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Shadowlands pre-patch (9.0.1)
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LolzenUI  Updated this week!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 9.0.1_r5
by: Lolzen [More]


LolzenUI is a compilation of different utilities for either information, feature, ease-of-life addition or anything of that sort.

It is set to my personal preferences, however it is possible to change many aspects to change the looks or features of this UI to make it yours.
FAQ & Help
Type /lolzen or /lolzenui for a quick shortcut to open the optionpanel.
Q: How can i access the OrderHall Missions when the Minimap button is missing?
A: On the top left of your Orderhallbar is an icon of your class, click on it.

Q: Can i disable x and use y instead?
A: Disable the module by opening the Optionpanel (/lolzen or /lolzenui) and untick the checkbox. Then press Apply.
LolzenUI is modular.
What this means is, there are modules, which can either be turned on or turned off. When a module is not needed, it will not take up memory or cpu cycles, so if a module gets disabled, it's disabled.
In addition to the modular approach, there's an separate Addon bundled - LolzenUI_Options which can be used to modify some aspects of these modules. LolzenUI_Options is optional and not needed if you really like the defaults, but it is needed for modifying these defaults.
modules included are:
  • actionbars
  • artifactbar
  • buffs
  • buffwatcher
  • chat
  • clock
  • fonts
  • inspect
  • interruptannouncer
  • itemlevel
  • minimap
  • miscellaneous
  • nameplates
  • objectivetrackerframe
  • orderhallbar
  • pullcount
  • slashcommands
  • tooltip
  • unitframes
  • worldmap
  • xpbar

Custom Module Support
Create your own modules!
If you know your way around Lua, don't want to rely on me, or simply want to integrate a module by your own, LolzenUI now supports it.
Template can be found here: link

SharedMedia support
Add any Shared Media pack and use the dropdown menus in the options. It's as easy as that. Currently supported are statusbars, backgrounds, borders and fonts.
Of course LolzenUI comes with standards and SharedMedia packs are optional.
Planned Features/Updates/Bugreports
You can look up issues or planned enhancements here. There you can also report bugs, or suggest features.
You can submit patches, request or bug reports there in addition to the comment section.
Github version is not considered stable, stable releases are uploaded here on WoWInterface.
Libs embedded
Can be used to easily add custom fonts and textures to LolzenUI.

the Unitframes and Nameplates integrated make use of oUF.
WoWInterface forum users (you know who you are)
haste, p3lim, everyone involed in oUF - mosty for oUF, but also other inspirations
neav/neal - clock is basically a modified nClock ripoff. if you like the clock module be sure to check out nClock!
Seerah - back in the days she gave me persission to use itemQualityColor borders for my tooltip, which the included one is based off
Phanx, tuller, rothar/zork, tekkub - various inspirations, fixes which i found via google and stuff incorporated in LolzenUI (specifics can be seen in the code itself)
More, so much more i don't know on top of my head - i'm sorry

If you think you deserve to have your name here, please drop a comment or me, i want to give credits where credits are due
Copyright (c) 2019 Georg Eitler

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Exceptions are bundled software which either use an own license or don't belong
to the Autor of "LolzenUI". Specifically:
"CallBackHandler-1.0" - BSD license,
"LibSharedMedia-3.0" - All Rights Reserved license,
"LibStub" - public domain,
"oUF" - MIT license,
"oUF_MovableFrames" - no license, Copyright (c) owner Trond A Ekseth


use correct interface version
modules: orderhallbar: simplify coordinates & fix error on exile's reach
modules: unitframes: elements: stagger: fix SL API changes
modules: unitframes: elements: runes: fix SL API changes
clock: enable AM/PM for US dateformat option
tag as version 9.0.1_r5

use correct interface version
tag as version 9.0.1_r5
nameplates: fix auratimer sticking to screen
modules: unitframes: elements: fix castbar spark
tag as version 9.0.1_r4

tag as version 9.0.1_r4
modules: buffwatcher: fix yet another APi error
modules: itemlevel: fix LiteBag hook
tag as version 9.0.1_r3

tag as version 9.0.1_r3
tag as version 9.0.1_r2

modules: actionbars: add missing Shadowland API update fixes
tag as version 9.0.1_r2
ibs: update oUF to version 10.0
Shadowlands: update for API changes
unitframes: elements: castbar: oUF 10.0 update
modules: nameplates more Shadowlands API updates
tag as version 9.0.1_r1
libs: OMF: Shadowland API updates
libs: OMF: guard agains nameplates

more Shadowlands API updates
tag as version 9.0.1_r1
Notes: This update has been partially targetted at 8.3.0, 8.3.5 and just arrived late in 8.3.7 due to many unlucky circumstances in real life. Debugging took longer too as there was a nasty bug which i had to dig around to find, after all the Addon while trying hard to be as Lightweight/low footprint as possible while also offering as much freedom of customizition as possible, is getting complexer with time.

This update provides the first chunk of real time options, meaning you won't need to press that "Apply" Button anymore. However there are some options left to finish. Consider this a Beta type of release, eben tough i've tested as much as possible i think it's time to start getting this out, finish the transition and start polishing it up. Especially when the prepatch/Shadowlands is coming soon. Functionality wise nothing should be different, just much easier to customize stuff, which was the main goal here -> user friendlyness.

