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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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Thebestroll UI 8.3.0

Version: 8.3.0
by: dwarfomlet [More]

All classes update!
HOW TO step by step *i am very sorry for my english, i hope you will understand :P

configured in 1920x1080 I don't know if it works in other resolutions
u can try and talk to me if u need help with moving all these things to fit your resolution

1. Open WoW/_retail_/ and make a backup of your WTF and Interface folders and delete them from wow folder
2. Unzip my UI pack and change names of Account Number/Server Name/Character Name that are in WTF folder to yours, from your fresh-backuped WTF
3. Paste my WTF and Interface to your WoW/_retail_/ (its important, u must change all these folder names before copying)
4. Run WoW and start with char which have been chosen in "character name" folder, then u can go on any characters and repeat step 5.

5. Type /reflux switch ...
pick your class and your settings (check in screenshots)
*u can switch any time in game, just step 5

/reflux switch pala1-12 || /reflux switch pala7 for example
/reflux switch monk1-12
/reflux switch warrior1-12
/reflux switch mage1-12
/reflux switch hunt1-12
/reflux switch priest1-12
/reflux switch rog1-12
/reflux switch dh1-12
/reflux switch dk1-12
/reflux switch shaman1-12
/reflux switch dudu1-12
/reflux switch lock1-12

6. Press alt+f4, fontain addon requires client reload to work
7. Run WoW and enjoy.

*this ui pack incluces my key bindings file, many default options like enemy plates on/off (numpad 4 1 0), character window (numpad 7) or open backpack (numpad 9) has been changed
pls check key bindings menu - Esc>Key Bindings

*backup profiles priest9b, rog4b, dk6b etc.
if u mess something on pala6 and want to restore it type /reflux switch pala6b and then /reflux snapshot pala6, it will copy pala6b settings to pala6 profile

*chat is not loading properly, u will need to change size, background alpha to 0% and move it to the corner
all by right clicking chat tab menu

*I suggest you to copy your own macros file
X:\World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\Account\#00000000

*this is minimalistic UI, the only visible icon at minimap is LFR que, everything else is stacked in right-down corner and hidden behind action bars

*this UI have some minor bugs
-don't move skill bar 1 or it will crash and you will need Interface and WTF replace
-quest list is re-opening after using portal/teleport/loading screen etc. numpad 2 is the open/close key
-logout and exit game buttons are getting bugged and sometimes doesn't work
-battleground enemies addon sometimes is the list of last enemies while in arena (not often) idk why, just type /reload
-battleground enemies addon isn't displaying enemies if u close bg panel (shift+space) while showing only your allies tab, just re-open it and close while both teams or opposite faction only are displayed

borders added to unit frames and buffs
buffs size changed
focus frame
shielded casting bar is orange now (normal is blue)

plzzzz..... may the /reload be with you
cuz I don't know how to fix many little issues
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Esc>Interface>Addons tab>kaliel's tracker

u see configuration menu? position/size is 1st on the list move the X/Y offset bars
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Quest Objective Tab

Where do I move the quest Objectives? Nothing in MoveAnything will work. Is there another addon controlling it?
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