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Tomb of Sargeras (7.2.0)
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KuromkUI v0.20

Version: v0.20
by: Cbh [More]

After years of using ElvUI/Random edits of addons I decided I would create one for myself with everything I need and want added. I have sight issues and colour blindness so I needed to have a CLEAR and simple to read interface that was also very clean. After hours of testing different addons/settings, I was able to come up with something that I am able to play with and get the information when I need it.

In the upcoming days/weeks I will be adding weak auras for every monk spec as well as other classes (Other classes will be in the coming weeks). Things may change slightly, depending on how raiding with this UI and M+ dungeons goes.

This is actively under development and I am working to get self-made addons added to the pack once they are ready. If you have an comments/concerns/ideas for the UI make sure to leave a comment!

Self-made Brewmaster Weak-auras are now included!

How to Install:

BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ------ Backup your existing Interface/WTF folders.

  • Copy both folders to main wow directory C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft (by default)
  • Go into your WTF folder
  • Click on "Account"
  • Rename "YourAccountName" to your account name/number
  • Double click on that folder and rename "YourServerName" to your servers name
  • Double click on the folder and rename "YourCharacterName" to your characters name

Log into WoW:
  • Select "Kuromk" from the Gnosis start screen
  • On the right hand side - Copy the "Kuromk - Thrall" profile for details
  • Type /bt4 - Go to profiles and select "Kuromk - Thrall"
  • Press ESC and go into the XIV bar settings and change profile to "Kuromk - Thrall"
  • Move prat to where you would like it (Unable to change that for you.)
  • If anything is out of position then change the profile to "Kuromk - Thrall"

This should set up your UI correctly - If it doesn't, redo the steps (I don't think I left anything out?"

If you need help you can add - Kuro#13401 to Bnet (May or may not be on).

Included addons are not made by me - Please check out the AWESOME work of addon authors!

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