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Version: 1.1
by: kogee [More]


If you keep forgetting to switch seal to Vengeance/Corruption for boss fights that's something for you.
It will try to find out what seal is best for your target (based on mob's hp and your group size) and display small warning frame if you should change seal. Calculations are made at the moment you target something hostile. It's simple and it will work without any configuration.

Other featues

  • SealNotify will warn you when you enter dungeon (party/raid/arena/bg) combat with Crusader Aura active.


Commands are:
  • /sn hide - hides or shows warning frame
  • /sn disable - disables SealNotify completely, can be re-enabled with same command
  • /sn mute - mutes/unmutes sound
  • /sn lock - locks/unlocks warning frame
  • /sn bossonly - switches between boss and normal mode
  • /sn crusader - enables/disables crusader aura warnings

In "boss only" mode SealNotify will warn you only if you are targetting boss with Seal of Command. Useful when you don't care about dps on trash.

Details / how it works:

Dps values are:
  • 4000 dps solo
  • 15k dps for 5man group
  • 50k for 10-man raid
  • 125k dps for 25-man.

It also tries to scale with your level and group size but dps per player (even at same level) varies from 1000 to 10000 so it's not 100% accurate. That's why you can set your group's dps manually by clicking "Set DPS" button.

It will recommend Seal of Command if fight should end in less than 25 seconds, Vengeange/Corruption otherwise.

Additional info

Tested with Addon Profiler - virtually no performance loss (0.01ms per second, that's 0.001%) and <20KB memory usage.
Let me know if you find any bugs, I'm sure there are some that I missed.

1.1 =======================
- Settings are now saved per-character
- SealNotify won't try to work with non-paladin classes
- Added Crusader Aura warning, it can be turned off with "/sn crusader"
1.0 =======================
- SealNotify released
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