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Eternity's End (9.2.0)
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Family Familiar Helper  Updated this week!

Version: 1.4.8
by: Gello [More]

This addon's purpose is to make it easier to see at a glance which pet family has not been used for each tamer for the Family Familiar and Family Fighter battle pet achievements.

Both the Family Familiar and Family Fighter achievements ask you to beat many opponents with the same pet types. For instance the older Family Familiar achievement asks that you complete the following:

  • Aquatic Acquiescence: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Aquatic pets.
  • Best of the Beasts: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Beast pets.
  • Mousing Around: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Critter pets.
  • Dragons!: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Dragonkin pets.
  • Ragnaros, Watch and Learn: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Elemental pets.
  • Flock Together: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Flying pets.
  • Murlocs, Harpies, and Wolvar, Oh My!: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Humanoid pets.
  • Master of Magic: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Magic pets.
  • Roboteer: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Mechanical pets.
  • The Lil' Necromancer: Defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles with all Undead pets.
If you're keeping score, that means a minimum of 120 battles for Family Familiar and 180 battles for Family Fighter! Ouch!

How To Use

The default behavior of this addon is to summon its window when you target one of the candidates that qualify for either achievement. The tamers for Family Familiar are all part of world quests. The opponents for Family Fighter are up all the time.

If you'd prefer to summon the window manually, you can turn off the automatic summoning through checkboxes at the bottomleft of the window. Mouseover each one to see what they do.

You can also summon the window with the /ffh macro command or by setting up a key binding in the key binding interface.

Once on screen, the window is a grid with tamers down the left in rows and pet families as columns on the right.

Along the bottom are the total tamers defeated with each pet family. The goal is to get at least 12 total for each pet family for Family Familiar and 18 for Famility Fighter. You can mouseover these totals to get a more familiar view of the achievement's progress.

Special thanks to Flohsakk from warcraftpets.com for this addon's idea. If you have any questions, feedback or bugs to report, please post a comment here. Thanks!

05/12/2022 version 1.4.8
- Fix to make wowup recognize the wowinterface provider. (May require a rescan of folders in wowup)

02/22/2022 version 1.4.7
- Updated toc for 9.2 patch

11/02/2021 version 1.4.6
- Removed attempts to style the tooltip backdrop to fix lua errors relating to backdrop

11/02/2021 version 1.4.5
- Updated toc for 9.1.5 patch

06/29/2021 version 1.4.4
- Updated toc for 9.1.0 patch

03/28/2021 version 1.4.3
- If the window is up when a battle ends, the window will update to reflect any change in criteria achieved.

03/13/2021 version 1.4.2
- Updated toc for 9.0.5 patch

11/23/2020 version 1.4.1
- Removed skinning for ElvUI that was failing.
- The window's title is now the localized name of the achievement.
- Tab names are now English to prevent localized names running off the edge of the window.

10/13/2020 version 1.4.0
- Updated for Shadowlands.
- Added Family Exorcist courtesy of Flohsakk.
- Due to tabs running off the edge of the window, tab names have "Family " removed. So tabs are: Exorcist, Battler, Brawler, etc. rather than Family Exorcist, Family Battler, etc.

12/24/2018 version 1.3.2
- Updated toc for 8.1 patch

11/05/2018 version 1.3.1
- Fix for bringing up empty/"hidden" Family Battler tab on live clients when targeting a BfA tamer
- If you were on an empty/"hidden" tab, then bringing up the window will switch to the original tab.

10/29/2018 version 1.3.0
- Added Family Battler for 8.1 patch

07/17/2018 version 1.2.2
- toc update for 8.0 patch

06/30/2018 version 1.2.1
- Fix for compatability with addons that remove tooltip backdrops, such as SpartanUI.

12/13/2017 version 1.2.0
- Updated for 7.3.5 patch and the new Family Brawler achievement.
- Added LDB button to toggle the window.
- If ElvUI enabled the window will lightly skin for it.

08/29/2017 version 1.1.1
- Reversed order of tabs so most recent achievement is on left.
- toc update for 7.3 patch

08/07/2017 version 1.1.0
- Updated for 7.3 patch and the new Family Fighter achievement.
- While on the 7.3 client, two tabs will appear at the bottom of the window to switch between Family Familiar and Family Fighter.
- The green checks marking an achievement complete is now based on the achievement's completion status and not how many sub-achievements were finished. This should only be noticable by 7.3 PTR users: The PTR character copy seemed to copy the Family Familiar achievement but not the sub-achievements. So you may see green checks for totals while all pet types are blank. This is normal and should not happen on live servers.

03/28/2017 version 1.0.4
- toc update for 7.2 patch

10/24/2016 version 1.0.3
- toc update for 7.1 patch.

09/30/2016 version 1.0.2
- The targeted tamer is now outlined in the window to make it easier to see which pet types are left for that tamer.

07/08/2016 version 1.0.1
- Made tooltip background solid for readability.
- When 12 of a pet family are completed the number 12+ is replaced with a green check.
- Raised frame to higher frame strata.

07/06/2016 version 1.0.0
- Initial release.
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Unread 12-25-18, 08:30 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Thank you!

I too want to thank you for putting this together for us. It is a great help with this achievement.
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Unread 08-08-17, 06:13 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

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Smile Great addon.

Thanks for this Gello, you've saved a few of us lots of time digging through the OCD interface looking for the right one.
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Unread 08-07-17, 02:02 PM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller
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Nice work

I saw that this had been updated and so wanted to comment on it.
If you're going for the Family Familiar achievement, this is a big help.

Wowhead will tell you if any npcs are available that might help you along.
This addon will then keep track of which you have encountered and so which you ought to look for next.

If you have an excellent memory, you may not need this.
If you do not and / or you like reminders and being sure, then this is definitely an addon for you.
Nice work. It does something simple, but helpful, well.

Edit: Now that I've read about the upcoming Family Fighter achievement, I'll be sure to keep this addon.

Last edited by jlrm365 : 08-07-17 at 02:07 PM.
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