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Version: r10
by: Rabbit [More]

Postmaster is a simple (and craptasticly coded) addon that automates mass mailing to members of your guild. Here's step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your mailbox
  2. Go to the "Send Mail" tab
  3. Write in a subject and the body (no sender)
  4. Execute /postmaster <guild rank>[+?]
  5. Wait for it to finish (you can't do -anything else- while it's mailing)

The syntax for the slash command is simple; <guild rank> is for example "Member", "Class Leader", and similar (without the quotes). If you end the command with a '+' sign, that means anyone with that rank AND ABOVE will get the mail.

So in a typical guild structure, you have some form of the following: Guild Master, Officer, Class Leader, Member, Initiate

If you were to type /postmaster Class Leader+, for example, all Class Leaders, Officers and GMs would get the mail. If you type Initiate+, EVERYONE will get it. If you just type /postmaster Class Leader (without +), ONLY Class Leaders will get the mail.

Keep in mind the code is total crap, and I'm not really planning on cleaning it up or making it work faster or better.

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does this mod really mass mail to everyone in the guild? I'm an officer in my guild and I need to be able to send mails to everyone in guild. But blizz seems to have broken the ability to send mails to more than 50 people at one time.
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