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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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MyRareFinder  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.2
by: ShinaaWoW [More]

MyRareFinder is a lightweight Addon for Warlords of Draenor.

Why do I need MyRareFinder?
In Warlords of Draenor many rare creatures will have a very short respawn timer and they can be looted only once.
This Addon helps you to get a clear view of which rares you already killed and where to find them on your worldmap.

Key Features of MyRareFinder:
- simple icons on your map show where you can find rare creatures
- you can see if a rare was already killed or not
- every garrison resource dropping creature from the Wowhead database is currently listed, as well as a few unlisted ones, that you won't find on any other map somewhere else
- mouseover shows the name of the creature and, if needed, useful information where exactly to find them, or what to do to make them spawn
- tracking of WoD daily rares and special level 100 elite rares
- minimal CPU usage
- if you have TomTom installed, you can set waypoints for TomTom by just clicking on the rare on your worldmap you want to go to

You have already progressed in rare killing before downloading the Addon? - No problem, MyRareFinder will know this and update your map automatically, no additional work from you is needed.

To get a better view of this essential addon and its features check out the screenshots.

MyRareFinder was created with incomplete (beta) data from WoW Databases and players manually searching rares in the WoD Beta,
so the rares shown in the addon might be subject to change in the live version of the game, a few might be missing or have slightly incorrect positions.

If you find any rare that is not listed in MyRareFinder please leave a comment with the name, the zone, and optional explanations so I can include them.

Planned Features:
- inclusion of every rare that might have been overlooked
- showing patrol paths for rares that move around with mouseover

Version 1.2
- Localization updated (English, German, Chinese (thanks Thankfish)) If you have any other localization you want added and can provide it (I only can English and German myself, sorry :) ), just send it my way and I update it.

- (again) tooltips now uses WorldMapTooltip instead of own instance of GameTooltip, saving a little memory and bringing the tooltip back to original size.

Version 1.1

- Localization support (contains english and german version now, thanks to Nymly, Katzi and Letoras :) )

- TomTom Waypoint Support: Clicking a rare on the map will set a TomTom waypoint, clicking the same rare again, will remove it (or using TomToms remove option), of course only works if TomTom is installed and active.


- tooltips now work on both versions of the world map, because of this, the size of the tooltips has changed a bit

- if a type of rare is hidden by selecting it in the drop down menu, it no longer still blocks information on objects lying behind it.
ex: a rare icon is very close to an object (flightpath, quest, region), the icon will block any information of that objekt, like the name, if the mouse is above the rare. Hiding the rare did not help, as it was just invisible but still there, now hiding no longer blocks!
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Fantastic, i'v saved a lot of gold using this instead the buyable ingame maps : )

Thank You
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Unread 11-15-14, 04:51 PM  
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Missing Rare Event

ShadowMoon Valley:
The Crystal Blade of Truth : 61.7, 67.9
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Unread 11-13-14, 09:35 AM  
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Love it too! Thx!!
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Unread 11-08-14, 11:05 AM  
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Love it! Even Aurora support nice!
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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