So in that regards, sorry for the huige delay and enjoy!
add LibButtonTexture-1.0
defaultconfig: change to use LBT as default
sharedmedia: add LBT & register button textures
changes due to LBT
LibButtonTexture-1.0: change the "None" texture of the buttonborder
nil would cause an sideffect that the standard UI-Quickslot2 texture on the buttons be messed up. This fixes that issue and acts the same.
actionbars: add ns.SetActionBarTheme()
this will be called from the optionpanel and apply our changes on the fly instead of relying on a /reload
actionbars: fix petacrionbar
annd hide autocastable texture as of now
actionbars: add ns.SetActionBarKeyBindToggle()
actionbars: add ns.UpdateActionBarSpacing() and ns.UpdateActionBarSize()
add ns.UpdateActionBarPositions()
defaultconfig: bring back data migration (actionbar texures) up to 9.0 (Shadowlands prepatch)
defaultconfig: fix data migration
artifactbar: add some realtime setting functions
position, height, width, alpha, backgroundalpha & texture can be set without reloading now
artifactbar: add ns.SetArtifactRGBColor
called to change colors realtime
modify/add remaining functions for realltime options (artifactrbar)
remove uncommented code that slipped in
update LibButtonTexture
adds buff/debuff mediatypes used respectively
sharedmedia: register default buff/debuff textures for LBT
defaultconfig: changes due to LBT usage along with data mitigation
buffs: use LBT
buffs: add functions for realtime changes
buffwatcher: add functions for realtime options
also slightly modify the code to work better without the need of reloading, on which it relied until now
buffwatcher: remove debug message
it's not really informative and probably more confusing, rather than helpful.
clock: use C_Timer.After instead of AnimationGroup to update time
chat: add functions for realtime options
also fix an oversight which made the option to strip say/yell from chat useless when short chatstamps were activated
clock: add functions for realtime options
defaultconfig: remove default setting for removed option
itemlevel: guard loading code for blizzard's bags if any supported bag addon is loaded
adds Baggins, Bagnon, Combuctor and Inventorian to the guard; BaudBag and LiteBag were already guarded
modules: itemlevel: several updates
*update for realtime options
*fix combuctor hook (Combuctor.ItemSlot -> Combuctor.Item)
*LiteBag: show corrupted items with a corruption symbol similar to default bags [note: this will neither be an option nor other bags supported. with Shadowlands corruption will be gone, so will this change)
minimap: add realtime option functions
also fix round minimap mask
misellanous: add functions for realtimeoptions
nameplates: add functions for realtime options [1/2]
customize the auratimer & counter
long time due
taken from oUF_p3lim
also align the iconborder better
nameplates: add option functions for castbar subcathegory
objectivetrackerframe: add functions for realtimeoptions
also introduce oh_fake frame, because ClearAllPoints & SetPoint are niled out, else the stock UI functions would interfere.
This way we can reposition at will.
defaultconfig: add objectivetracker_dungeoncollapse
objectivetrackerframe: add functionality for keeping it collapsed in instances
fixes #61
orderhallbar: add functions for realtime options
defaultconfig: add data migration for pullcount
due to future use of LibSharedMedia sounds
sharedmedia: register pullcount sounds (UT2004 female announcer)
pullcount: change to LSM use
move UT2004 soundfiles
sharedmedia/sounds: add UT3_female sounds
pullcount: fix chatfilterFunc not being de/applied
tooltip: add functions for realtime options
tooltip: also consider embedded tooltips for realtime option changes
worldmap: add reltime option functions
xpbar: functions for realtime options
artifactbar: also change bg texture
tag as version 8.3.7_r1
nameplates: fix castbar icon disappearing when position is changed via options
tooltip: fix case when talents where disabled being inable to display then when the option is turned on without /reload
Minimap: fix mask texture when module is deactivated
objectivetracker: fix login autocollapse
also, set notice for my future self.
defaultconfig: fix some boolean settings being overwritten every time
defaultconfig: uncomment pull_sound_abort
defaultconfig: add missing comma
sounds: add Nyanners pullcount sounds
sharedmedia: register Nyanners sounds

core: add LBT support
actionbars: use LBT
actionbars: element positioning
core: add optional picker.OnClick()
this can be used to extend the OnClick event
also remove SetPoint ind ns.createbuttonoverlay() and use a common SetAllPoints()
This can be altered in the respective option panel per item
actionbars: change Actionbar textures on the fly
Preview will be updated immediatly. LolzenUI.SetActionBarTheme() in LolzenUI/mdules/actionbars acts as a bridge to apply the changes to the actionbar textures themselves
actionbars: make keybind setting interactive
actionbars: make size/space setting interactive
actionbars: make actionbar positioning interactive
*each actionbar can be positioned on the fly
*resetting can be eithe rdone by the defaults button or by pressing the reset button next to the actionbar positions
*remove now superflous applyButton
artifactbar: convert some options to apply instantly
core: expand colorpicker functionality
add realtime colorchanging
finish up artifactbar realtime options
core: LBT changes for auras
buffs: initial support for LBT
buffs: apply options in relatime
buffwatcher: realtime options
also remove the need to reload for the list entries
chat: realtime options
clock: realtime options
interruptannouncer: realtime options
locales: remove translations of removed options
itemlevel: realtimeoptions
minimap: realtime options
miscellanous: realtime options
minimap: streamline code format
nameplates: general: realtimeoptions
add castbar realtime options
also functions for when generaloptions are modified, preview of castbar is modiefied too
objectivetrackerframe: realtime options
locales: update
also streamline deDE wording
objectivetrackerframe: add option to permanently collapse it in instances
orderhallbar: realtime options
locales: update
locales: update
core: add pickertypes for pullcount option revamp
pullcount: realtimeoptions/slight revamp
due to LSM usage we can use a picker for selecting soundfiles instead of having to write in the filename

pro: existing soundpacks work
con: users not knowing how to register sounds in LSM don't have the freedom they previously had. But let's be real, LolzenUI isn't that popular anyways
pullcount: fix chatfilterFunc not being de/applied
tooltip: realtimeoptions
worldmap: realtime options
xpbar: realtime options
also fix font color option
tag as version 8.3.7_r1
worldmap: replace scale option with a picker instead of the inputbox
locales: update transaltions
interruptannouncer: fix message always setting the default value
artifactbar: change texture of color selection buttons upon changing texture option
artifactbar: don't change font selection texture; always use standard
prevents the texture from having a totally different color than the font (especially when alpha is involved in the texture set)
orderhallbar: change texture of color selection button upon changing texure option
tooltip: don't change color selectionm textures based on texture set
all the selections are for text, not texture colors
xpbar: change texture of color selection button upon changing texture option
also set text color always to standard
chat: remove automated /who on whisper as it is a protected event since 8.2.5
tooltip: add modifications for corrupted items
don't change uiscale
tag as version 8.3.0_r1

tag as version 8.3.0_r1
unitframes: units: unitframes: actually load arena frames
tooltip: stop level 1 tainting
unitframes: units: arena: clean up
actionbars: fix "group frame not clickable if petactionbar is visible"
interruptanouncer: remove /s announce
see https://twitter.com/deadlybossmods/status/1176685822223011842
tag as version 8.2.5_r3

interruptannouncer: remove /s announce option
see https://twitter.com/deadlybossmods/status/1176685822223011842
tag as version 8.2.5_r3
tooltip: fix AzeriteEssenceSlot tooltip not being essence rank colored
misc: handle StoreMicrobutton once
unitframes: elements: healthpoints: remove color codes from tags
tooltip: verify to color background if an essence is hovered on colorEssenceSlotQuality()
defaultconfig: fix initializing new subcathegories in existing module SVs
defaultconfig: cleanup debug stuff
defaultconfig: remove unnecessary check for type "table"
defaultconfig: add Saved Variables for unitframes: arena
unitframes: unit: add arena
defaultconfig: handle table in table case
defaultconfig: add additinional positining SVs to unitframes: arena
unitframes: layout: enable arena frames
unitframes: auras: consider arena frames
defaultconfig: add arenaframe entries to LolzenUIcfgOMF if found
e.g arenaframes
defaultconfig: add default entries for arena
defaultconfig: fix OMF SV updating
defaultconfig: change arena frame aura display to "None"
unitframes: elements: infopanel: add [arenaspec] to level
tag as version 8.2.5_r2

unitframes: add arena options
locales: update translations
locales: update translations
unitframes: arena: add growth options
aka additional placements (arena2, arena3..)
tag as version 8.2.5_r2
tag as version 8.2.5_r1

