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Version: 1.1.0
by: Eidolarr [More]

BattleWatch is a combat monitor that represents your actions entirely visually. Unlike most combat logs, it presents you with an easy way to recognize the time between actions. It is also designed to let you carefully watch your usage of the global cooldown.

When you use an ability, it starts at the bottom of the "pit." If it triggers the global cooldown, the entire host frame will turn red until the GCD is inactive. The icon will scroll as time passes, and when it completely clears the GCD line is precisely when the GCD is inactive.

Abilities that don't trigger the GCD appear as faded and behave appropriately. Cast time is also represented: a successful spellcast shows as green, while a canceled or interrupted one shows as red. Channeled spells start as yellow and tend toward green as you invest cast time, or red as cast time is lost.

It takes spell haste, rogue GCD, etc. into account. The settings menu allows you to change speed, scroll direction, scale, whether the host is shown when inactive, size, and possibly another setting or two I can't remember.

As always, comments/suggestions/bug reports are welcomed :]


The documentation should be relatively up to date, so if you want to check out the code feel free. I'll answer any questions. Right now I need help with the following:
1. GCD table - if the GCD bar is inaccurate regarding any spell (not item), please leave a comment
2. Items - taking suggestions on how to handle items. Right now it just uses a question mark if it can't find the texture, but if anyone knows a better way to get item textures I'm all ears.
3. Debugging - right now BattleWatch will flush itself whenever something goes wrong, allowing it to continue functioning normally. Error reports, of course, are immensely helpful, but they'll only show through if you enable debugging. If anything goes wrong, use the flush command to clear a host's object table.

NOTE: BattleWatch may not behave nicely in a very laggy situation. There's nothing I can do about this, as lag warps the pacing and logic of events it relies on. (That's why one of the mind flays in the screenshots looks so long, heh.)

1.1.0 added projections, flush command
1.0.0 initial release
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Unread 08-07-08, 10:33 AM  
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I'm reluctant to add texts, as one of my favorite aspects of this addon is that you never have to read any numbers. That may just be my reluctance to add a combat log parser, but I'll have to do that later if I want to mark resists.

Here's a problem with that idea: how would you represent dots, which are cast once but persist in dealing damage?
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Unread 08-07-08, 05:21 AM  
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Re: neat

Originally posted by lilsparky
i like it.

it'd be nice to have some info for each event -- like the damage or healing done, whether it crit, etc.
Yea, I also like the idea of viewing your combat visually.

Adding to his request, you could put the damage done on top of the icon (the icons are big enough to fit four numbers). Or you could put it above or below the icon. Crits could be displayed by highlighting the font of the damage, or the icon somehow (bold font, outlined icon, ect.).

Loving it, Thanks

~Kyor, 45 AoE Frost Mage {Bloodscalp}
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Unread 07-31-08, 11:21 PM  
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i like it.

it'd be nice to have some info for each event -- like the damage or healing done, whether it crit, etc.
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