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Enhanced Tradeskills WotLK version

Version: WotLK 1.0a
by: Sithehenn [More]

The current, updated version can be found HERE.

This version of Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update) is compatible with Wrath of the Lick King Beta ONLY.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When upgrading from a previous version, you will need to delete your SavedVariables file for this addon. It can be found at: "DriveLetter":\Wrath of the Lich King Beta\WTF\Account\"AccountName"\SavedVariables\EnhancedTradeSkills.lua
"DriveLetter" = Whatever hard drive you installed the game on, for example: C
"AccountName" = The login name of your account.

Failure to do this will hang the game more often than not.

I may have left out some of the buyables, so if anyone finds some, please let me know.

This version is obsolete since the end of the Beta

1.0a: Fixed a glitch that would occasionally cause the wrong recipe list to show when switching between tradeskills. Fixed a minor bug with the filters. Added Eternium Thread to the buyables.
1.0: Initial WotLK version.
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This has been updated at Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)
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Unread 11-14-08, 06:22 PM  
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Non Beta

Any chance this will be updated? I don't really care for ATSW or Skillet that much. They work but I think they have too much.


Nevermind did some looking around. =-)
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