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BetterAlign  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.0.0
by: Ike_eu [More]

BetterAlign is an improved version of the all-time favorite "Align".

While Align is pretty handy when you're placing your frames in a very precise manner, I've always found it difficult to use when trying to do so in a more fine-grained way while using a high grid resolution. Additionally, I've always found it unnecessarily clunky the way you have to disable and re-enable the grid, in order to change its size.
To help with all these issues, I've not only added a GUI, making it easier to work with different grid sizes, but implemented the ability to add what I very creatively call "Helper Bars". These are symmetrically mirrored lines (they come always in pairs of 2) that you can drag across your screen both horizontally and vertically. Combined this allows you to very easily sketch out where you want to place your UI elements.

Make sure to watch this showcase:

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Just wanted to say thank you for this. Very intuitive and much more useful than the standard grid.
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