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Dryaan UI

Version: 1.0
by: Draigars [More]

5.3: Most addons should be working fine, but the World Map won't. To fix it, download the last LUI version here and replace the LUI/modules/worldmap folder (and only this one) with the one on your Wow directory.

Dryaan UI (MoP 5.2)
1920 x 1080

Hi. I've decided to upload my UI after having received many requests.
I play rogue. While nothing prevents other classes to use it, it may not perfectly suit all roles.
This UI is mainly made for PvE raiding, both 25-man and 10-man, but also works great in PvP.

Besides the screenshots, you can see it in action on my Youtube channel page or on livestream at Twitch.tv/Dryaan.

Addons list
Big Wigs
Kui Nameplates
Last Second
Shadowed Unit Frames

In your World of Warcraft directory (usually C:\...\World of Warcraft):
  • Replace your Interface folder with the one extracted from Dryaan UI
  • Copy or replace your Fonts folder with the one extracted from Dryaan UI
  • Replaces your WTF folder with the one extracted from Dryaan UI

Make sure to change the following folders names, inside WTF:
  • YOURACCOUNTNAME to your account name in capital letters or your account number
  • Your Realm Name to your realm name
  • Your_char_name to your character name

Most addons will first show up unconfigured. You will have to choose the proper profile. Here is the list of profiles to be selected for each addon.
  • LUI (/lui): Dryaan
  • Bartender (/bt): Dryaan
  • Big Wigs (/bw): Dryaan
  • Chatter (/chatter): Dryaan
  • Gladius (/gladius): Dryaan
  • FortXorcist (/fx): Dryaan
  • Grid2 (/grid2): Dryaan
  • Kui Nameplates (/knp): Dryaan
  • Masque (/masque): Dryaan
  • MSBT (/msbt): Dryaan
  • Quartz (/quartz): Dryaan
  • Shadowed UF (/suf): Dryaan
  • TimeToDie: Dryaan

You might need to configure and/or reposition on your own the following addons:
  • ForteXorcist
  • Last Second

The usual recommendations prevail: you are strongly advised to back up your former Interface and WTF folders.
  • Installing this new UI will delete your current UI, including macros and keybinds.
  • This UI might not work well with other classes than rogues.
  • Many conflicts might appear when modifying current settings or adding new addons.
  • This UI is made for 1920x1080 resolution and no other. Changing it will most probably lead to breaking the positioning of the addons.
  • The UI scale used is 0.6949. I'm using a 23.4" monitor, if yours have a different size, you might need to change it. However, changing it will most probably lead to breaking the positioning of the addons.

I can't be responsible for all of that: if you break something, fix it by your own.

As you have probably noticed, this is based on LUI, whether on the layout idea or on the addon itself
While I could have quite easily got rid of it, as "only" LUI's auras, minimap, infotexts, bags and world map are still used (and they all have great equivalents), I decided to keep it, partly because I'm lazy and unwilling to have a bunch of addons to configure and update, but mainly because LUI is great. Kudos to Loui and all the guys who succesfully ensured the addon's continuity. (Consequence: this package is not lightweight. At all.)

All my thanks to the addon developers as well. You guys are doing a wonderful works and I would instantly cancel my subscription to this if I couldn't play it with your addons.

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