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Version: 2.01.630
by: LonghornsER [More]

Please read my comments for more information about next update

This add-on shows the total amount of the:
- Garrison Resources or Apexis Crystals
- Draenic Stones (for the Mine Workorder)
- Draenic Seeds (for the Herb Garden Workorder)
With the Garrisons Lumber Mill:
- Show the amount of Timber
- Auto Track and Untrack the Timber (when choiced)
With the Spirit Lodge (H)/Mage Tower: (sins v2.01 b630)
- Show the amount of Ogre Waystones

* The add-on and commands (except for /won info) are only available when the user has completed the quest:
-- Horde : Establish Your Garrison
-- Alliance : Establish Your Garrison
* The Timber counter (see picture 4) will only available when you earn the spell Logging
* The Ogre Waystone counter will only available when you earn the spell Runes of Power
* The add-on hides the standard Garrison Resource counter.
* The add-on frame will disappear when entering zone's outside Draenor, in Raids, Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and other Portal related instances

Switch Counter to view Garrison Resources or Shipyard Oil or Apexis Crystals (updated in 2.01.630)
I though that it may be handy if the counter not only shows the garrison Resources but also the Shipyard Oil and Apexis Crystal Currency, so i made a switchable Counter. When you push ad the Garrison Resources Icon on top of the counter, it will switch to the view for Shipyard Oil/Apexis Crystal Currency. Click agian on it, and it will go back to Garrison Resources. Be aware, this setting will NOT going into the save settings, and works only when you ever earned Shipyard Oil and or Apexis Crystals.

The Add-on Commands:
use /won or /workorderneeds with the following options :
- Hide | Show : Makes the frame Hidden or Showed (when use Hide, the frame stays hidden)
- Lock | Unlock : Makes the frame (un)Movable, Use this option to relocate the frame to YOUR locaation of show
- Frame reset : Resets Location to last known position, before moved, logged out or reloaded
- info : Gives version number and some information about the add-on
- Status : Gives some status information

Moving the frame to a new position:
1: use /won unlock
2: Move the frame on the big numbers to a new position
3: to save the new location, Use WorkOrderNeeds Interface Menu button "Save Player Profile" or
use /reload or log out as normal

Friendly Request:
If you, as user of this add-on, see area's where the frame hides, while it should be showed, Then please report the location name, zone name (like "The Underpale, Nagrand") into the Comments, or make screen shots, where i can see the name. This is only when you don't have selected Show Alway's. Also, if the frame hides in Garrison area's/buildings, then report this also. Thanks to all

*Can be Showed while it not should be*:
Allinace :
When in Stormshield's 'Town Hall' when options 'Show in Ashran Villages' is deselected (part of Garrison)
When in PvP Modus in Warspear in the building 'Auction House' if 'Show in Ashran Villages' is selected
When in PvP Modus in Stormshield in the building 'Auction House' if 'Show in Ashran Villages' is selected
With the upper shows, i can't do a thing about it, because of how blizzard handles the buildings in the Garrison area and in the Ashran Village's

Ogre Waystone, Draenic Seed, Draenic Stone and Timber Counters:
If you have more then 999 of the Ogre Waystones or Draenic Stones/Seeds/Timber, the counters will stick to 999

* Redo the explanation page, because i have add more to view....
* Finishing the interface information menu tab

Known Issues:
* sometimesr the frame can be hided in several places, Report please if you see this.
** it seams the Power Bar propotions in SOO is BIG when this addon is loaded, i will lookinto this. Ik more users experience this issue in whatever raid, quest or dungeon, please let me know by posting a comment or ticked on the site]

Known Places, Frame Hides:
- Outside Auchindoun raid / dungeon area, inner circle the frame hides when walking or fly over there. This is because Auchindoun is also a raid or dungeon, and i choice'd for hiding in raid or dungeons.
(Below places ad only on normal settings will fixed in next version)
- No reports yet

As this is my first add-on, i try to do my best as i can with editing this add-on. However if other Authors on this site have tips or hints to tackle some issues better (if the look ad my add-on codes), you are free to send me a massage through the wowinterface.com massage system. Thanks in forward if you do, we are never to old to learn new things.

