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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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Shoulderfang UI for WeakAuras2

Version: 1.0
by: uberkian [More]

Shoulderfang UI is a simple warrior addon made in honor of our favorite cleavechief. It is comprised of a set of textures and config to use in WeakAuras2.

- UI Texture for Saurfang silently watching over your DPS
- Rage bar with horde logo to keep track of what is worth fighting for
- Saurfang's shoulders pop off and ignite the warrior's soul when using Recklessness or Avatar. He means bussiness
- Axes pulse with the fiery blood of the horde whenever you are empowered by a Bloodlust effect

How to install:
1. Get WeakAuras2. Heard it's pretty good
2. Download and extract Shoulderfang_UI into your addons folder
3. Copy the whole text from ImportString.txt located inside the folder
4. Log into your warrior and type /wa
5. Click on New>Import and paste the copied string. Confirm that you want to load the UI
6. Drag the whole UI group wherever you think it will bring glory to the horde
7. Honor, young heroes, no matter how dire the battle...never forsake it!

Additional notes:
- No actionbars or unit frames are included, I use Elvui or something similar for the rest of my interface
- Project totally did not start as a reddit joke!

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