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Classic Patch (1.13.5)
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Portal Mage Classic

Version: 1.4-classic
by: Vampyr78 [More]

This has started as a set of macros that would have portal on left click and teleport on right click but I've run out of action bar and macro slots. So I've made an addon for that.

This simple addon adds small portal/teleport bar for your mage. Since there are plenty of them in the game you can choose what portal/teleports you want on that bar via configuration menu inside Interface settings. Each button will cast portal for specific location when you left click on it or teleport if you right click on it. To move it go to the Addon settings in Interface settings panel and toggle Set Movable, the bar should be tinted green and you can move. When you're done toggle off this option to lock it in place.

By defeault it only displays spells to teleport around the old world so be sure to go to settings if you want more or less. If you don't know particular spell yet then it wont appear on this bar.

Whenever you learn new portal spell you might experience slight delay for addon to add the spells on your bars.

If you use addons like Bartender or Dominos you might not want to use bars 9 and 10 since there is only 120 action slots to use and those spells had to go somewhere and I've chosen the last slots on the list for that.

You can change the look of the buttons using Masque addon. This is a classic version of this addon.

Changed the way how you move the bar
Changed how are portal spells added so they are independant of the language version

Classic version
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