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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
BfA content patch (8.2.5)
Updated:05-25-20 12:05 PM
Created:10-30-19 07:45 AM

Super Status Tracking Bar

by: Billtopia [More]

This addon changes the double status bars to a single, larger status bar that will cycle through the 5 available bars depending on what you have set to display. It also adds more information to the bar and increases the text size as well.

There is also now a new Gather Bar that will trigger when you skill up a gathering profession like mining/herbalism/fishing and even archaeology.

If you earn multiple things at once you will end up on whatever blizzard reported last. It can also track multiple reputations at once so if you earn rep with multiple groups at one time it will cycle through them as well.

You can use the mousewheel to switch between available bars (except the gather bar as there is not enough info to generate the bar without opening up the tradeskill window and possibly causing lag by causing other trade addons (like skillet) to be loaded ) by scrolling when the mouse is over the bar

This addon works with Bartender 4's status bar and with Blizzard's bar. If no bars are shown when the addon inits (like when not enabled in Bartender 4) the addon will stop the init routine and give an error message. You can then set the bars to display and will have to '/reload' to have the addon run.

This addon will hand rep bar tracking over to Rep Helper if Rep Helper is set to change the tracked reputation bar. (unless you enable 'forceRepHandling' which should disable RepHelper's handling of the bar)

Any addon settings are set by /sstb which will open the new control panel plugin with lots of easy to use customization options.


Due to the way blizzard sends the event information for profession skill ups the gather bar may not trigger properly for non enUS users. The addon attempts to self localize from global strings so if there is a problem with some you can let me know.
* new control panle plugin
* custom bar resizing is now sticky when changing zones/sub-zones
* should be self localizing
* more options
* Added new Gather Bar
* started breaking up code so addon settings can be changed post initialize
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