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Boss Notes.
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Updated:10-01-11 11:23 AM
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Boss Notes Rules update (BigWigs fix)

Version: 1.2.7a
by: Dessembrae [More]

Fix for the error with Boss Notes 1.2.7 and BigWigs (the changes that were made to read location and boss).
This is only the Rules Map.

So download the original package and then download this and overwrite it in your addons folder. That should take care of the BigWigsDisplay.lua error

Temporary fix till Bethink updates it in his own package.

Regards, Dessembrae

1.2.7a - Release 1.2.7 of Boss Notes still has the same error (Bethink has not updated the rules set for BigWigs). Tested myself under patch 4.2 with the current release and everything was fine. Bumped ToC to 4.2. No other changes.

1.2.5a - Initial release fix with the BigWigs bossmods module updated to current BigWigs structure.
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Lightbulb BigWigs file is still actual

The BigWigs fix file is still actual for me.
So if you use BigWigs and this addon, then get the fixed file from this package.
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