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Classic Healing Assignments

Version: 2.0.5
by: Mimma [More]

- for Classic Era/SOM, The Burning Crusade Classic, Retail ... and hopefully soon WotLK.

1. What is Classic Healing Assignments?
Classic Healing Assignments (CHA) let you assign Healers in a raid to Tanks or Raid markers, and post the assignments in the Raid channel, or a custom healer channel if you like.

1.1. How do I use it?
Quick tour - TL;DR:
- Open the CHA user interface by clicking on the green PLUS icon. This brings up the main interface.

You must first select a Template, so click a template to the*left side, or add a new one using the "Add template" button.
Now you can add Tanks (or tank markers) via the "Add target" button.

And finally you can add healers to those tanks / tank markers by click the "+" button next to each target.
You can click "Texts" to select which channel announcements should be posted in, and configure the texts if you like.

Now you are ready to post your assignments:

  • CTRL + Rightclick on the green PLUS button to see your announcements locally (you can check your setup now)
  • CTRL + Leftclick on the green PLUS button will post the announcements into the selected channel.

2. How to use the Addon
The addon is mainly controlled using the CHA button - the green plus in the middle of the screen.
  • Left/right-click the button to open the configuration screen.
  • CTRL + Rightclick to post announcements locally. Used to check announcements before "going live".
  • CTRL + Leftclick to post announcements in the configured chat channel.
  • SHIFT + Drag to move the button anywhere on your screen.

2.1 Templates
A Template is one healer setup configuration (i.e. one boss fight). You an add, modify, rename or delete templates in the list.

Currently the maximum number of templates is dictated by the UI (15).

2.1.1 Tanks
Tanks - or tank targets - can be added to a template. When you switch template, you can add another set of tanks to that template. You can move, rename or delete the tanks by rightclicking and opening the options menu.

Note: Raid icons can be renamed, but in the final announcements they will be replaced by*their icon.*All other renamed targets will appear with the name you chose to give them.

2.1.2 Healers
You add healers to a tank by clicking the "+" button next to the tank. Each tank can have up to 8 healers assigned. You can move, rename or remove healers using the rightclick-options.

Note: Any target can only be assigned once on the same template, so you cannot assign a tank, which is also a healer.

2.2 Tank and Healer configuration
Tanks and Healers can be configured using the [Tanks] and [Healers] buttons.
Here you can configure what type of targets are eligible for tanking / healing, including raid symbols, directions or even your own custom labels.

The configuration is stored per template, so you can have a "AQ40 Twins" template including Warlock tanks for example.

2.3 Text configuration
The texts used for announcements can be configured when you click the [Texts] button.

Here you can also configure which channel will be used for output, and how player names will be rendered in the output. The last is used for connected realms, as used in Retail and Classic Era/SOM.

3. Miscellaneous

3.1 Version 2.x?
The original addon code did not work after patch 1.13.4 / 2.5.1, and required some heavy refactoring to make it work again.
Instead the addon has been rewritten almost from scratch. The UI is close to the original version, but in general there are added more love into maintaining existing templates: you can for example move a player up/down (previous/next tank) instead of first removing and then adding.

3.2 About CHA
This addon is a port of Vanilla Healing Assignments addon, originally made by Renew @

Version 2.0.5
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.15.2

Version 2.0.4
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.15.1

Version 2.0.3
* Bumped Wrath client version to 3.4.3
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.15.0

Version 2.0.2
* Bumped Wrath client version to 3.4.2
* Bumped Classic client version to 1.14.4

Version 2.0.1
* Added: Preliminary support for WotLK (untested, addons not enabled in PTR yet)
* Update: Wago ID in TOC updated.
* Bugfix: Empty tank targets gave LUA error when announced - fixed
* Bugfix: Opening config screen sometimes gave a LUA error - fixed

Version 2.0.0
* Added: Options for different name formats.

Version 2.0.0-beta2
* Bugfix: Renaming of Templates did not work.

Version 2.0.0-beta1
* Added: Responses to "!me" and "!repost" are now working.
* Added: Validation of output channel:
* /rw without promotion now converts to /r.
* /rw, /r in party now converts to /p.
* Added: French translations, thanks to Emboukkan <EU-Nethergarde Keep> for translating.
* Added: Support for Retail (although 99.9% untested since I don't play there)

Classic Healing Assignments 2.0.0-alpha3:
* Major refactoring:
- Removed Roles (Tank, Healer, Decurser): The overall role idea did not work out as expected.
Instead only Healing Assignments are supported (back to the roots I guess).
- Redesigned UI (since role buttons where now gone): more space in the overall UI

Classic Healing Assignments 2.0.0-alpha2:
* Added configurable texts per role.

Classic Healing Assignments 2.0.0-alpha1:
* Totally rewritten for Classic Era/SOM and TBC

Classic Healing Assignments 1.0.0:
* Updated for Classic 1.13.7

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.4:
* Updated for Classic 1.13.5

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.3:
* Updated for Classic 1.13.3

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.2:
* Fixed Healer counter (RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE removed from classic event API)
* Fixed !Heal not matching target correctly.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.1:
* Fixed CHA_GetPlayerName function

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.0:
* Fixed class colours and raid markers in dropdown boxes.
* Fixed Left / Right / Custom tanks
* Fixed (at least) one LUA error.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.1.2:
* Fixed LUA bug when using scroll wheel on option page.
* Fixed Leftside, Rightside, Custom not working.
* Fixed Warlock tank not working
* Fixed tanks and a few other entities having a checkbox in drop downs.
* Rewrote code for Raid marker icon and text.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.1.1:
* Fixed whispers: !heal and !repost works now.
* Fixed a LUA bug in Sync, although Sync itself is not working yet.
* Fixed some settings not being detected or used.
* Removed SlowPost mode, it is not needed in Classic.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.1.0:
* Initial release after porting from the 1.12 version. Expect bugs! :-)

The addon was originally named Vanilla Healing Assignments, and was created by Renew @
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A Murloc Raider
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Thanks for trying out the addon.
It looks like you were trying to use a non-existent template, but how you did it is a puzzle. I am unable to reproduce the errors you got, so I have not added a fix

If you still get errors in the 0.2.0 release, please post the error details (like you did before - it's great!), and if you can, also write what you did (i.e. do you have an active template? Did you add tanks? Does reloading the UI solve the problem)

Thanks alot for your report!
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Unread 11-12-19, 07:38 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Hey, i'd like to test the addon, but some buttons doesn't work and i'm gettint Lua errors with version 0.1.2

2x ...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1628: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1628: in function `SelectActiveTemplate'
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:620: in function <...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:617>
3x ...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1547: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1547: in function `OpenTemplateOptions'
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:602: in function <...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:602>
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