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Version: 1.0.0
by: Cowmonster [More]

A simple addon to help healadins manage their beacon of light.

The addon shows up for paladins that are specced holy and allows the paladin to click the button to apply/refresh beacon of light or set a keybinding in the blizzard keybinding interface for applying beacon of light.

The way the addon works is it uses a macro to cast beacon of light. This does leave the addon with a bit of a limitation since blizzard won't let us change buttons in-combat. I've done my best to allow for changing targets in-combat. If you hold down a modifier key while using the addon to apply beacon of light it will ignore the name of the person who was the previous target of your beacon of light and instead give you the glowing hand to select your new beacon target with.

The addon will allow a healadin to apply beacon to a person and see a counter for how much time remains before beacon wears off and without having to find the person refresh/reapply beacon with one keystroke/click.

The green text you see in the screen shot will hold the name of the person who is to be the target of and/or is currently buffed by it. If you try to change targets during combat blizzard restricts the addon from actually being able to modify the button macro, but the addon will attempt to update it as soon as you leave combat.

With blizzard's limitations it is not the most ideal setup, but I hope some healadins will still find the addon suits their needs.

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