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Classic Patch (1.13.4)
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myReputation Classic

by: HonorGoG [More]


Displays more information about reputation in the reputation frame and also displays an on-going count for additional completions for the next level of reputation.


  • Displays more information for each reputation within the reputation frame.
  • Shows the number of completions for the next reputation level.
  • Session reputation display in the reputation frame.


To open the settings, type "/myrep" or "/myreputation".

Bug Reports

Just post a comment on this site as we'll be monitoring it.


This was originally authored by Egris & Karmond for WoW before patch 1.6. After patch 1.6, updates were extremely rare therefore LeisureLarry decided to make a fork INDEPENDENT of Cosmos or any other addons. All credits should go to the original authors.

Why It's Needed

Blizzard shows numeric values which is an improvement but only the gained numeric value for the main faction is shown. This shows splash reputation for all factions involved.

The biggest benefit of this reputation addon is that it will display the amount of reputation (in number form) you have left until you hit the next reputation level as well as the number of repetitions required to reach it. The Blizzard Default UI does NOT do this.

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