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Raid Defense Stats (Paladin)

Version: 2.4.1
by: Boradan [More]

**Now Skinned for users of ELV UI and TUK UI. Those without these UI customisations will just get the default look, matching the standard Character Frame.
Many thanks to Camealion @ The Forgotten Coast US for doing most of the work on the skinning.

I got tired of wasting Lavascale Minestrone and asking druids or pallies to buff me so I could check my Defense stats (Dodge/Parry/Block) when Raid Buffed to ensure I was reaching the CTC cap (102.4%)when raiding, and having to use a spreadsheet to enter values if I wanted to regem/reforge or simply got a new item.

This adds 3 new lines to to your Character Stats pane showing your CTC breakdown and also allows you to change your stats to allow for raid buffs, or to use if you want to reforge or change gems / items. The changes you make are updated to your Character Frame showing your RAID Buffed / gemmed stats.

To open the Stats Adjustment Panel, Simply click the new button on your Character frame or type /rds.
The adjustment panel will only show when your character stats panel is showing.

The CT Coverage will tell you your Combat Table Coverage, and if you hover over it, the tooltip expands on the info given.
The tooltip tells you your NEW Dodge/Block/Parry % and your Combat Table Coverage with all your modifications included in the values, along with your new Dodge : Parry ratio.

How to use it:
Lets say you want to change a fine Lava Coral to a Fractured Lightstone
By doing so, you no longer get the socket bonus of +20 Parry.

The changes that you would make are :
In the Gem 1 Selection, Enter '1' into the box, and Click the '+' to change it to a '-' (for removing the gem). Select 'Fine Lava Coral' from the dropdown box.
In the Gem 2 Selection, Enter '1' into the box, and select 'Fractured Lightstone' from the dropdown.
In the 'Parry' box, enter '20' and click the '+' to change it to a '-'. this removes tthe +20 parry socket bonus you currently have, but are going to lose.
The CT Coverage now tells you your new Stats, and if you hover over it, breaks it down into Dodge, Parry and Block, along with your new Dodge: Parry ratio.

The Dropdown box has a selection of 18 Rare and Epic Gems to choose from.

**If you use a trinket like 'Resolve of the undying' which provides a buff to your rating, add the total from your stacks into the 'Dodge' adjustment box (e.g. LFR version = +780 dodge, DS10 Version = +880 Dodge)**
The addon does not (nor should it) factor in procs or 'on use' from enchants (Windwalk) or trinkets, but you can see the effect these have by adding the relative amount to the Stats adjustment panel.
This addon is only suitable for LVL 85 Chars.

Known Issues:

1: Dont let your buffs change if you are checking your new stats with Raid Buffs selected. If you DO gain a buff (e.g. Horn of winter) and you already have that buff (or Battleshout) selected from the dropdown, you will need to re-select the relevant buff from the dropdown, or change it to 'none' for the addon to NOT factor the buff in twice. The addon only checks your buffs when you make a buff selection from the dropdown to check and see if you already have it.
2: If you change the number of gems in the 'Gem' selection, you need to reselect the gem from the list. The addon only checks the NUMBER of gems you want to add/remove when you make a gem selection from the dropdown, not when you change the number. (this one I will try to fix)

Version 2.4.1
Now Skinned for ElvUI and TukUI.
Many thanks to Camealion @ The Forgotten Coast US for doing most of the work

Version 2.4
Added Gemming options to add/remove gems.
A choice of 18 Rare and Epic (lvl 85) gems to choose from, and you can add/remove as many of the gems as you like.

Version 2.3.3
Fixed a bug where a UI error was given requiring a relog if someone tried to open the addon when in Druid flight or Aquatic form. The addon now only loads for Warriors and Paladins. Will add new infor for druids in the next update.
Updated the 'Mastery' line on your stats pane to show the effect your modifications have on your mastery.

Version 2.3.2
Fixed bug where the wrong SpellId was checked for Kings and MoTW

Version 2.3.1
Fixed minor bug when you have a food buff present. It was only counting 'Lavascale Minestrone' as a food buff.
Added a text warning and audio warning if you select a buff from the dropdown that you already have present.

Version 2.3
You can now have any buff present and the addon will factor that in to the equations.... one small issue...If your buffs change AFTER you have selected one, you need to reselect the buffs........ (working on fixing this)

Version 2.2.2
Moved the button so it doesnt get overlapped by the 'Outfitter' addon button.
added the slash command "/rds" to open/close the stats modification frame (just incase any other addon has an overlapping button in the new position)

Version 2.2.1
Updated the look of the UI. It now matches the Character Pane.
Updated the button so it now matches the buttons already on the Character Pane

Version 2.2
Major overhaul.... Now allows you to select the buffs you want and inputs them into the CT Coverage info.
Modified the tooltip again to cope with this change.
Removed 'Buffed CTC' and 'Unbuffed CTC' lines.

Version 2.1
Changed the look and modified the tooltip so it matches the standard tooltips

Version 2.0
Fixed a bug for Paladins mastery/block. Upddated the entire UI. In addition to the tooltips, you can now adjust your stats to see the effect that gemming/enchanting/item changes have before you spend the money ;)

Version 1.0
Initial Release
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