*WorkorderNeeds 2.01.630;
> Fist my apologizes for the update delay in this project, see my comments.
- Added new version number (2.01) (to many changes on Frame)
- Fixed some buildings in garrison that the frame will not hide anymore
- Added the Ogre Waydtone Counter
- added an extra dig-get in the Garrison Resources for the better view
of the Apexis Crystals and the Shipyard Oil (max 100000)

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.625;
- Fixed: Showing WorkorderNeeds Frame when doing Pet Battles (it still can happen that on some battles it shows, please report then)
- Fixed: Outland Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valey will be showed when "alway's show" is off
- changing max amount of timber, timber counter to 999 and auto tracking Timber (disable tracking when 1000 timbers)
- Made the addon 6.2. ready, some new names in Tanaan Jungle are added already

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.620:
- Apexis Crystal counter now goes to 60000, up from 20000. Reason: Blizz changed max value for this token
- Changed Interface number in .toc

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.615:
- Fixed the /WON commands, it sould be working as intended
- Added Storehouse and Salvage Yard to the list (Both sides)
- Changed name "Tower of War" into "Tower Of War" (this zone text was changed by Blizz)
- Added 'Gate of the Breakers' to the list
- I assume that the taint problems are fixed, thanks Rilgamon for all information

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.605:
- Temporary solution for beta quest resets "Establish Your Garrison", addon will showed agian.
- Forbidden Cave, Frostfire Ridge added to the list
- Bladespire Fortress (Bladespirre Citadel), Frostfire Ridge added to the list

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.600 (Big Change: Handle Save Settings)
- New Handling Saved Variables, WoW.LUA Standaard.

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.515
- Fixing issues when removing/rebuilding Lumber Mill (Timber Counter)
- Only show Apexis Crystal Counter if Player ever earned this Currency

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.510
- Fixed the status error when showing Apexis Crystals in the counter

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.505
* Made a switch between Garrison Resources and Apexis Crystals counter (read Description Page)
* Made button to Load/Reset to the Created Global Profile
* Made 2 "help / information" pages into the Interface Manu

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.500 (Big Change: Handle Frame)
- Fixed the move frame errors, you can move him where ever you drag him
- Added Grulloc's Grotto, Frostfire Ridge to the list

*WorkorderNeeds 1.02.170b
- Fixed the broken "Show Only in Garrison" issue

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.170
- Added The Underpale, Oshu'gun - Nagrand to the list
- Trying to fix the taint issue (hope it works)

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.165
- Fixed the "Show Only in Garrison" and the showing in opeside Horde/Alliance area
- Added "Tower of War" (Horde and Alliance) to the show list
- Added the Ashran Village's Lists for horde and Alliance (see "Can be showed" in Addon Descriptions)
- Fixed the Interface Menu when player had not done the quest yet
- Also fixed the option "Auto Enable/Disable Tracking Timber", when player have no Lumber Mill

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.160
- Made the automatic Enable/Disable Tracker "Find Timber"
- Fixed an Quest Item Using from Quest Tracker, resulted in an overflow ---> still not fixed it seams :(

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.155
- Made Interface Menu (only when players not have done the garrison quest, do not see anything yet)
- Fixed the proper showing in alliance Mine, Lunarfall Excavation
- Fixed the castingbar issues, it should not be hopping to top anymore
- Fixed the Barracks name agian

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.150
- changed some /won help text, one of my old addon name was placed.
- Removed the castbar solutions because it seams not helping
- Fixed an other unknown issue with the quest checker and Items that need and ware to used in blizz quest tracker

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.146
- Fixed te castbarframe Problem

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.145
- Fixed the Powerbar Issue, Default Blizzards Garrison Resource Counter still hidden
- Minor fix: Name "Barracks" was wrongly spelled, was hiding the addon

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.140
- Minor fix in positioning the add-on frame according the saved profiles

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.135
- Default and Players Frame Locations will be saved now
- Made the Default Blizzards Garrison Resource Counter hidden

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.130b
- version stays 1.02.130, but wrongly zip'd . so remove the add-on folder WorkorderrNeeds v1.02.130
and get this file

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.130
- Minor fix, bank inventory will now also counted, so you will see
the total numbers of the items in bag and bank

* WorkorderNeeds 1.02.125
- First Release
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This is awesome thanks alot man!
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Finely the new Update has come

I want to apologize to all users and followers because i did not update
this project to much..... Sorry all...

But now finely here he is, the update 2.01.630

I had some struckles with my back problem, and could not use my keyboard for a while aswell
so, then you all know why it did take some time.

and please report issues with this add-on to comments so i can read them.....
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he/she forgot that he/she started to play the game him/her self for the first time also ones.

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