tag as version 8.2.5_r1
unitframes: elements: tags: remove unused local
hide pet hotkeys on login, when opted in
else these would be shown initially
fixes #44
itemlevel: add support for Baggins
see #12
itemlevel: add Bagnon support
see #12
itemlevel: add Combuctor support
see #12
itemleve: add Inventorian support
with that most known Bag Addons (which don't provide support for itemlevels on their own) are now supported
fixes #12
misc: 8.2.5 proof
defaultconfig: expose OMFdefault global
Needed by profile support
see #15
unitframes: elements: auras: show debufftype per overlay
unitframes: elements: auras: use duration custom timer
also put the counter on the topleft of the icon, to prevent overlapping
nameplates: add debuff coloring & fix display type "both"
nameplates: Override builtin Threatindicator element
tag as version 8.2.0_r3

tag as version 8.2.0_r3
unitframes: use oUFs builtin perhp tag instead of duplicating it
LolzenUI: oUF tags: optimize
*remove as much custom tags as possible to reduce duplicating built-in functionality
*move oUF Tags into a dedicated .lua file
unitframes: add forgotten powercolor tag
nameplates: don't overlap explosive texture onto hp texture, instead replace it temporarily
unitframes: split into own files
tooltip: fix out of screen tooltips
fixes #48
tooltip: color border accordingly to essence quality
BUG: it doesn't work on the Essence Slots, just in the essence list
Merge pull request #49 from Lolzen/uf_restructure
unitframes: add resting indicator element
defaultconfig: add SV's for resting indicator
unitframes: player: add optional resting indicator element
LolzenUI: tag as version 8.2.0_r2
defaultconfig: use vertex colors for powercolors from unitframes
fixes #50
locales: add resting indicator
resting indicator: also esES
modules: unitframes: player: add resting indicator options
LolzenUI_Options: tag as version 8.2.0_r2
minimap: only strip 0 from days < 10
libs: oUF: update to 9.2.0
libs: oUF: update to 9.2.2
minimap: fix repositioning
defaultconfig: remove deprecated version data migration code
clock: adress nil error
also switch to C_DateAndTime.GetCurrentCalendarTime()
tooltip: fix out of bound text on PvP enabled NPCs
tooltip: fix out of border text 2/2
Due to hiding the PvP line (and providing a nicer display) the tooltip may act up as in out of border text placement. This has been adressed due to not using Hide(), instead we use SetText(nil)
libs: oUF: update to 9.1.2
nameplates: highlight explosives
Draws a blue glow border and a striped texture around/as healthbar.

This will highlight explosives for the Explosive affix in M+
media: add stripes texture
nameplates: fix PRD power display once and for all
tooltip: fix ">>" in targetline being colored
libs: oUF: update to 9.1.3
tooltip: fix coloring
pullcount: lower the framestrata of the ChallengesKeystoneFrame so the /pull numbers are not hidden behind it
LolzenUI: initialize a one time tutorial
fixes #29
tutorial: localize
tuorial: fix c/p derp
locales: update translation and fix typos
Notes: This update adresses a critical bugfix caused by a typo which resulted in actionbars acting up due to underlying changes. Users should have had their settings reset (sorry for that) and an otherwise seemingless transition from previous versions, however due to that typo this never happened.. I'm sincerly sorry!
orderhallbar: comma placement
defaultconfig: add orderhallbar font SV's
orderhallbar: use SVs for zonetext
defaultconfig: add clock date format SV
clock: use localized names & consider US date format
also don't use C_DateAndTime.GetCurrentCalendarTime() for now. On first login it returns nil and prevents the module from working as intended, keep using date() instead

fixes #41
minimap: fix display error "0" on login
*C_Calendar.GetDate() is deprecated, use C_DateAndTime.GetCurrentCalendarTime() instead
*however C_DateAndTime.GetCurrentCalendarTime() returns nil on login.
*fix by using date() instead
sounds: add Denied.mp3
pullcount: add support for "/pull 0" (pull abort)
also don't send to both BigWigs AND DBM.
BigWigs has the abiliity to listen and send to DBM events anyways
fixes #47
dafaultconfig: critical bug fix: typo in migrationdata
core: another critical bugfix
wtf was i doing
orderhallbar: add options or zonetext font customization
core: add picker type "dateformat"
locales: update translations
clock: add option to choose between EU (default) and US date format
tooltip: remove deprecated WorldMapTooltip reference
unitframes: add a stagger bar for monks
libs: oUF: update to version 9.1.1
libs: import oUF_DebuffHighlight
unitframes: add debuffhighlighting
optionpanel: fix checkboxes for custom modules
itemlevel: add LiteBag support
see #12
itemlevel: blizzard bags: do nothing if LiteBags is loaded
libs: oUF: update to version 9.1.0
miscellaenous: change how StoreMicroButton is hidden
may be the source of bug #46
Needs testing just to be sure
core: remove deprecated pickertype check
nameplates: fix up Personal Resource Display
Powerbar will now only show up on the PRD nameplate
nameplates: fix performance issues with PRD
May still cause issues in combat
Needs testing
unitframes: use custom power colors in "lolzen:power" tag
set Power.colorPower = true
unitframes: use StateDriver for hiding default raid frames
nameplates: don't use Show/Hide, instead set alpha
unitframes: don't use Show/Hide
unitframes: hide power.value if it is "0"
unitframes: fix string formatting
unitframes: remove intial Glowborder coloring
inspect: resctrict INSPECT_READY event
unitframes: use self.colors.power
also check for powerType
defaultconfig: sticky chat changes
see #36
chat: sticky channel changes
see #36
defaultconfig: add chat_link_color
see #33
chat: add url color handling
chat: make LolzenUI timestamp and blizzard's timestamp exclusive to each other
No more double timestamps
unitframes: powercolors: don't use either or, use both if available
actionbars: update for revised options
tooltip: clean up
defaultconfig: clean up actionbar cfg
many of the default saved variables are now not needed anymore
see #35
UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED will not fire when we drag an item on an existing slot.
unitframes: directly change powercolors based on oUF's implementation
defaultconfig: add necessary actionbar cofing reset & restrict data migration to 8.2.0
also add LolzenUIcfg.version
fixes #35
TOC: update to version 8.1.0_r5
inspect: fix Inspectbutton being greyed out
fixes #45
chat: sticky channel changes
locales: update (sticky channels)
core: remove now superflous ns.picker_bin
chat: add options for link color
chat: exclusiviy between LolzenUI timestamps and blizzard's
locales: update translations
core: localize apply button
use existing localization and use it correctly
actionbars: revise options [TBD: cleanup]
locales: update translations
TOC: update to version 8.1.0_r5
unitframes: powercolors: localization independent alignment
miscellaneous: localization independend alignment
locales: update translations
actionbars: move up extraactionbutton
libs: oUF update to 9.0.1
unitframes: update for oUF 9.0.1
nameplates: update for oUF 9.0.1 & misc
* tank threat color changes
* try to circumvent powerbar on other nameplates when PRD is activated
libs: oUF: update to 9.0.2
unitframes: fix ColorGradient for 9.0.X
also don't use unpack
fixes #37
pullcount: delay setting isCounting to false by 1 sec
fixes #7
defaultconfig: change nameplate defaults to show Buffs
defaultconfig: make default globally available
For convenience with LolzenUI_Options
tooltip: don't use unpack
tooltip: create a fallback to prevent an error
defaultconfig: add code to change saved variable structure if present
see #40
nameplates: adapt to new SV structure
see #40
unitframes: adapt to new SV structure
see #40
LICENSE: update for 2019
unitframes: cleanup & optimization
unitframes: check if LolzenUIcfg.unitframes[unit] even exists
nameplates: fix several errors
itemlvl: updateBagSlotInfoTest -> updateBagSlotInfo
actionbars: remove the statusbartrackingmanager instead of hooking "ShouldBeVisible"
buffs: simplify positioning code
itemlevel: character: implement more detailed stats & itemlevel

