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WoW Addon Manager

Version: 0.2
by: Lund259 [More]

What is WoW Addon Manager?

I've created (and are still developing) WoW Addon Manager, which is an application that makes it easier to manage your addons. I created this application just for the fun in programming it, and i have no idea if this application will be useful to anyone, but as i have found it very useful while using it myself, i am now releasing it for everyone to use and contribute to.

What the application currently does:

The application is compatible with all versions of World of Warcraft.

  • Displays list of all installed addons with Title, Author, WoW version it was developed for, Website and description
    • The list can be sorted by clicking on the Column you want to sort it by.
    • You can also drag and drop the columns around if you don't like the default layout.
    • You can search and filter the list by typing in the search box. The list will update as you type.
  • Install Addons by selecting or dragging and dropping one or more .zip files or folders.
    • The application will automatically extract, move and rename all the folders/zips accordingly.
    • You can select as many .zip files as you want and the application will take care of all the installations
    • You can also drag and drop .zip files or folders containing addons into the "Addons tab" to automatically install all of them.
  • Uninstall Addons by selecting one or multiple addons from the list and clicking the "Uninstall Addons" button.
    • To select more than one addon you can: Drag the mouse, use CTRL + mouseclick or Shift.
  • Change your WoW installation folder at any time in the Settings menu.
    • When you change your installation folder the Addons list will automatically update.
    • I plan to implement the ability to have multiple WoW installations at a time and easily switch between them.
  • The menu is accessible by clicking on the "hamburger button" in the top left corner.
  • The application will display a quick notification if newer releases are available on Github.
  • The What's New? tab displays information about the changes in the latest versions.

If you have any suggestions, questions or bugs to report, please post here or on Github. And if you want to review the code or contribute on github that would be awesome as well!


I hope someone somewhere will find this application useful Thanks for reading.

What's new in V0.2?
  • Drag and drop to install
    • Drag and drop one or multiple zip files or folders into the Addons tab to automatically install everything
  • Ability to select or drag and drop multiple files at once for installation
  • Ability so install folders directly (not just zip files)
    • To install addons directly from a folder drag and drop the folder or folders into the Addons tab
  • Added the What's new tab
    • Will make it easier for users to know what new features have been implemented
    • Displays the currently installed addon version and the changelog from github
  • Added App icons, button icons and menu icons


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Unread 08-12-19, 12:19 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally Posted by Alverad07
Great. Seems to work like a charm. Any chance of it being able to work both for classic and retail? Atm, there is only the option for one.
I'm glad you enjoy it! Right now you can change the addon folder in the settings tab, and it will automatically update the addons tab.

I have a feature planned, where you can add as many wow installations as you like, and you would be able to easily switch between them with 1 click. Then you can manage your addons for as many wow installations as you would like, without browsing to the installation folders all the time. I am currently working on this feature, and though i can't promise a release date, i think it will be ready soon.
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Unread 08-12-19, 06:50 AM  
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Great. Seems to work like a charm. Any chance of it being able to work both for classic and retail? Atm, there is only the option for one.
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