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WoW Classic (1.13.2)
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BastionEPGP  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: 1.0.3
by: Dridzt [More]

# BastionEPGP
Guild Helper addon for EPGP loot system in World of Warcraft Classic (1.13.2)

## setup
BastionEPGP requires some modifications to guild permissions for officer notes by the guild leader.

### Version 1.x (current)
- officer notes must be set to visible by all and editable **only** by the EPGP admins (eg. officer rank+)
- public notes are not in use by the addon

## tips
Create a new chatframe (right-click > create new window on chat tab) and name it `debug` (capitalization doesn't matter)
Most of the information messages will now print on that frame and not clutter your default chatframe.

## usage
### [**Help and Manual for Admins and Members.**]
Right-click on minimap or LDB BastionEPGP icon will show all available actions.
Left-click shows the standings window with everyone's EP, GP and PR values.
The standings window can also be toggled with **/bepgp show** chat command.

## features
- EPGP standings list (all)
- Simple chatlink click to bid on items (all)
- Item Bids list (admin/ML)
- Item GP prices on item tooltips (all)
- Export standings to csv (all)
- Configurable EPGP Decay (admin)
- Configurable Offspec discount (admin)
- Guild Progression multiplier (admin)
- Reserves - *standby list EP* - with alts support (admin and all)

Addon has been designed so that basic member functionality is usable even without it.
- `/w masterlooter +` (for main spec) or `/w masterlooter -` (for off spec) after the loot officer links a piece of loot and asks for bids in raid chat.
- Type `/x +` (where x is the number of the custom channel) or `/x +MainName` if on an alt to respond to a standby list afk check.
Having the addon makes everything more convenient, but is not mandatory.

- Inventorian support for bid calls (alt-click BoE)
- toc update for 1.13.3

- minor fix to tooltip "off" option

- make bids and standby frames draggable by their label
- change implementation of bidcall hooks for lootframe, masterloot and bags
- fix various logic bugs with standby (still largely untested)

- allow masterlooter ot set unclaimed loot to bank/de manually from loot log
- add wowi and curse id to .toc
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