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SharedMedia ClassicalFonts  Updated this week!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.100
by: myrroddin [More]

SharedMedia Classical Fonts
This addon adds fonts to LibSharedMedia-3.0's list of available fonts, which you can choose from dropdown menus in addons that support LSM.

Installation and Use
Download SharedMedia Classical Fonts from one of the following websites:

Install this addon like every other addon, into the
\World of Warcraft\_game_version_\Interface\AddOns\
folder. Once installed, select a font as shown in the screenshots. Dozens of addons support LSM.

Fonts Added
Issue Tracker
Found a bug or want to suggest an improvement? Click here and tell me about it.

Sample Images from AddOns
Please note that any addon which uses LibSharedMedia-3.0 usually includes fonts, plus LSM ships with some.

BigWigs Boss Mods


SharedMedia Classical Fonts
2.100 (2024-06-12)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Update
  • Update
  • Remove duplicate license file
  • Create LICENSE
  • Create
  • Update
  • Create a suggestion or improvement issue template
  • Update issue templates
  • Update
  • Update again
  • Update
  • Update
  • Update issue templates
  • [All] Update the fonts' licences
  • Create a README file
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