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Amnith's Invite Broadcaster

Version: 4.2
by: amnith [More]

Amnith's Invite Broadcaster (amnib by short) is a small addon that does three things:

  • Broadcasts to the guild chat that invites for the given instance have started.
  • Invites people whispering invite to you to your group/raid.
  • Mass-invites people to your group.

Broadcasting can be done by typing /ib start <instance>, for instance:
/ib start Karazhan sends "Invites for Karazhan have started. For an invite, please whisper me 'invite' without the quotes." to the guild chat. To reannounce, use /ib announce.

Invites happen when people whisper you the exact word invite when the inviter has been activated. The inviter saves its state over sessions. To stop taking invites, type /ib stop.

Full command list
/ib start <instance>: Starts the auto-invites and broadcasts to the guild if instance specified.
/ib stop: Stops the auto-invites.
/ib status: Shows the current status of the invite broadcaster.
/ib announce: Announces the previously started instance invite.
/ib massinv <player1> [player2] [player3] [...]: Performs a mass invite for all players passed.
/ib text: Shows current text to broadcast.
/ib text <text>: Allows to set the text for invites. <INSTANCE> specifies the instance, <KEYWORD> specifies the default invite keyword.
/ib resettext: Resets invite text to default.
/ib keyword [<add|del|default> keyword]: With no parameters, lists current auto-invite keywords. Otherwise adds or removes given keyword, or sets it to the standard for broadcasting.
/ib version: Shows you what version you are using.

Robert Jacobsen:
- Added more functionality. Let the version follow the game major version.
- Hopefully made the addon more generic with better code quality.

- Made it compatible with Cataclysm.
- Why wasn't this addon on github?

- Follow World of Warcraft's major version numbering instead of living a version life of it's own.
- Updated the TOC version.

- Bumped TOC and added working with Wrath of the Lich King.

- Now saving information about which instance the current invites are going to.

- Added a /ib announce command to reannounce.

- Made it possible to stop auto-inviting through /ib start and /ib stop
- More commands!

- Initial release.
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Unread 06-17-08, 02:25 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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Good idea. I think I'll rather want to have a switch triggered by /ib <instance>, and rather catch /ibstop or something to stop inviting.
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Unread 06-17-08, 02:15 AM  
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You might want to unregister the whisper handler and only register it for a certain period of time after someone uses the slashcommand

Anyone using this addon will now invite everyone if they just whisper the person with 'invite'.

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