nameplates: change defaults according to LolzenUI's defaults
LICENSE: update for 2019
modules: use default values from LolzenUI instead of replicating them
unitframes and nameplates needed a bit of rework due to their split panel nature
see Lolzen/LolzenUI#40
locales: update string part which uses saved variables
due to new structure
see Lolzen/LolzenUI#40
nameplates: fix up personal resource display
nameplates: remove SetActiveStyle
for some reason this bugs the UI on Lust
defaultcofig: wrong divisor on ohb_zone_color
chat: add basic URL copy
fixes #23
tooltip: add talent caching
tooltip: take respeccing into consideration
libs: ditch oUF_CombatFade
i suck at plugins
unitframes: implement combatfading directly
instead of using oUF_Combatfade
fixes #30
defaultconfig: add objectivetracker_scale SV
objectivetracker: add ability to scale
LolzenUI: initialize localization
*supported are enUS/deDE
*This commit also fixes a bug where the embedded, edited version of oUF_MovableFrames wrongly depended on LolzenUI_Options
optionpanel: wrong division number

orderhallbar: defaults: wrong divisor on ohb_zone_color
objectivetracker: add scale option
LolzenUI_Options: localize
unitframes: player: fix wrong panel size when standalone castbar is selected on load
remove superflous file
worldmap: fix error
libs: oUF_CombateFade: optimize
This commit fixes constat calls of UIFrameFadeIn/Out or SetAlpha() which drastically improves performance on both memory usage buildup and cpu usage

*call Update on OnShow Event for all unitframes
libs: oUF_CombatFade: bump to version 1.2.1
nameplates: differentiete between tank and other speccs
When playing on my Tank twink i experienced a hard time knowing which units where aggroed and which are only infight.
This will show the "threatborder" only when the mobs are attacking yourself, while ignoring the usual behavior of "is aggroed"
defaultconfig: add SV for hiding microbuttons
see #31
actionbars: remove microbutton hiding code
see #31
misc: add micropbutton hide code
see #31
TOC: update to 8.1
worldmap: remove 8.0.1 code

nameplates: split files up
misc: add option to hide/show microbuttons, also cleanup whitespace
TOC: update to 8.1

worldmap: prevent repositioning
fixes #27
worldmap: regain the ability to close with "ESC"
was lost due to last commit
defaultconfig: add minimap postition SV
minimap: use postition SV
see #6
libs: make it clear oUF_MovableFrames is edited
libs: oUF_CombatFade: update
add smooth fading option
unitframes: use smooth fading (CombatFade)
libs: update LibSharedMedia-3.0
libs: CallBackHandler: update to r23
libs: oUF_CombatFade: change fade handling
based on oUF_Fader by p3lim now.
The old implementation did work, however created a huge memory leak which this commit adresses.
One thing that's not enirely working is ToT fading, however that can be adressed some time in the future.
defaultconfig: add chat_shorten_channels
chat: make short channels optional
1/2 #22
minimap: add position options
minimap: name anchor picker properly
core: updates
*change ns.createTitle
titles won't appear on scrollframes, therefore remove the code to place it there. On the other hand add the ability to pass a string and use that for the title.
*change ns.createDescription
automatically set it's place. This removes the need to do it manually later on
*change ns.createColorPicker
use appropiate internal function name.
*add ns.createScrollFrame
Used to create a scrollframe on optionpanels
unitframes: split into multiples files
This commit greatly improves loading time. reference: Lolzen/LolzenUI#9
modules: follow core changes
remove unnecessary :SetPoint()
also use ns.createTitle on nameplates
chat: follow core changes
remove unnecessary SetPoint()
chat: add scrollframe
and thus "clean up" the optionpanel
chat: implement short channels option
2/2 fixes Lolzen/LolzenUI#22
Notes: In this update you'll notice that on most Option Panels an "Apply Settings" button suddently appeared. This new Button does what the "Okay" Button did before. The reason is that the implementation of using the "Okay" Button was more convenient at first glance, but brought bad behavion on a closerlook. Other Addon's Option Panels were forced to do a /reload with out them actually declaring that, this was the faullt of LolzenUI's use of the "Okay" button.
xpbar: show exalted rep as a full bar instead of an empty one
fixes #24
worldmap: make the transition to 8.1 seamless
This works for both 8.0.1 and 8.1
the check can be removed at a later point once 8.1 is live
itemlevel: use scantooltip for inspect targets
fixes #26
chat: fix positioning
fixes #25
optionpanel: add "Apply Settings" button
the problem with using the .okay function is that it influences any other addon's okay button as well.
see #1
core: add LolzenUI_Options.createApplyButton
modules: make use of newly added createApplyButton()
This will carry over the functionality of the Okay button, which did work, however influenced other Addon's Okay button as well.
This does not influence the status of #1 however fixes one aspect of it

* buffwatcher: update text after adding/deleting buffs
*objectivetrackerframe: uncomment unused scale variables (slipped through somehow)
*uniframes: oUF_MovableFrames panel does not have an apply button, however it isn't needed as values are updated on the fly.

defaultconfig: versioncheck module doesn't exist anymore
itemelevel: don't call ns.RegisterModule each time
LolzenUI: introduce misc options
fixes #4
tooltip: use rep colors set from misc options
unitframes: use rep colors from misc options
xpbar use rep colors from misc options
xpbar: create fallback for rep colors
use the standard colors if misc either misc options or the option to alter rep colors are disabled
xpbar: do not reintroduce actionbar bug
use the standard FACTION_BAR_COLORS values, but use a local copy
tooltip: create a fallback for rep colors
unitframes: only use custom reaction colors when options are set and willfully used
miscellaneous: respect option setting

