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TradeDispenser Classic

Version: 1.14
by: Pretzellent [More]

tradeDispenser Classic

tDC is a reboot of the original tradeDispenser, originally made for Vanilla and Burning Crusade by Kaboom, and taken over and reworked by myself for use in Classic. It is an automatic trader. Its primary use case is for raid leaders and mages for distributing items to the raid group. The conditions for who gets items can be customised, based on class, level, guild member or more.

Please contact me on the GitHub repo: https://github.com/Pretzellent/tradeDispenser-classic
Or on the server Remulos (OCE) under Pretzellent.


  • Once tDC is activated, it will instantly trade, placing the configured items into the tradewindow and will show you an HUGE accept button you cant miss.
  • An auto-broadcast can be used to remind your raid to trade on long raids.
  • The broadcast timer can be configured like every other function in tradeDispenser and you can write up to 8 random-messages for spamming the channel you setup.
  • ItemLinks in Broadcast-Messages can be added like you add Items to your chat-channels (Shift+Click)
  • The config-center is cut into 3 parts (TradeProfiles, TradeControl, Settings) and is very easy to use. jJst open the config-center via slash-command (/td config) or On Screen Display (OSD).
  • The OSD is a convenient, small frame which can be placed wherever you like. (it could be rotated by 90).
  • The OSD has 3 buttons with 6 shortcuts (L and R click) to all functions you normally need.
  • You can also place a price for the items, so that you may sell them.
  • If you're running out of items you will trade your last (may incomplete) stack - tDC will announce automatically 'no items left, dont trade me again' (or something similar) and disable itself.
  • You can configure all options separated by your character! so it's possible to turn off all frames and functions on your priest or rogue without losing the functions on your mage.

Profile Management
You can set trade profiles depending on the players' class. They can be sorted in 3 groups (sorted in order of priority)
  • All Classes
  • Class X (e.g. Warrior)
  • Type Y (e.g. Melee)

These 3 groups are ADDITIVE. if a warlock's gonna trade you, he'll get the stuff you placed in all 3 groups (e.g. All Classes + Warlock + mana-user).

Healers (druids, priests, pala/sham) wont get items of the 'mana-user'-group - they've got an own group: 'healer'.

You can set up to 3 sets of trading-profiles
example: you can use 'rack 1' to trade a LOT of water (preparation for long raids), 'rack 2' to trade only a small amount of water (eg onyxia or in the middle of raids) and 'rack 3' to trade some pots. (FR, NR, mana, mungo, ...)
All you have to do is to activate the rack you want!

Slash Commands
type /tD or /tradeDispenser to get a list of all possible commands.

- Fix sliders not Obeying step on drag.
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