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Version: 2.01
by: Spensel [More]

BAMFtones is an Add-On that plays quotes from Movies or famous sounds from video games in reaction to events in wow such as Dyeing/getting an Achievement/A killing blow in pvp/ and deaths while in an instance.

All sound files were not created by me and are the rights of Touchstone, Paramount, Sega, Blizzard, or Nintendo. (Inform me if I missed any)

There is no options for BAMFTones at this time it plays a random sound effect when any of the aforementioned events take place.

Currently there are close to 30 sound-files. check for updates with added events and sound files.

Authors: Blackmanta(myself)/Tehuberjarl

1.2 - removed raid death sounds to increase number of death tones to 28. still working on killing blow.
1.3 - removed nazi mac hidden files, fixed a bug.
1.4 - up to 32 sounds, updated for 3.2
2.0 - Almost a year latter on the dot, new sounds and a rewrite of all the code, works with 4.0.X
2.01 - Updated ToC for 4.1 (so it doesn't say "out of date")
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now it has
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has this been updated?
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