LolzenUI_Options: introduce misc options
Update modules/orderhallbar/options.lua

worldmap: don't be so nice (forgot test print)
itemlevel: split into dedicated .lua's
This commit splits up the ilvl.lua into different individual .lua's so it is more readable. This also adresses some issues from the old implementation where i was not happy with an implementation either with this or that setup. So basically now we can decide how to adress certain usecases and this also paves the way for easier Bag Addon support implementations.
See #12

fixes #13
fixes #20
itemlevel: respect option settings
itemlevel: use MixIn instead of GetDetailedItemLevelInfo
fixes #8

worldmap: fix derp in version checking

LolzenUI: integrate versioncheck into core
defaultconfig: add more worldmap options
worldmap: enhance option variety and fix non-functioning code
Fixes #19
worldmap: 8.0.1 compat code

unitframes: streamline optionpanels
core: don't create a FontObject if it is already created
remove versioncheck optionpanel
redundant; now in core
use options.xml to load optionpanels
worldmap: add more options
Notes: this is a roundup of bugsfixes introduced with the BfA transition or regressions i made
I wanted to have "realtime option" ready, but as i started raiding again and had to gt ready it kinda fell short, however about 1/3 of the options are done and are currently in a seperate branch to be picked up at a later point. There were quite a few annoying bugs which had first priority, so sorry for the late release on such critical bugs, it had to be narrowed down which was not that easy.
buffwatcher: adapt to BfA API changes
defaultonfig: remove saved variables chat output
minimap: fix mask texture remaining square if disabling module
core: expand LolzenUI.RegisterModule with description
requires a short description of the module now
modules: adapt not LolzenUI.RegisterModule changes
optionpanel: show module description on mouseover
chat: shorten channel names
implementing option to disable it later
don't override BUFF_WARNING_TIME
spawns a taint
fix threatGlow regression
actionbars: modify Vehiclebar too
also securely hook the StatusbarMixins
xpbar: don't modify FACTION_BAR_COLORS
This fixes the jittering with vehicles
don't use FACTION_BAR_COLORS_MOD globally
Revert "nameplates: add SetActiveStyle"
libs: update oUF to 8.0.2

xpbar: fix rested xp color option not working
actionbars: slightly change description
objectivetrackerframe: remove dot in description

interruptannouncer: adapt to API changes for BfA
fix ShoppingMicroButton & HonorBarMixin showing
HonorBarMixin had a typo
remove OnLoad overwrite
orderhallbar: move PvP info panel (resources, etc)
actionbars: prevent shoppingmicrobutton for real now
add License

add License

actionbars: fix HonorBarMixin showing

actiobars: fix taint
unitframes: harden StandardUI raidcontainer hiding
Notes: fix LolzenUI_Options not being able to load options

core: fix loading error
remove superflous inspect optionpanel

Notes: BfA update. If you are on 7.3.5 download that version.
No dramatic changes over 7.3.5, 90% bugfixes/updates for BfA!
LolzenUI: introduce libs.xml
LolzenUI: introduce modules.xml
media: add azerite related textures
Revert "unitframes: testmode: make every object refer to player"
Revert "unitframes: add testmode"
Revert "defaultconfig: unitframes: add testmode SV"
defaultconfig: remove obsolete position sv's
chat: replace non existing buttons to hide with the new ones
core: LolzenUI.RegisterModule now accepts an boolean "hasOptions"
modules: adapt to LolzenUI.RegisterModule changes
optionpanel: adapt to ns.RegisterModule changes
Minimap: fix current day display with bfa
clock: remove superflous TimeFormat() function
clock: cleanup & remove Alt key restriction
clock: don't use locals in timerAnim
inspect: fix inspect errors in BfA
Prestige doesn't exist anymore.
Also, InspectPVPFrame_Update() was changed accordingly and doesn't
change the portrait frame anymore, so just call the original function.
inspect: fix non clickable items when cached
Do this by modifying InspectPaperDollItemSlotButton_OnClick()
remove remains from old onClick function
nameplates: add SetActiveStyle
xpbar: catch division by 0 in BfA
xpbar: remove obsolete PvP prestige
unitframes: fix BfA divide by zero error
by using a hardcoded fallback
itemlevel: switch from LibItemUpgradeInfo to Blizzard API
pullcount: C_ChatInfo changes for bfa
see http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showpost.php?p=327595&postcount=2
pullcount: fix bug/simplify
the PLAY sound was playing double, or not at all before.
This seems to fix it, but needs testing for confirmation.
unitframes:hardcode positions, OMF handles them now
artifactbar: BfA updates; switch from Legion Artifacts to Azerite
actionbars: BfA updates/fixes
orderhallbar: BfA updates/fixes
*fix coordinates for BfA
*hide orderhall resource info
*fix currency icons
*fix currency mouseover tooltips
*limit getAreaText() updates to only when moving
*disable coordinates in instances
tooltip: Bfa updates/fixes
tooltip: modify azerite visuals
libs: remove LibItemUpgradeInfo
libs: import oUF bfa branch
TOC: update version to 8.0.1 (BfA)

TOC: update version to 8.0.1 (BfA)
Notes: This is a a bugfix update, which also pulls the UI out of the beta state.
As i've made LolzenUI ready for BfA fixing bugs and implementing stuff like Azerite, i am now in a state where i can upload the BfA version once the prepatch has gone live. Now i'm back to optimizing code/structure and implementing features on my roadmap (e.g. localizations/profile import/export)
Until the prepatch, this is the las update for LolzenUI
artifactbar: hide when maxed out

core: font picker previews
Let's see those fonts right when picking them
core: font picker: decrease size and simplify
core: add icon previews to statusbar & background pickers
unitframes: remove testmode options
unitframes: fix & prune superflous position options in favor of dedicated option panel
Notes: With this update oUF_MovableFrames is brought and and modified to be integrated for unitframe positions. With the next update the other placing options will be purged and just oUF_MovableFrames will be used for placement. The panel isi names "Positions" and is the first subpanel in the "unitframes" category.
/omf <something> opens the panel directly
/omf shows the unitframe positions
libs: add oUF_MovableFrames
LolzenUI: load and use oUF_MovableFrames
unitframes: exclude party and raid frames from combatFade
range plugin is prefered, and much more useful
orderhallbar: coordinates are not always available, return empty string if so
test: battlegrounds
libs: oUF_MovableFrames: Hack into it to make it nicely integrated into LolzenUI
*Create the Optionpanel on demand
*change title color/text
*make the /omf <something> cmd open the sub-subpanel
libs: oUF_MovableFrames: move subtitle upwards
LolzenUI: add LolzenUIcfgOMF
Saved Variables for oUF_MovableFrames
defaultconfic: add defaultconfig for oUF_MovableFrames
libs: oUF:MovableFrames: SetTexture() is deprecated for setting texture color; use proper SetColorTexture() instead
libs: oUF_MovableFrames: enable mousewheel scrolling in the optionpanel
libs: oUF_MovableFrames instead of deleting entries just reset them, but keep the entries in the panel
libs:oUF_MovableFrames: update pos info on OnDragStop()
we can do this by moving the createOrUpdateMadnessOfGodIhateGUIs() into
unitframes: don't hide testmode option due to limited scrolling capability
create a subcategory panel for oUF_MovableFrames called "Positions"
Notes: With this update several improvements are brought in, most notably detailed buff duration efficiency. It introduces oUF_CombatFade plugin, which is based on oUF's range element along with options for it.
unitframes: testmode: make every object refer to player
itemlevel: improve cpu usage
*remove BAG_OPEN as it does nothing for us here
*remove ADDON_LOADED and the correcponding function
it is useless to hookscript updateInspectSlotInfo if we use
INSPECT_READY which is more reliable anyways
BAG_UPDATE gets multiple calls, where BAG_UPDATE_DELAYED is just one
call when those from BAG_UPDATE are finished. As we only want to call
updateBagSlotInfo() once if needed BAG_UPDATE_DELAYED is way more
fitting and effective in terms of cpu usage
pullcount: fix only playing soundfile for initial number if <=10
pullcount: try to prevent double counting
pullcount: this really should fix it now
buffs: implement and use own duration update instead of blizzard's AuraButton_UpdateDuration
orderhallbar: add coordinates and optimize code a bit
libs: add oUF_CombatFade plugin
This plugin is written based on oUF's range element
It may be derped hard - use at your own risk if you plan to
LolzenUI: load oUF_CombatFade plugin
unitframes: add oUF_CombatFade config
defaultconfig: add combatFade SVs
unitframes: use SVs for combatFade
unitframes: fix combatFade SV derp

