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Autotabard Fixed for German Clients

Version: 1.61
by: Saelemar [More]

Translated Version of Tabard. Rights are reserved by the Author evil.oz. I just translated some Things that makes the Addon fail on German Client, because i wanted it to work at me. And because i want, that other Germans can use it too, i uploaded this fixed one.

Open the Addons UI with /at or /wappenrock

[email protected]

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Unread 11-25-10, 04:03 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Just hoping that the developer comes back for Cataclysm and adds the new tabards in.
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Unread 03-07-09, 08:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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adding French translation

i've done the french translation
I just do the minimum for the addon working.
so juste add

if ( GetLocale() == "frFR" ) then

AutoTabard_RepFactions = {"La Croisade d'argent","Chevaliers de la Lame d'\195\169b\195\168ne", "L'Accord de Repos du ver", "Kirin Tor", "Avant-garde de l'Alliance"}
AutoTabard_RepFactionsTabards = {"Tabard de la Croisade d'argent","Tabard de la Lame d'\195\169b\195\168ne", "Tabard de l'Accord du Repos du ver", "Tabard de l'Accord du Repos du ver"}
AutoTabard_ValidNonHeroics = {"Les salles de foudre", "L'oculus", "L'\195\169puration de Stratholme", "Cime d'Utgarde"}

in your localization file.
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