Added missing quest id for Macabre.
* Added a note for spawning the Drifting Sorrow bonus boss in the Maw.
* Added a missing maw lore reward for Dath Rezara.
* Added remaining maw set items to Apholeias and Exos.
* Added some API improvements to help items and spells render in tooltips more reliably.
* Fixed one of the Dredbat Statue locations for the Bat! achievement.
* The Cache of Eyes treasure in Maldraxxus will now disappear once the pet is learned.

# v22

* Added many new rewards discovered by players since launch!
* Added missing quest ids for Ikras and Bog Beast.
* Added Macabre rare locations now that players have discovered how to summon him!
* Fixed incorrect quest id for Razkazzar and incorrect POI/note for Agonix.
* Rewards that only drop for a specific covenant now display that covenant's icon.
* Localization updates for frFR, ruRU and zhTW.

# v21

* Fixed error on tooltip renderer for unresolved items.

# v20

* Bumped UI version to 90002.
* Removed Icecrown prepatch minibosses.
* Localization updates for esES, ruRU and zhTW.

# v19

* Updated Icecrown minibosses with new 10 minute spawn rate (thanks rombarcz!)
* Added the two missing Dredbat statues.
* Added a missing Castle Sinrunner location.
* Added quest ID for The Count treasure / pet.
* Added tribute locations for the [Count Your Blessings]( achievement.
* Added vesper locations for the [Rallying Cry of the Ascended]( achievement.
* Added a proper texture for the head of POI arrows.
* Removed the POI refresh rate option in favor of a much faster refresh method.

# v18

* Added Ve'nari to the map to track Maw and Torghast upgrades.
* Added Family Exorcist achievements to the pet trainer tooltips.
* Added Castle Sinrunner routes for the What We Ride in the Shadows achievement.
* Added Dredbat Statue routes for the Bat! achievement.
* Added inquisitor locations for the Its Always Sinny in Revendreth achievement.
* Added minimap POI refresh rate option to use when 'Rotate Minimap' is enabled.
* Added more localization updates.

# v17

* Fixed prepatch miniboss drop tables based on Wowhead data.
* Fixed miniboss glows appearing for already-spawned bosses.

# v16

* Ignore old/stale saved spawn times for prepatch mini bosses.

# v15

* Another fix for vignette tracking.

# v14

* Removed covenant transport networks (Blizzard now displays these).
* Fixed a bug in the vignette scanning code: `(string expected, got nil)`
* Mini-boss spawn timers are now saved between reloads.
* The next boss to spawn is now highlighted.
* Added frFR translations for the prepatch stuff (thanks Galiwyx!)

# v13

* Fixed the positioning of a couple prepatch bosses.
* Added spawn times to the prepatch boss tooltips (populated after seeing a boss appear).
* Added Blue Proto-Drake drop for Skadi.

# v12

* Display upgrade requirement for Chaotic Riftstones.
* Added an option to show character achievement progress instead of account progress.
* Added an option to enlarge all icons by 30% when the world map is maximized.
* Added quick-toggle option to open settings panel.
* Added button in map settings to open corresponding world map.
* Added descriptions and icons to the quick-toggle menu groups.
* Improved tooltip formatting for quests, daily quests, world quests and achievements.
* Numerous cleans and bugfixes to the core plugin code.
* Localization updates for deDE, esES, ruRU and zhCN.

## Prepatch Event

* Do not remove prepatch bosses after kills (they are continuously lootable).
* Highlight the full spawn path of the prepatch bosses on hover.

# v11

* Fixed "Hide rare, if all loot known" option.
* Set interface version to 90001 until SL launch.

# v10

* Fix criteria errors on retail (mostly in Bastion).

# v9

* Updated translations for prepatch event.

# v8

* POI and path colors can now be customized (thanks Dathwada!).
* Added new achievement criterias for Revendreth treasures.
* Added prepatch event rares and rewards (based on adrianganjiang's work).

# v7

* Fixed intro node for the Maw.

# v6

* Removed all achievement criteria removed in today's patch.
* Removed some sub-maps that were not meant to appear in the setting panel.
* Added frFR translation (thanks Lightuky!)

# v5

* Added covenant transport networks.
* Added final Lost Anima Shard location.
* Added notes for rares with anima channeling requirements.
* Added info/loot to numerous rares and treasures.
* Added highlight and focus glows for *all* icons.
* Requirement text will now turn white once met (item, spell, etc).
* Added a workaround for the [MINIMAP_UPDATE_ZOOM bug](
* Added zhCN translation (thanks Adavak!)

# v4

* Added rares, bonus bosses and bonus events to the Maw.
* Added Chaotic Riftstone locations to the Maw.
* Added Sinrunner Blanchy and Loyal Gorger nodes.
* Many new rares, treasures and rewards added to existing zones.
* Collected Lost Anima Shards are now automatically removed from the map.
* Added a quick toggle menu for nodes to the world map.
* Revamps settings panels under *Interface > Addons > HandyNotes*.

# v3

* Added five more Lost Anima Crystal locations. One more to go!

# v2

* Added remaining discovered Lost Anima Crystals.

# v1

* Added rares & treasures for all zones.
* Added Revendreth carriages with paths.
* Added Maldraxxus cats and mixed pool.
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