unitframes: add options for oUF_combatFade
unitframnes: general options: add & use scrollframe

With this update you need to delete your old saved variables due to changes made to power color handling
Notes: This update brings performance optimizations for power colors, unfortunately you'll have to start from scratch for this version. Also includes a now customizable pet castbar (/wink warlocks)
fix shield castbar if it was bugged in beta5; derped a lot on this one
defaultconfig: unitframes: adjustments for castbar text
tooltip: remove useless check
defaultconfig: unitframes: powercolors: don't put powercolors in string keys
unitframes: tostring is not need anymore
unitframes: remove duplicate entries of self.Level and self.Name
unitframes: remove unnecessary self.Health references
pullcount: add missing isCounting check and prevent double countdown sounds
if a macro of both a print message (which pullcount reacts to) and a
/pull runs, then we'd get the sound playing double.
This should prevent that
nameplates: get rid of that threatGlow hack, do it properly
nameplates: there's mno more workaround in place
unitframes: get rid of the GlowThreat hack; do it properly
defaultconfig: add SVs for cut castbar icon
castbar: desature icons from uninterruptable casts
unitframes: remove unnecessary boolean check
unitframes: slightly change power color coloring in PostUpdatePower
unitframes: use booleans in SetDesatured
unitframes: don't set powercolor to white if we color them in the PostUpdatePower function
defaultcofig: change defaults for player castbar icon/time/text
defaultconfig: change defaults for target cb icon/time/text
defaultconfig: unitframes: fix some derps; rearragnge & change some defaults on boss/focus
defaultconfig: fix boss castbar icon derp
unitframes: add options for cut & "integrated" castbar icon
defaultconfig: unitframes: add SVs for pet castbar
unitframes: add optionized pet castbar

unitframes: change default values according to defaultconfig changes
unitframes: adapt to powercolor changes
unitframes: add options to trim castbar icon for player/target/boss/focus
unitframes: add pet castbar options
Notes: This update brings auras (buff/debuff or both) to Nameplates alsong with some fixes
defaultconfig: nameplates: add aura SVs
nameplates: add auras
unitframes: add testmode
defaultconfig: unitframes: add testmode SV
unitframes: fix castbar shield by setting castbar shield texture individually for every unitframe

nameplates: add aura options
actionbars: specify about
unitframes: fix general options & add tesmode option
inspect: clarify that a keybind exists
Notes: This update adds aura and castbar + options to focus & boss unitframes and make the "scrollable options experience" a bit better
furthermore bug fixes to auras, and castbars
libs: update embedded oUF to 7.0.14
defaultconfig: unitframes: focus: add SVs for aura
unitframes: focus: add & use auras
unitframes: boss: fix castbar color uing target's castbar color values
defaultconfig: unitframes: focus: add castbar SVs
unitframes: focus: add & use castbar
unitframes: target/boss/focus: add missing maxnum for debuffs & auras
unitframes: fix aura settings only using target specific settings
As target was the only unitframe "planned" with buffs i totally oversaw
scrollable content: make it dynamically change "size" depending on op
this adds a new function to either increase or decrease the max value of
the scrollbar
boss checkbox 2 was already defined, therefore previous 2&3 had to be
corrected to 3&4
hide & disable scrollbar on boss options if there's nothing to scroll & realign target&boss headers
unitframes: boss: fix checking for wrong button for "uf_boss_aura_show_only_player"
unitframes: focus add aura options
unitframes: focus: add castbar options; make options scrollable
Notes: This update brings new options for the boss frame. Namely, aura & castbar and powerbar/powerpoint options.
The default values for boss frames have changed a little regarding size and spacing, it is adviced you change the settings to default by opening the Options panel (/lolzen or /lolzenui) Unitframes -> Boss, click on "Defaults" and then "These Settngs"
Also includes a fix for player castbar options not accepting some values from the option panel
unitframes: put elements back into shared and only use the the desired ones on the desired frames
unitframes: Castbar Spark: adjust size to make it look nicer
unitframes: Spark: don't try to set size for every unitframe
SetSize() would be ignored, so do it individually.
Also looks nicer once again.
defaultconfig: rearrange standard SV default table for untframes, boss according to options panel
defaultconfig: add SV "uf_show_boss_power"
unitframes: boss: add ability to show power bar if the option is set
defaultconfig: unitframes: boss: add SVs for power points
unitframes: boss: use options for powerpoints if the power bar is shown
defaultconfig: unitframes: boss: add aura SVs
defaultconfig: unitframes: boss: change default spacing to 30 up from 5
panel with level and name like on target and focus will be added to boss
frames, making it easier for multiple boss frames to be identified
within a glance
However, as neither buffs nor debuufs are shown on these the spacing
does not account for these.
unitframes: boss: add panel with level and name (like on target)
unitframes: boss: fix using wrong panel values
unitframes: boss: use aura options
defaultconfig: unitframes: boss: add Svs for castbar
unitframes: boss: add castbar and use castbar options
unitframes: boss: rechange level/name position
defaultconfig: unitframes: boss: change default height & width

unitframes: rearrange okay/default functions according to option panel order
unitframes: boss: add option to show power bar
unitframes: boss: add options for powerpoints if power bar option is set to true
unitframes: boss: add aura options
and change default value spacing to respect defaultconfig changes
regarding added panel (level/name display)
unitframes: player: fix cb icon size variable
unitframes: boss: change defaults in size & height
unitframes: boss: add castbar options
unitframes: boss: fix Aura header not hiding when deselected on load
unitframes: boss: add scrollframe/scrollbar
unitframes: boss: make scrollable content only visual within it's visual bounds
versioncheck: fix typo
defaultconfig: add player castbar SVs
unitframes: use player - castbar SVs
unitframes: use dedicated Castbar text, not change the unit's name
defaultconfig: unitframes: add SVs for target: castbar
unitframes: support castbar options on target
defaultconfig: change default position for target castbar in standalone mode

