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Rise of Azshara (8.2.0)
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by: LenweSaralonde [More]

Hear and play music with nearby players. For the first time in World of Warcraft, your character can litterally become a bard!

Join our Discord server (EN/FR) and our Battle.net group for help, bug reports, good music and more!

Un Guide en français est également disponible. 🇫🇷🥖🍷


Left-click on the minimap button to open the main menu.

Type /mus help in the chat window to get the command list.

How to listen to music

All you need is to have the addon installed. Nothing more is required.

  • To mute a player, right-click on his/her name or portrait to open the menu then select Mute. Do the same to unmute.
  • You can also just stop the song being played by clicking the [Stop] hyperlink in the player's emote.
  • Right click on the minimap button to enable or disable all the music from the addon.
How to play music

Musician plays music files in MIDI format. MIDI files have a .mid, .midi or .kar extension and do not contain any sound like MP3s, but a sequence of notes. This is why a MIDI file sounds differently according to the software or musical instrument it's played on.

You can find millions of MIDI files very easily by searching for MIDI + music genre/title/etc. on Google. I also made a selection of cool music files you can try with the addon.

How to play a song:
  • Open the MIDI converter located at lenwe.info/musician-midi-convert in your web browser. (You can also find the converter in the Interface/AddOns/Musician/MidiConvert folder.)
  • Drag and drop a MIDI file.
  • Copy the generated music code by clicking the Copy button.
  • Back in WoW, left-click on the minimap button to open the main menu then choose Import and play a song to open the main window (or type /music).
  • Click the Select all button then paste the music code in the edit window (Ctrl+V or CMD+V on Mac).
  • Click Play.
Save and load songs in game

Songs can be saved and loaded back in game using the optional addon MusicianList.

Play live

Live Mode literally turns your computer keyboard into a piano.

Click Open keyboard in the main menu or type /mus live to open the live keyboard.

Configure the keyboard

Before using the keyboard for the first time, you have configure it to determine its physical layout.

This process is straightforward and takes approximately 30 seconds to complete, just follow the on-screen instructions.

The live keyboard

The live keyboard consists in two layers, Upper and Lower, respectively the two first and two last rows of your keyboard (or the right and left side, depending on the layout used). Each layer has its own instrument setting so 2 different instruments can be played at the same time or the same instrument can be set to both layers to take advantage of the full keyboard.

Various keyboard layouts are available, including simplified ones with limited notes but a wider range of keys.

In Live Mode, the other players hear you playing while in Solo Mode, you play for yourself. In Live Mode, keep in mind that if you hear the sound playing instantly at the press of the key, the other players will hear it after a slight delay of approximately 2 seconds.

The keyboard settings can be saved in 12 program slots, accessible using the 12 Function keys:
* Press the Function key to load a program.
* Press Ctrl (or Shift on Mac) + the Function key to save the current settings in a program.
* Press Delete + the Function key to erase a program.

Play with a MIDI keyboard

There is no support for MIDI keyboards in World of Warcraft. However, it's possible to emulate keystrokes with a MIDI keyboard using third party software. Check out this tutorial to learn how to do this.

Song editor

Some basic modifications can be made to the imported song in the song editor, which is accessible from the Edit button or the main menu:
  • Set start and end points, to use a part of the song
  • Mute and solo tracks
  • Change track instruments
  • Transpose tracks
The song editor also shows some information about the tracks (MIDI instrument, start and end points, number of notes...) and the activity while the song is playing.

  • You can preview the song at any moment prior to playing it for other players by clicking the Preview button or using the song editor. If another song is playing nearby, it will be muted for you only.
  • If another player has Musician, it will be shown in his/her tooltip. Just hover the other players with your mouse cursor to see who can hear you!
  • You can add lyrics by combining Musician with the StoryTeller addon!
  • Load the next song while the current one is playing to reduce waiting time between songs.
  • The radius for hearing the music is approximately 40 meters.
  • Play songs that are relevant with your "band" composition. It's nonsense to play orchestral music with only two bards ! 😃 However you can still roleplay as if your character owns a kind of gnomish Music-o-Matic machine that is capable of reproducing a whole band.
  • A text emote is shown to the players who don't have Musician when you play a song. You can disable this emote in the add-on options.
Compose your own music

You can compose music for Musician using any MIDI sequencer, even in your browser with this free online sequencer.

