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Version: v0.51
by: Zianna [More]

PalaMe is an addon intended for raiding paladins, who like lightweight addons that still cover what they need.

The addon will provide the paladin with a means of easily handling salvations, telling your healing partner when you use cooldowns, and whispering targets of your different "Hand" spells, such as: Lay on Hands, Hand of Salvation, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, and Hand of Sacrifice.

The first part of the addon, the salvations, is also referred to as SalvMe. What this part does is reply with the current status of your Hand of Salvation. It has three possible replies to the whisper "salvme": It's off cooldown thus available for use, it's on cooldown (it will then reply with amount of seconds left on the cooldown), and the whispering person is out of range. The cooldown check takes precedence over the range check, so you wont run unnecessarily. The addon furthermore plays a sound when the person whispers you as well as show the name of the whisperer on your screen, so you can easily see who needs the salvation. The addon will only do this if you are in combat and the person is in your group.

The second part is the cooldown whispers, which is referred to as AuraMe (due to lack of better name). The addon is simple, it notifies a fellow healer (fellow tank healer maybe) when you use one of the predetermined spells, as well as when it fades away. The spells currently being whispered are: Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath, Guardian of Ancient Kings, and Divine Plea. It is however very easy to add or remove spells, it just requires rewriting the .lua file a bit.

The last part does not have a name, so I will just refer to it as the "whisper target". This part is very small, works outside raids, I simply wanted an option to notify people when I used abilities on them, thus it whispers your target of "Lay on Hands", "Hand of Salvation", "Hand of Freedom", "Hand of Protection", and "Hand of Sacrifice".

The addon is slightly configurable from ingame. Use "/palame help" ingame for a command list.

AuraMe requires a bit of setting up, as I don't know what your fellow healer is called.

If you need help or have suggestions/criticism, feel free to comment below or open a ticket here: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/palame/tickets/.

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