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Yulu UI Classic

Version: 1.0
by: Aur0r4 [More]

I'm very proud to present you my personal user interface for Classic.
As you can see it is based on the old Caith UI from TBC-times.
I've used it with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 (27" display)
and its optimized for DPS and Tank Spec.

The installation guidelines are in the YuluUIClassic.zip

I use these addOns to modify my UI

UNITFRAMES: PitBull, Quartz, Kui_Nameplates
BUTTONS: Dominos, OmniCC
BUFFS: Raven
CHAT: Prat
MAP: EKMinimap
MISC: DiscordArt, Masque, aBag, Peddler, TipTac

Thanks a lot to Caith, since the first time I've used your UI I wanted to create an UI by myself someday. Also thanks to the addOn authors out there, you guys are awesome! And of course thanks to Janede for helping me out with Lua <3

v1.0 - [Fury]
- initial release
- its based on an older version of the original Caith UI from 2008
- some things are still "in progress"!
- RaidFrames for RaidGroup 7&8 not ready yet
- PetBar not tested
- missing dmgmeter
- missing bossmod
- feel free to add missing tools by yourself
- I will try to update and maintain this compilation as often as possible
- thanks to Caith for this awesome inteface that you share with us in `good old` TBC times :)
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