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DynamicBoxer  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: v1.3.0
by: MooreaTv [More]

The way ISBoxer works currently is you need to go back outside of the game into the windows isboxer suite program each time you want to create a new character or change whichever combination of characters you may want to be multi-boxing with at the time.

This addon allows you to create only 1 team per layout and dynamically load any characters you wish into it

Likewise it lets you create new characters and teams without having to go back to isboxer suite and export to innerspace

This is quite important for instance in classic when you can't create your teams ahead of time and want to get going asap with your teams

One time Setup:
/dbox init (to redo it/change it later)

ChangeLog for DynamicBoxer by MooreaTv ([email protected])

1.3.0 June 21st 2019
- adding `/dbox show` to show the current master token (Issue #16)
- adding `/dbox reset` to clear all saved variables (start from scratch) this has similar effect to prexisting /dbox init but
allows to completely clear all state (follow with /reload for it to take effect)
- removed `/dbox channel` and `/dbox secret` as the token is now handled through ui; adding `/dbox set` to
set token string from the command line instead of the UI (but /dbox show/init is better)
- Master automatically enables "show token" (/dbox show) when it detects a change in team,
so you can add members/copy existing token. Issue #17.
And it automatically closes it once the team is complete !
(broadcast the existing since 1.0 `/dbox init` if you want to change tokens across windows instead of reuse the last one)
- Fixed #18 (bug with extra GetParent():Hide() causing master cancel button to hide UI)

Coming next:
- Cross realm support: Revamped communication/sync to allow for cross realm boxing (message the slot1/master).

1.2.0 June 18th 2019
- Revamped simpler yet better and safer setup UI. One time setup is now only 3 broadcasted keystrokes:
Ctrl-C , Ctrl-V , Return (copy, paste, enter; that's it !)
- Fixed potential issue (as previously cross realm wasn't working anyway) issue with name-realm search and replace
now using MoLib's ReplaceAll which properly escapes all lua gsub characters for literal search and replace.

1.1.2 June 17th 2019
- Fix issue #10 to allow original isboxer characters to be substring of one another, as well as new team characters
(normalizes team in 2 passes)
- Also address another TODO to remove unnecessary realm when same as self, earlier

1.1.1 June 13th 2019
- Avoid rejoining the same channel right away while doing /dbox init setup UI (needed to clear a few more state)

1.1.0 June 13th 2019
- Added optional id/password generator, you can tab between the 2 copy/paste etc (can be used for channel
but mostly for the secret, it must be pasted on all windows, if copied, `/dbox random` to get just this utility)
(Issue #8) with lots of work/learning to get a cool fixed width narrow display and handle tab, escape, click, select,
typing etc as one may expect.
- Handle trial accounts where BattleNet info is nil (Issue #7)
as part of fix prefix provided channel name with DynamicBoxer4, if left empty (but don't) uses "demo"
- Static dialogs are reusing widgets without reinitializing them (!) so changes made in UI config
need to be reverted on OnHide (like clearing password field)
- make sure we leave previous channel when doing "/dbox init"
- fix bug on macro rewrite when missing slots (lua ipairs stops at first hole)

1.0.0 June 11th 2019 - 1.0 After 6 alpha/beta releases
- Added UI (2 step dialog boxes, ran only once per account) to set channel/secret pair (Issue #2)
- Also re runnable using `/dbox init` later
- Limit maximum number of times we'll try sending/syncing (to 20 times/20s after channel join or /dbox m command)
- DynBoxer.enabled boolean to turn off dynboxer even if loaded/running (used when user cancels out of the setup UI)
- Luacheck'ed and some reformatting to 120 columns
- Ensure `/dbox j` always sends the sync message
- With all the above and testing showing things working, we are I believe feature complete for 1.0 and out of prototype mode!

0.1.5 June 10th 2019
- Fix for lua error when not running in multiboxing setup (Issue #3)
- Fix duplicate join event/messages
- Debug output now has multiple verbosity level, use /dbox debug 9 for most verbose (new MoLib support for it)
- Cleanup retries
- Handle message send failure

0.1.4 June 10th 2019
- Fix /reload on one character needing to rebroadcast from others (Issue #1)
- Better color scheme
- Only show isboxer warnings about bindings the first time
- Split into 3 files for clarity and keeping ISBoxer code changes in one place
- Refactor hooking to be cleaner and more generic and not conflict with our own functions
- Globe lint fixes

0.1.3 June 7th 2019
- Auto resync on channel join

0.1.2 June 7th 2019
- First working version !! (and loads correctly along ISBoxer as independant addon)
- Support for saved variables
- Fix for ISBoxer loading bindings too early (when realm name isn't yet available), unregister its UPDATE_BINDINGS
- updated /dbox help and commands
- patches to isboxer.SetMacro so it can be ran more than once
- need to use short name without realm when realm is same (!)

0.1.1 June 7th 2019
- Same as 0.1.0 without the logo in the addon zip

0.1.0 June 7th 2019
- Initial build as separate addon

commit 5434f70c5f4242488513368f4587b60030c6a504
Author: Moorea Tv <[email protected]>
Date: Sat Jun 8 05:32:21 2019 -0700

make dynamicboxer its own addon

commit 1c8247560579b349e16bef77197310d3514f6a4c
Author: Moorea Tv <[email protected]>
Date: Sat Jun 8 05:25:24 2019 -0700

new working DB.ReconstructTeam()

using hooks into isboxer

so we can move to be independant addon instead of patching isboxer

commit 2735bc9aa31b8360769ee5fd18fb5d04b8686b03
Author: Moorea Tv <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Jun 6 21:17:43 2019 -0700

use MoLib

commit 0a7ff2de92973b7b0af9c10ff0d7dad61e2445f2
Author: Moorea Tv <[email protected]>
Date: Tue Jun 4 23:43:28 2019 -0700

use bnet for channel

commit 96c741aeb8d9d07fd00786a17f91baf6559ebbd1
Author: Moorea Tv <[email protected]>
Date: Thu May 30 03:21:37 2019 -0700

delay initialization (avoids the channel end up being /1)

commit 5d770e3f539c220f695613f8691e274c0d8e78d1
Author: Moorea Tv <[email protected]>
Date: Thu May 30 01:52:59 2019 -0700

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