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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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The Mother Tongue (Retail)

Version: 8.3.0_1.0
by: Dherleth [More]

The Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue is an addon that displays the English name of things in the game.

Say you want, or need, to play on an English server, but you also want to keep your game in your first language. Knowing what quest or what NPC others are talking about can thus be confusing.
Or you just want to know both your language and English names of things.

This addon helps with that.

Use /tmt in game chat for options.

What it's not : This addon is not a translation tool for different languages, it only displays the names in English to make us understand each other better on English servers.

Current features
Displays the English name of :

  • the NPC the mouse is hovering above
  • your quests
    • names of world quests the mouse is hovering above on the map
    • names of normal quests when the mouse is hovering above their title in the questlog
  • the talent, spell, aura the mouse is hovering above
  • the item the mouse is hovering above

Classic version

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