unitframes: add castbar options for player
unitframes: player: standardize classpower pos x&y/anchor1/2 positions in options
unitframes: player: options: fix misalignment
core: add new variable "sub", indicating an subtable hast to be used for these functionns
needed for upcoming changes introducing the use of a scrollframe and
scrollbar in the optionpanel, for when the space give isn't enough
actionbars: use GetSpellTexture instead of GetSpellInfo and guard against core changes
buffs: use GetSpellTexture instead of GetSpellInfo and guard against core changes
buffwatcher: use GetSpellTexture/preset string instead of GetSpellInfo
nameplates: preview: use GetSpellTexture instead of GetSpellInfo and guard against core changes
[WiP] unitframes: target: create a scrollframe in the optionpanel and use it as parent for every element
That way we can scroll within the panel and they "get hidden" when not
in the view. Previous attempt with the optionpanel as parent made the
options which were scrolled past "float" outside the panel, which didn't
look good.
For this we made the changes in core and safeguarded some modules
[WiP] unitframes: target: add castbar options
[de-WiP] unitframes: castbar options: player/target
unitframes: finishing touch for scrollframe; "cut" content exactly at the border, not before
unitframes: don't overwrite oUF.colors.power, instead directly use custom set colors
TOC: Update version to 7.3.5

TOC: Update version to 7.3.5
defaultconfig: add SVs for powerpoints
unitframes: use SVs for powerpoints
unitframes: make the level&name display look nicer on the target panel
defaultconfig: add SVs for focus
unitframes: add focus frame
unitframes: fix healthpoints percent display
defaultconfig: add SVs for hppercent options
unitframes: use hppercent options if enabled
unitframes: change framestrate of the castbar, so it doesn't shine through other UIelements
defaultconfig: add SVs for target aura
unitframes: use aura options for target auras

core: add pickertype "uf_parent" for powerpoint parent options
unitframes: add options for powerpoints (player/target)
unitframes: add subpanel and options for focus
unitframes: add options for hppecent and divider option if both value&percent is set
unitframes: fix checking the wrong button for divider option
core: add new picker types for auras in unitframes
unitframes: add aura options for target unitframe
optionpanel: simplify on/off check for modules
core: add LolzenUI.cutsomModuleOptions to support user modules in LolzenUIcfg
optionpanel: make LolzenUI.createButtons global for user modules
libs: split into their own folder to decrease package size due to duplicate dependencies
TOC: update
add some credits
change lib loading
typo: createFonString -> createFontstring
core: make functions global for user modules
also, as we call LolzenUI_Options.createOptionPanels more than once now
(when a user module requests it) we need a check to not double create
libs: update embedded oUF to 7.0.13
optionpanel: stop printing messages if LolzenUI_Options is disabled and can't be loaded
defaultconfig: add SVs for tooltip statusflag colors
tooltip: use statusflag color SVs
defaultconfig: add SV "tip_use_guild_color_globally"
tooltip: change guild check and use guild color for all players if the option is set
defaultconfig: add SV "ilvl_use_itemquality_color"
itemlevel: use itemQualityColor if the option is set
defaultconfig: add SV "uf_use_dot_format"
unitframes: use dot divider format for siValue if the option is set
defaultconfig: add SVs for bossframes
unitframes: use SVs for bossframes

tooltip: add options for statusflag colors
tooltip: add option to use guild color for all players
itemlevel: add option to use itemQuality as text color
unitframes: add option to use dot divider format (7.5m instead of 7m5) for siValue option
unitframes: add suppanel and options for bossframes
core: add new pickerType "growth"
used by bossframes to determine if addinial bossframes are placed either
above, below, left or right from the first one
buffwatcher: switch from OnUpdate loop to AnimationGroups
This is based upon discovering OmniCCs mechanic.
upon further digging i implemented it in conjunction with a BuffDetect
function from an old addon i've made long ago.

This improves CPU usage by a significant amount, exponentially to the
amount of buffs watched.
buffwatcher: refinements & little documentation of things
slashcommands: remove deprecated slashcommand /uiscale
optionpanel: only create checkboxes once
optionpanel: add LolzenUI_Optionpanel loading hack
buffwatcher: only hide inactive buffs
defaultconfig: add SV "clock_seconds_enabled"
clock: make seconds display optional
clock: use animationGroup instead of onUpdate loop
tip: don't try to reanchor itemreftooltips
defaultconfig: add SV "actionbar_show_keybinds"
actionbars: show keybinds wehen the option is true
defaultconfig: add SV "artifactbar_mouseover_text"
artifactbar: optional text mouseover
defaultconfig: add SV "xpbar_mouseover_text"
xpbar: optional text mouseover
pullcount: replace onUpdate loop with animationGroup

clock: add option to disable seconds display
actionbars: add option to show keybinds
artifactbar: add option to show text on mousover (default on)
xpbar: add optionto show text on mouseover (default on)
xpbar: use correct colors for regular/rested
chat: do not move undocked frames around
chat: split filter functions again to fix whispers
defaultconfig: add general font setting & own font setting saved variables
unitframes: use saved variables for font options and check if to use unitframes specific font options or general (only for healthpoints atm)
defaultconfig: add SVs to disable LolzenUI party/raid frames
unitframes: respect options to disable party/raid frames (use blizz default or alternative addons)
defaultconfig: add SV for vertical party layout
unitframes: optional vertical party layout support
fix SV typo

unitframes: update & cleanup
*remove whitespaces
*use namespace variables to prevent hitting 200 local cap in the future
*split power colors into it's own category
*add global font options
*add options for overwriting global font options
unitframes: add options to disable party/raid frames
unitframes: add vertical party frame layout option
unitframes: change FrameStrata so the power doesn't shine through the classhall missionboard
libs: update ebedded oUF to version 7.0.12
libs: update embedded LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 to rev30
buffs: fix tainting (thanks to everyone in http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55928)
Itemlevel: register BAG_OPENED and INIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED on PLAYER_LOGIN (fix bags having itemlevel on login)
tooltip: try to prevent "anchorFrame is a number value" error
orderhallbar: optimize
itemlevel: significantly less cpu usage
tooltip: fix wintergrasp and potentially other openworld pvp zones throwing error
actiobars: siginifacntly decrease cpu usage
defaultconfig: make the petbar nicely centered per default
unitframes: use centered shield textture for uninterruptable spells and scale it proportionally to icon size

actionbars: change petbar default posx
unitframes: bring back initialcfg, else the raid bugs out at grp 7-8
defaultconfig: add readycheck indicator sv's
unitframes: add readycheck options for party & raid
unitframes: cleanup
defaultconfig: add classpower sv's
unitframes: use classpower saved variables; add runes for DKs and add border adjustments for them

unitframes: add options for readycheckindicator & fix double title on party options
unitframes: add options for classpower & runes
defaultconfig: add unitframe size variables
unitframes: add back fallback border; SetSize for every individual unitframe along with sv support
defaultconfig: fix my logic kkthxbye
defaultconfig: add saved variables for role inidicator on party & raid
unitframes: add role indicator options and fix it for raids
tooltip: use a different approach for background color

