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Comergy patch for Monks

Version: .2a
by: Theondry [More]

Comergy is an *awesome* addon. Sadly, it has no love for monks. While Comergy itself has been updated for MoP, it did not address Paladin Holy Power or Monk's Chi.

I've initially kludged together some junk to make the addon treat Chi like combo points.

There is *no* elegance to this. Chi is not checked for the talent to see if you have 4 or 5. There are 5 combo points, so you get 4 Chi, and that last box is unloved unless you have Ascension (the talent that gives you a 5th).

It is my hope that this treatment will so outrage the author of Comergy that he will scream out his rage in the form of beautiful code that will provide support for Chi and Holy Power.

Otherwise my clumsy, filth-encrusted fingers will dabble further as I muck together a Holy Power display on top of the Combo Points.

And oh, it will be horrible.

All that's included in the zip is the comergy.lua which you can drop into the directory for Comergy 1.59. You may have some OS X files polluting your computer after that, but that's your own fault for not using the same OS as I do.

And yes: "paladin" is plural. Like "moose".

Fixed an issue where I hated rogues.
I still hate rogues, but am just more subtle about it.

You are stupid. We read things top to bottom. What did you expect?

Fixed some issues hidden by what the other dude did. (Not his fault. Just some things that needed to be made explicit.)
Laid framework for Paladin. I don't think it actually works for them, yet.
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Unread 11-20-12, 01:33 PM  
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Re: rogue combo point error...

Originally Posted by sangyoub
this patch rogue combo point error..
Please be less vague. (I'll get on my rogue over Thxgivng and have a look.)


I have fixed the issue, testing on both my rogue and monk. I have NOT tested to see if what I did broke all the other classes.

Oddly, I discovered that the previous fix should not have worked at all. Weird.

Less oddly, I know how not to make the same error with Paladin when I add them.
Theondry of Perenolde
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Unread 11-19-12, 09:45 PM  
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rogue combo point error...

this patch rogue combo point error..
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Unread 11-14-12, 12:01 PM  
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I'm not using Comergy (and subsequently this patch) but going to give alot of thumbsup for the humorous description.
Was quite entertaining

(well thumbs were in short supply so here's some bananas)
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