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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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GeekFan UI

Version: 1.0
by: sgeek7 [More]

Here's my layout. Nothing too fancy. It works with every class/spec/role. I've tested it on everything, both 110 and leveling characters. It's got info you need, without a ton of extra. If you're a hardcore raider/PvPer, you might want more, but this will work well for everyone else. You'll need to download ElvUI as well as ElvUI Shadow & Light. Make sure to unzip those before GeekFan UI. I have added SharedMedia to handle the fonts so everything matches.

Now have 2 layouts available. Mostly aesthetic changes, both coloring and layout. Make sure to do the Initialize step in the installer as you'll likely wind up with a mish-mash of both layouts if you ever want to switch between them.

Recommended Addons:
Big Wigs
Little Wigs

Included Addons:
Addon Skins
Artifact Power User
Deja Character Stats
Order Hall Commander
Quick Quest
World Quest Tracker

Thanks to Blazeflack and Benik for helping me get the installer sorted out.

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A Kobold Labourer

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Hi there,

I have downloaded your UI and it works good.

Few minor things.

S&L Datatext 3 & 7 are shown but empty. I have removed them manually in order for it to look clean. I've changed the font overall to Expressway for a nicer look for myself (easier to read).

Also when raiding with more then 15-20 man, the raid frames fall over the player unitframe. Had to adjust size a bit for it to work.

There are no addon profiles for Bigwigs/DBM/Details. Made it myself now.

Would be nice to have the Unitframes filtered for buffs... shows all buffs now (adjusted it myself), affraid to update in the future

Slight improvement: Its awesome.. make it healer friendly (or atleast) provide a toggle for it in terms of profile.

Using it with my own WA's for:
Blood DK
WW/MW Monk
BM/MM Hunter
Leveling Paladin
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