uniframes: add option to change size for player, target, targettarget, party, raid & pet
unitframes: add options for role indicator
libs: update oUF to 7.0.11
defaultconfig: fix not being able to disable modules
unitframe: border & panel perfection
core: add pixel perfection
defaultconfig: add more unitframe variables; also minor cleanup & fix
unitframes: use Health.value options

unitframes: add hpval options
unitframes: add power color options & bypass the 200 local limit
defaultconfig: add hp percent variable
unitframes: add hp percent tag and option; also use fixed texture for powerDivider
defaultconfig: fix updateDB function for booleans
defaultconfig: add unitframe position variables
unitframes: use saved var positions
defaultconfig: add border sv
unitframes: add LSM border support; use fixed bg texture for targetpanel

unitframes: add hp percent option
unitframes: initialize sub-optionpanels for player, target, targettarget, party raid and pet
unitframes: add options for unitframe positions
unitframes: add border options
unitframes: fix background texture
versioncheck: add wowinterface.com link and make it clear that github should not be the first choice

actionbars: remove pre LibSharedMedia texture reference
fonts: remove pre LibSharedMedia font reference
public alpha release
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Unread Yesterday, 07:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey Zen,

Great UI and thanks for having this out Patch Day. It was refreshing to have a brand new minimalist option.
I am having trouble moving the action bars. Does the UI provide that option? I wanted to move them or possibly even hide them and rely on weak auras.

Also, does the extra action button have the option to be moved?
Last edited by Wolfshock : 10-21-20 at 07:11 AM.
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Unread 10-17-20, 01:54 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Re: Keybinds

Originally Posted by Vurjin

Ive gone into the file defaultconfig in Lolzenui and changed the actionbar show keybind from false to true, but in-game the actions bars still dont show the keybinding. Is there another option im missing?
Hey, the defaultsconfig is just there so it can be initialized and copied over to WTF.
If you want to change anything i'd suggest to use LolzenUI_Options and change anything inside the option panels by typing /lolzen or /lolzeui in chat.
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Unread 10-16-20, 10:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Ive gone into the file defaultconfig in Lolzenui and changed the actionbar show keybind from false to true, but in-game the actions bars still dont show the keybinding. Is there another option im missing?
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Unread 10-15-20, 12:00 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Originally Posted by Wazman
I can't get the clock to change from EU to US. I set it in the options, clicked "Apply Settings", and it's still EU. Tried reloading the UI again and it's still EU. Only thing I've found so far. Could be me doing something wrong.

Edit - fresh install and no lua errors. Everything else updates right away.
If you talk about AM/PM - that's not what the option is for but can be implemented in an upcoming update.
Right now it only affects the date format when you hover over the clock.
Last edited by Lolzen : 10-15-20 at 12:01 AM.
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Unread 10-14-20, 08:07 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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I can't get the clock to change from EU to US. I set it in the options, clicked "Apply Settings", and it's still EU. Tried reloading the UI again and it's still EU. Only thing I've found so far. Could be me doing something wrong.

Edit - fresh install and no lua errors. Everything else updates right away.
Last edited by Wazman : 10-14-20 at 08:11 PM.
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Unread 10-14-20, 10:57 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Originally Posted by Retraluna
Hi lolzen awesome UI, tried to change the button size to something bigger, but the config for moving the action bars doesnt work right now. Can you look into that?

greets luna
I'll check ASAP, i'm in the bnet queue as of now.

I've checked and it works for me by entering the desired offset number and pressing enter.
If you have encountered an Lua error i'd like to request a screenshot, and check if you have to delete your LolzenUIcfg & LolzenUIcfg.bak in your WTF folder.
Last edited by Lolzen : 10-14-20 at 12:35 PM.
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Unread 10-14-20, 04:28 AM  
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Hi lolzen awesome UI, tried to change the button size to something bigger, but the config for moving the action bars doesnt work right now. Can you look into that?

greets luna
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Unread 01-24-20, 05:00 AM  
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Re: LUA Errors

Originally Posted by Cokezoo


Getting these lua errors, was also getting one for Tooltips but disabled that one, tried with no other addons and with my current addons (details and dbm) and still getting the same errors
Did you try to delete/rename the LolzenUI.lua and LolzenUI.lua.bak files in WTF? (while the game is not running)
I'm also interested in seeing the tooltip error if you could capture that one.
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Unread 01-20-20, 04:35 PM  
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LUA Errors


Getting these lua errors, was also getting one for Tooltips but disabled that one, tried with no other addons and with my current addons (details and dbm) and still getting the same errors
Last edited by Cokezoo : 01-20-20 at 04:35 PM.
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Unread 12-21-19, 04:04 PM  
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Update got myself a new GPU.

It's been about 3 weeks that i'm with a broken GPU, thus can't verify if LolzenUI will work on the Launch day (EU) of 8.3
Project isn't abandoned, i have done some work towards Optons not forcing a /reload and almost finished future profile support which i won't implement until the reload force changes are done - just to be sure it won't cause any problems.
I just really don't know when i'll be able to afford a replacement and will do fixes blind if problems arise.
Last edited by Lolzen : 01-11-20 at 09:32 AM.
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Unread 10-11-19, 08:35 AM  
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Originally Posted by Lucar
This interface is very beautiful, congratulations!

Is it compatible with AddOnSkins or is there any way to leave it like ELV?
Thanks for the compliments.
I don't know, i don't personally plan to implement/support it. However someone could create a custom module for it.
If you want you can open an request and if enough people desire it i'll look into it once i finished some of the things on that list first.
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Unread 10-10-19, 11:21 AM  
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This interface is very beautiful, congratulations!

Is it compatible with AddOnSkins or is there any way to leave it like ELV?
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Unread 07-29-19, 08:56 AM  
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Re: Error with Name plats + minimap

Originally Posted by flumiis
Getting LUA errors for nameplats and minimap, any solutions?
Thanks for the report, i'll look into it right away.
Update: I'm not getting any errors. May have to do with other Addons.
Last edited by Lolzen : 07-29-19 at 09:18 AM.
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Unread 07-28-19, 09:05 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Error with Name plats + minimap

Getting LUA errors for nameplats and minimap, any solutions?
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Unread 04-02-19, 06:45 PM  
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UPDATE: found another logic flaw.. fixed in 8.1.5_r4! Seems like i was too tired.
In case ANYTHING goes wrong: 1) report it, 2) got to WOW/_retail_/WTF/Account/<Your Account>/SavedVariables and delete LolzenUI.lua and LolzenUI.bak. This will hardreset any previous settings to default.
I was using the time from 8.1 to now to migrate a lot of data from modules which restricted some changes, hence i was using a function to check previous saved data and tried to make it a seemless transition. I failed. Miserable. Yet again, i'm sorry..

I just noticed a typo that would have resulted in the Actionbar placement either going completely out of whack or throwing errors. Maybe both.
I just noticed this now and am really sorry for that! 8.1.5_r3 has this fixed along with other minor improvements and fixes.
Last edited by Lolzen : 04-02-19 at 07:40 PM.
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