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Version: r12
by: Ansu [More]

Massive DevTool
Massive is intended as a full suite of GUI-centric, diagnostic and tracking tools for the World of Warcraft. Primarily targeted at assisting in UI design, many of it's features aid in quick data tracking & locating of unknown data.


  • A debug report window (MassiveReport) and a variable tracking window (MassiveTracker: Tracks changes to variables)
  • Inspect table trees and frame hierarchies simultaneously (be bold, try the _G table)
  • Search for anything within the global table plus all its subtables and see all matches.
  • Highlight a region and see the stats on it (as well as move it)
  • Easily set CVars
  • Reports which addon and function are the cause of an action blocked or forbidden.
  • List the events currently registered to a frame.
  • See a numerical index of what slots each item you're wearing is located in

For further info on how to use the mod, go to the official website where the documentation is always up-to-date.

Added a text entry box to the main window which allows you to run scripts or slash commands. Unlike the chat window, your text doesn't auto-clear after running it, so you can quickly test/edit/run scripts in-game.
Added case-insensitive, wildcard searching to "find". Until I add a checkbox, you'll need to manually set masspath.search = "full"
Added title bars to windows (now you know what they are).
Added some debugging tables.
Improved window creation functions. Generalized them so they could be used by any mod.
Added ItemID to "ilist".
Fixed "ilist"... as in, it actually works again.
Fixed an issue where colors weren't being properly applied to text in the Report window.
Fixed a bug where POSIX style strings would error out searches.
Also fixed compression bug where absolute path was included in the zip.
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Unread 02-07-12, 12:53 PM  
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How do you use the forbidden/restricted tracking?
"Are we there yet?"

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Unread 12-04-08, 04:24 PM  
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Great mod

I just found this the other day, and I must say it is quite awesome

Saves me a ton of time debugging. Great job!
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