The 16 instruments available are:
  • Bagpipe (109)
  • Bassoon (70)
  • Cello (42)
  • Clarinet (71)
  • Dulcimer (15)
  • Male voice (52 Choir Aahs)
  • Female voice (53 Voice Oohs)
  • Fiddle (110)
  • Harp (46)
  • Lute (24 Acoustic guitar)
  • Recorder (74)
  • Trombone (57)
  • Trumpet (56)
And also:
  • Distorsion guitar (29)
  • Clean Guitar (27)
  • Bass guitar (33 Fingered bass)
The other instruments are mapped to the closest-sounding instrument among the 16 available (violin → fiddle, piano → dulcimer, guitar → lute etc.).

The drum kits are replaced by traditional percussions such as a bodhrán (frame drum), a tambourine and a shaker. A standard drum kit is also available for heavy metal songs.

Check the full mapping in Musician.MidiMapping.lua for details.

Unfortunately, due to limitations of the WoW UI, velocity and controls (volume, padding, pitch bend, modulation...) are not supported. The polypohony is roughly 12 notes.

Limitations and known issues

This addon is still experimental. Here is a summary of the problems you may encounter:
  • There is no support for velocity and modulation. This is actually not possible with the WoW UI.
  • It is NOT possible to play live with other players since the other players do not hear what you play instantly but only after 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Sound latency may be experienced with the live keyboard on Windows, depending on your sound card model and drivers.
  • Wait for the preloading process to complete before playing to ensure good conditions.
  • Music playing relies on the refresh rate of the screen so stuttering may occur on slower computers. Adjust your settings to maintain a framerate above 30 FPS for good results.
  • The polyphony is limited, some notes may drop if there are too many playing at the same time.
  • Songs having an overly high note rate may stutter.
  • Clipping may occur for some songs if you have all your volume settings maxed out. Just reduce in-game volume to avoid this.

  • WoW 8.2 update
  • Play and Preview commands now behave as a toggle (Issue #12)
  • Fixed range and phasing detection (Issue #5)
  • Fixed communication channel not joining no channel has been joined (Issue #9)
  • Fixed import of MIDI files with missing tempo information (Issue #14)

  • Reworked the "promo" emote to make it less intrusive
  • Added options panel

  • Fixed "Musician has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI." error popups that occurred in various UI areas
  • The Escape key now only closes the current window
  • Player tooltips now show a warning for players who use an incompatible outdated version of the addon
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements
  • Live keyboard no longer blocks default keypresses unnecessarily
  • Added program deletion in live keyboard
  • Improved keyboard configuration UX to make it more intuitive
  • Fixed ordering in live keyboard base key dropdown
  • Fixed track list scrolling gap in song editor
  • Live demo settings are now saved in live keyboard programs
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

"Go live!"
  • Live play mode: turns your PC keyboard into a piano!
  • New MUS4 streaming protocol using the powerful Deflate compression
  • Various bugfixes and improvements
  • Updated for WoW 8.1
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Added support for groups, raids and instances.
  • Fixed bug breaking the "Target" option from player chat menu.

"Stream Machine"
  • New MUS3 streaming protocol
  • No more loading times, music now starts playing instantly for everyone!
  • Load button removed. We won't miss it.
  • No more freezings and slowdowns
  • Progress bars, progress bars everywhere...
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Samples are now preloaded in background to avoid freezings every time a song starts playing.
  • Fixed bug with solo and mute checkboxes in track editor after WoW 8.0 update
  • Fixed bug with dropdown menu after WoW 8.0 update
  • Updated for WoW 8.0

Get heavy! \m/
  • Added power trio (electric guitars, bass and drum kit) to play heavy metal. The Elite Tauren Chieftains and the Blight Boar are now in for a real challenge!
  • Improved player to better deal with note drops due to the lack of polyphony
  • Added instrument coloring in track editor
  • Removed unnecessary separator in unit popup menu.
  • Fixed missing protected actions in player popup menu such as targeting.
  • Fixed issue with music from other addons that could not play.
  • Fixed blocked commands issue in unit popup menus
  • Fixed missing or glitchy samples
  • Fixed minimap button when UI is scaled (Yimiprod)
  • Added missing MIDI mapping for banjo
  • Brand new music player: better performance and less RAM usage
  • Normalized instrument samples
  • Added song editor (song crop, instrument replacement, transposition, track mute and solo)
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added new instrument "Male voice" on patch 52 ("Choir Aahs")
  • Fixed recorder tuning
  • Added minimap button
  • Added global and player mute
  • Improved UI to make it more comprehensive and intuitive
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • New v2 protocol: loading time dropped by ~66%
  • Adjusted the levels of instrument samples
  • Fixed bugs with the MIDI converter: variable tempo and program changes are now supported.
  • Redesigned MIDI converter interface
  • Added /stopmusic command
  • Fixed minor UI bugs
  • First release
  • Plays songs to nearby players
  • 12 traditional instruments
  • MIDI Converter
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